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amnda527's Avatar amnda527 10:23 AM 04-04-2011

We're making plans to move into a new house sometime next spring/summer. At that time my dd will be 4, ds will be 2 and we will have a new baby that will be over 4 months old. This is mine and hubby's first move, aside from when we first moved here when we got married, so we're not very experienced with this. We won't be moving far, maybe a half hour away at the most. Since I'm going to be very big pregnant, and then dealing with a new infant, a toddler, and preschooler, (whew!) I want to get as much prep work done as possible now. So far I think I'm going to go up in the attic and get a handle on things up there, clean out old junk we don't need, take inventory of what we have up there, accurately label boxes...etc. I'm also going to start going through closets and getting rid of stuff we don't use/need. What else can I do this far in advance? I don't want to have to deal with all this stress with a new baby and two young kids.

mattemma04 11:11 AM 04-05-2011

I would be doing all that you already are. One thing I can thing of is using or getting rid of my stocked pantry items. When we moved from our condo I had lots of food to toss or take with us. Also I kept up on the cleaning so I would not have to do a big cleaning once everything was out of the home.


Congrats on the pregnancy and the new home.My mom lives up that way .Nice area,but they don't allow chickens,lol. 

ShellieC's Avatar ShellieC 03:42 PM 04-19-2011
I'll be in a similar situation if we go through with the move we are thinking of. My kids are 1.5 & 3 and I'm pregnant. smile.gif. Are you selling your current place? If so, I'd start getting it ready to show & pack any non-essentials to stage it better (& make your life easier later). It's sounds like you are doing what I am. Pre-pack & declutter. Sell or give away anything you don't want to move or deal with while hugely pregnant. You can also work on a list of address changes you need to make, new doctors to find, utilities to change, etc. Have fun!!
les_oiseau's Avatar les_oiseau 07:10 PM 05-07-2011

I would get rid of as much stuff as possible! We've moved plenty of times and it seems even in 7-8 months we acquire way more items than I ever thought would be possible. You'll have your hands full so I would go through everything, decide what you really need to keep and begin packing away things that are not used already. Our last move I began packing 4 months in advance with only two kids and was overwhelmed.