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BeingMe's Avatar BeingMe 08:24 PM 05-21-2013

My stain routine is ruining their clothes and I need help. Currently I use oxi spray on anything not grease, let it sit then wash in hottest water (as says on the bottle). For grease I use palmolive, ru it in, let sit for a day then wash on hot. Most of the time the stains come out but the clothes look really worn and faded. What should I do?

katelove's Avatar katelove 10:19 PM 05-21-2013
I'd suggest washing in cold water. I never use hot and the stain remover sprays work fine for me on most stains. If its something I think will be especially tenacious I soak for at least 24hrs in an oxy action nappy soaker. Also made up with cold water.

I also line dry in the shade most of the time as well.
chel's Avatar chel 09:24 AM 05-23-2013
I agree, washing in hot is harsh on clothes.
I would spray and then wash soon after. Check for the stain and if it is still there, then I would spray and let it sit for a while.
Oxy stuff can cause lots of fading.
LeighPF's Avatar LeighPF 04:09 PM 05-30-2013
Rinse ASAP in cold water. Sun if i can. Grease i also love dish soap, for the rest I found a good gel from whole foods, their 365 brand. Then I wash normally and try to check before the dryer. Some need a soak, I found Biz works great on organic stains.
armidasawan's Avatar armidasawan 08:34 AM 06-03-2013

I use a stain remover bar called Buncha farmers, it's amazing!

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