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Rats!  I just signed up to reply to a post I found with a google search (below) only to find it was locked!  I found this post originally after a car product (horrors!  Imagine the chemicals!) spilt on my Natura, organic, wool comforter!  Yikes!!!  (Lesson Learned: Never bring car products inside the house - ever!!)  Luckily, my smart mom came up with an idea for me. 


What I ended up doing was suspending the area the product fell on in the air by propping the comforter up with chairs.  The dirty area was then suspended in the middle of the chairs, which then allowed me to pour hot, soapy water on "just" that area.  I did this several times and then rinsed with hot water.  It worked great, and this way, I didn't have to clean the entire comforter with hot water.  Wanted to share in case this helps anyone!


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Wool comforter - OK to wash?


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I've got a quandary here. We have a wool comforter (inside is wool, cover is 100% cotton.) DD got sick on it recently, so it needs cleaning. It says dry clean, but dry cleaning chemicals give me the willies. I'm pretty much at the point where I would throw it away before I'd dry clean it - that's how much it skeeves me to think of sleeping with dry clean chemicals. (Several years ago, I worked for some engineers cleaning up a Superfund site, formerly a dry cleaners, and have never forgotten it!)

I'm thinking of throwing it in my front loader then air drying it. What do you think? Will it totally ruin it? I've got a Bedding cycle, and would probably use cold water. Any suggestions/advice for me?

Thanks so much!