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gitanamama's Avatar gitanamama 12:23 PM 09-07-2011

I'm wondering if any mamas know of a natural alternative to insecticide or at least a relatively natural product I could use to get rid of spiders. I hate to use chemicals in the house and I usually just deal with spiders by taking them outside but we've found 3 black widows inside in the past month and I'm sort of freaking out. I have a very curious toddler and I already feel so lucky that I've been the ones to find the spiders. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 08:09 AM 09-08-2011

I would go to your independent garden center.... they will have lots of organic options at least they should.

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 08:09 AM 09-08-2011

I am thinking diatomaceous earth works for spiders but not a hundred percent sure.