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Rocheal's Avatar Rocheal 03:46 PM 01-27-2012

Hello friends. It has been so long since I've been on this board. :o)


I am in a bit of a pickle, and a serious one at that. For those who do not have time to read my story, I am looking for a child-friendly communication device (cell phone alternative) for a responsible four year old when he visits his dad's house every other weekend. 


Reason I need this:

My son's father, not to gossip but for you to understand our situation, is nearly 30 years old. He makes more than enough money to live by himself, however he moved back into his mother's house when we divorced and has not left since. He's on his second live-in girlfriend, and his... 5th car? Maybe 4th... 

He goes on multiple vacations every year to Florida, which is great because our child is experiencing things I'd never experienced-- but.. He's not exactly a model of responsibility. 

My son's father lacks maturity, especially insight.



I have had an on-going problem with my son's father regarding car seats. I know I am "over the top" (if there is such a thing) with car seat safety, but there have been multiple accounts of my son being driven around with not only no car seat (he's between 28-32 lbs.), but no booster, and no adult seat belt-- not to mention the times I checked his car seat "installation" only to find the car seat not tethered to the car. At all. No belt, no latch. Oh! And the times I checked and could literally pick up the car seat and move it about a foot in every radial direction... 

Yes, I've contacted my attorney, and yes I am taking all steps necessary to fix this. In the mean time, I've unfortunately had to talk to my son about why this is not okay. It's not been easy, because his daddy is his best friend. It is working out well, though. My son is amazing and very understanding and insightful. (I'm doing something right!!)


SO! When my son asked me, "But how come they put [cousin's name] in the car seat to keep her safe, but they don't put me in the car seat to keep me safe?" I'd realized it was time to act.

He understands that the next time something like this happens, he is to tell me immediately. Problem is, he doesn't have any way to tell me until AFTER it happens, which poses a problem because (at the age of four) I never know if his accounts of a given situation are current or historical. Does that make sense?


I need a communication device with a range of 30+ miles. I would like a cell phone alternative, but I cannot find anything on Google. 


Thank you, everyone, in advance. This is a very serious issue. Please do not ask me why I have not kept my son from his father-- I hope that everyone will try to understand this situation without judgment. <3



justmama's Avatar justmama 11:43 AM 01-28-2012

this comes to mind:  http://phones.verizonwireless.com/search/devices/lg_migo.html



I remember seeing them in stores maybe a year or two ago.  I don't know if they are still available but it's on the site so........  You can only call one of like 4 numbers that are preprogrammed in.  That seems like something my 4 year old could handle.  


*hugs*  You have my sympathies.  It reminds me how blessed I am that my children's father is mostly responsible and the little things like too much tv and WAY too much processed junk food is minute in the grand scheme of things.  I hope things improve for you and your son.

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