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samy23's Avatar samy23 12:45 AM 10-09-2012

I have a large rug in my living room that I really like, and so am thinking about getting the same rug again for the other end of that same room. However looking online I keep finding people advising against doing this, they say to never have the same rug twice in the same room but to use a completely different one.


I really like the one rug we have and it was a great price too, so I just want to ask here and see if anyone has advice about this or has done this in their own home themselves, did it look okay or not? What do you think?

4evermom's Avatar 4evermom 09:46 AM 10-09-2012

If you like the rug go for it! There is a trend for rooms to not be decorated to be too "matchy matchy" with everything obviously being from the same set. So the advice to not have the same rugs is the same as not having a couch that matches a chair. It can look very nice and neat to have the same upholstery and rugs. You can have variety in other things like throw pillows. Or not. The eclectic look is just more "in style" but it's also harder to pull off and can look cluttered easily.

SunRise's Avatar SunRise 09:00 AM 10-10-2012

Yeah, another trend is layering different rugs. I say, you like the rug, so go for it. There will be a sense of continuity in the room with two of the same.

nd_deadhead's Avatar nd_deadhead 12:47 PM 10-16-2012

We have hardwood floors, with rugs in the living room and dining room (at opposite ends of the house, but the same flooring). I love the rug in the dining room, and wish I had another one just like it for the living room!

Ramzubo's Avatar Ramzubo 04:46 PM 10-16-2012
We have the same rugs in our large living room, but they don't have any pattern (just jute rugs) . In our family room we have a large patterned rug with a smaller identical one. The rugs are for warmth on our hardwoods are not meant to be focal points in our house so I like keeping them the same.
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