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Chris Elias28's Avatar Chris Elias28 01:46 PM 08-09-2011

Content is courtesy of the Organic Mattress Store

The Importance of an Organic Mattress 


The search for the perfect mattress should begin with pure, safe materials and end in the perfect night’s sleep.  Today’s consumers are more conscious of the products and processes that go into making food, clothing, and household items.  We as consumers are wisely choosing more natural, organic, and ethically made alternatives in products that we place on & near our bodies.  However, only a few of us give much thought to our mattresses. They are the support that we fall into each night, the fabric we put our faces to, and the place where we lay our babies down to rest.  The materials & adhesives found in typical mattress beg the question, “is my mattress safe?”


The typical non-organic mattress can include toxins such as asbestos fluorinated polymers, carbon tetrachloride, polyurethane foam, and PVC.   The fibers can be prone to attract dust, aggravating allergies and sensitive immune systems.    These mattresses eventually wear out- as all mattresses will- and are dumped. This is a huge problem for our already full landfills. 


An organic mattress provides the same comfort and support necessary for a restful night, but it doesn’t have the long list of toxins and chemicals that other mattresses do.  Organic mattresses will decrease the severity of the problem that mattresses pose for our landfills, as they are designed to decompose thoroughly.


The organic mattress should be a top priority in a healthy, eco-conscious home. 


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Q&A with Dennis Hornick, Founder of the East Coast Organic Mattress Store


MDC Interviewer: Dennis, what makes The Organic Mattress Store different from the other stores claiming to sell natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable mattresses?


Dennis: We try to keep things simple and down to Earth.  Today there are many companies and retailers that claim to have “natural,” or “organic” mattresses, but a huge percentage of them cannot back this up with certifications of any kind.  The Organic Mattress Store is Green America Approved Business, Member of the Organic Trade Association, and has the seal of the Global Organic Textile Standard.  We sell a variety of mattresses and know our brands well. We can answer any questions and provide certifications for these brands.


MDC Interviewer: Can you share with us what makes your mattresses organic and explain on the type of production process they go through?


Dennis: Our mattresses are made from a natural rubber that is tapped out of trees to produce the latex core.  There are two types of this natural rubber, Dunlop and Talalay.  We prefer Dunlop because it can be poured in one piece, whereas Talalay requires an extra adhesive, called Simalfa. 


MDC Interviewer: Does that mean that we should look for Dunlop Latex when we are looking to purchase an organic mattress?


Dennis: Not necessarily.  Not all Dunlop is created equal. We like to know our producers and where our products come from.  Our Dunlop producers have been in the business for over 7 years.  We know their process and feel comfortable with their reputation.


MDC Interviewer:  What about the other fibers and covers in your mattresses?  Where are they made, what are they made out of?


Dennis: The other materials that make up our mattresses are wool and cotton. The Wool comes from Oregon & California producers that are prized for their cleanliness. These are organic and chemical free wools that help to wick away moisture and prevent dust mites.


Last, but not least is our 100% cotton produced in South Carolina.  The cotton is soft, cool and comforting to the sleeper.


MDC Interviewer: Do you use different materials in the adult vs. the baby mattresses?


Dennis: No. All the same pure ingredients go into both. The only difference is the firmness levels of the beds.  Adults, children and babies can all sleep safe and sound on our organic mattresses.


MDC Interviewer: Dennis, thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your store today.  MDC Members, if you are interested in learning more about the materials used in these mattresses, please go to



More on Dennis & his Organic Mattress Store:


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Message from MDC:

We would like to know, how many of you have already made the switch to organic mattresses for your family?  If not, then is an organic mattress important to you?










1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 05:01 PM 08-11-2011

I NEED to make the switch but can not afford it!  Organic matresses are expensive.  I would absolutely love to get an organic mattress and it is a high priority in our house but we simply can not do it at this time due to financial reasons:(

While waiting on money to hopefully build so I can get another mattress, I have been searching for the perfect mattress and will certainly look at the mattresses that this store has to offer.

Toolip's Avatar Toolip 08:27 PM 08-11-2011
I desperately want to switch! I would buy from the local store to me that has them, Organic Grace. I wish I could. I;m sleeping on an OLD mattress that (I'm sure) is degrading into lots of nasty stuff.
teraze's Avatar teraze 01:06 PM 08-13-2011

I would adore it if all of us in my family had organic mattresses.  As it is, only my son has one although it matters not as we all sleep in a family bed.  On a non-organic mattress.  


We don't have one because it's out of our price reach at the moment.  Maybe one day!

marissab's Avatar marissab 11:49 AM 08-18-2011

I've never really thought about switching before!  I guess it's something I need to look into.  We are in the market for a new mattress.