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MrsMike's Avatar MrsMike 11:29 PM 02-20-2012

My 5 yo currently co-sleeps and has been asking for his own bed and room for almost a year. We will need to buy him a new mattress. Mattresses freak me out due to all of the chemicals involved. I've been confusing myself researching online. We're thinking of a latex mattress from IKEA, but my understanding is that same latex can have a synthetic component. Price is a big issue. There is no way at all that we can afford even the "cheap" organic mattresses, which usually run in the $800 dollar range at minimum. The near $500 for an IKEA mattress is a stretch, but that seems like the best option for a somewhat natural mattress on our budget. We are looking for a twin size. Any suggestions?

mkksmom's Avatar mkksmom 06:35 AM 02-21-2012
I understand. I've been putting it off for a while, but I need to get a mattress for my 2 year-old. I wish I had some advice to offer, but I'm just as stuck as you are. The rest of our mattresses are traditional mattresses.
talia rose's Avatar talia rose 04:49 PM 02-29-2012

We have a mattress that is cleaner than the Ikea and I could offer you more than the 10% Mothering discount on it to get you in the same price range. All natural latex, no synthetics. Contact us if interested....

kotapop's Avatar kotapop 09:17 AM 03-01-2012

I have been researching this area lately, initially looking more at non-toxic furniture options, but my understanding is that you want either cotton wrapped in wool, or "pure" latex (which is actually about 97% latex? correct me if I'm wrong), and not anythiing treated with flame retardants (not just PBDE, but the newer ones which are molecularly similar? / equally carcinogenic). This place has some interesting DIY options but I haven't priced out mattresses there:

Would love to hear if anyone else has experience with this place.

Good luck!

e&tsmom's Avatar e&tsmom 11:44 AM 03-06-2012

You could get a green mattress from  This is what We use in our house.  It is green cotton - not organic, but if you get a wool wrapping then it wont have any flame retardants.  This is the way to go IMO if you cant afford a true organic cotton mattress.  We put an organic cotton topper and organic sheets on it.  Great mattresses. 


We co-sleep, too, but if your little guy is asking for his own room and bed then it is time to do so fairly quickly.  He may come back to you as he gets adjusted, but if he is asking for more independence that is a good thing and he needs should be respected.

basilico's Avatar basilico 07:21 PM 03-08-2012

We're planning on going here for our DD's mattress when the time comes.  They have one thats made of wool and organic cotton for $299.  Not sure about shipping though since we're close enough to pick it up from their store.

JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 04:19 PM 03-13-2012

I believe Organic Grace has a child budget latex option. We've enjoyed the matresses we've purchased from them.


Wool + cotton innerspring tends to be cheaper than latex. I find innerspring with a latex topper more comfortable than all latex.

MrsMike's Avatar MrsMike 11:36 AM 04-18-2012

Thank you, everyone, for the responses. Sorry it took so long to respond - I was computerless for a while. I learned that most of the IKEA mattresses use synthetic latex. The one that uses natural latex only has 20% of it and the rest is synthetic latex. What's the point of spending all that money if it's fake latex. Hopefully, we'll get him something soon. Thank you so much for all the input.


Organic Grace - I will be contacting you. :-)


talia rose's Avatar talia rose 01:22 PM 04-18-2012

Thanks Free Pillows with 10% off mattress purchase this month for Earth Day.