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Ophelia 09-11-2011 09:19 AM

I have a long list of PVC-free lunchboxes from CHEJ but not sure if any of them will work for what I am looking for.  DS just started kindergarten and our previous food system will not work so I need to get something new.


First, he has to keep his morning snack separate from his lunch.  So far I've given him a yogurt cup and fruit.  Is there any small insulated PVC and BPA free bag where I can put a banana separate from the insulated part?


For his lunch, I need something smaller than what I have now that is also insulated and PVC and BPA free.  The tough part is that I also send one Thermos Funtainer jar full of hot veggie, so that needs to be kept separate from the cold food.  I've looked at lunchboxes at Target and online and so far none have a large enough pocket to fit the Funtainer in.  I even skimmed through the Thermos site.  The kids' lunch boxes are all put in a tote in the kindergarten room and then sent to the lunchroom.  Then on the way in the lunchroom the kids pick up their food to eat.  That is why I would like to have something where I can attach the Thermos hot jar so it doesn't get taken/lost.


Also, what is the best thing to do for dirty silverware?  I tried putting a paper towel in there for him to wrap the dirty spoon in, but being a kindergartner that isn't working very well.  I don't want to have to keep using disposable plastic baggies.  Something easy to rinse that would be dry by the next morning would be nice.  My thought is those reusable sandwich bags, but when I had bought one a couple years ago I found out the lining was possibly made out of some kind of chemical so I'm not sure about those unless you know of a safe one.


Sorry I wasn't sure where to post this.


elsie 09-11-2011 01:21 PM

Well I guess it depends on how much food you are sending in each day. If I use a thermos for something hot, I don't have that much else for lunch that needs to be cold and it never occured ot me to worry about how  close they are from each other. The Land's End "hard sided double duty lunchbox" looks nice. You are going to have a hard time finding something that is both small with two large compartments.


For snacks, I just use a small container if it is not something indiviually packaged - there are a ton out there, just google. I put the snack in the front pocket of the backpack so it is not even close to being mixed up with lunch. DD knows where to find it.


For dirty utensils - she just puts them back into the bag. I wipe out the bag if it looks dirty, but I don't spend much time thinking about it. I have never had a 'crime scene' mess in the linch box from a spoon so it never was an issue for us. If it is that bad - put a small cloth wash cloth in there and throw it into the wash afterwards.

JudiAU 09-20-2011 09:40 PM

In our house, we have about 1,000 baby washclothes (gerber or some such, babies r us) that serve as multi-purpose kid wipe ups/napkins etc. Cheapest I could find. I tuck one of them in the lunch bag and LO usually puts the silverware on top or if I am lucky, inside.


We use a fogo by thermos almost everyday which I think is about the same size as the funtainer. It fits in all three small bags we have and we've never had a problem with temperature either it heating things up or getting chilled by other stuff. But we don't usually pack an ice pack because there aren't things that need to be cold.


The two lunch bags currently in use fit it fine "Skip Hop Owl" and "Crocodile Creek Robots"

zebra15 09-22-2011 06:12 PM

Why cant the dirty silverware just go in the lunchbox?  Does it really need to be wrapped in something?  That would take care of one of the issues.


I would just get a label maker and put his name on the thermos and not worry about attaching it to the lunch box.  (In elementary school everything should be labeled anyway)

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