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WyldWoodsWombyn's Avatar WyldWoodsWombyn 09:27 PM 04-04-2013

Hey lovelies,

My old lady and I would like to get on the road south during the winter since we live in a harsh northern climate. We figure we're going to buy an RV  (diesel) and convert it to run on veggie oil. 

Thing is that we also want to off-the-grid homestead. Mostly just a shit-tonne of gardening and perhaps a few chickens and one or two hogs. We'll probably do some wildcrafting, foraging, and hunting as well. So we have this short(ish) season with which to get all this done in preparation for the winter, and then we want to take of with all our preserved food and travel. 

Anyone else do this wild thing? haha How do you manage to keep all your saved food intact on the road? Tips??

Thanks in advance, folks! <3 

asherie23's Avatar asherie23 08:12 AM 04-05-2013
Sounds like fun!! So sick of winter up here!! We use used motor oil to heat our shop and its soo nice having the savings in the winter for heat. I've seen a tool truck running on veg oil around- smells like French fries wink1.gif
I have zero experience but I'm thinking you could do a lottt of canning. Pretty much anything can be canned - even your chickens.
Root veggies would keep for a while un canned- if you could fit a small freezer on board you could freeze as well.
WyldWoodsWombyn's Avatar WyldWoodsWombyn 08:41 PM 04-06-2013

Thanks, asherie23! I was thinking canning as well. And I just found a 12V, 8 cubic ft freezer locally, so I'm quite pleased about that. Not sure how many chickens I could fit in there though. haha I thought we might dehydrate a lot of food too since we have an Excalibur. 

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