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Yooper's Avatar Yooper 12:43 PM 09-08-2005
We use a lot of plastic around here. I bought a 48 piece set of fake tupperware for $14 about 12 years ago and am still using it. I even still have all of the pieces But I am concerned about the leaching into foods. And I am guilty of occasionally reheating something in plastic in the wave. I am also guilty of putting still-hot leftovers in plastic. I know these are no-nos and I know I am not going to change my practices. So I think the solution is to switch to glass containers. I am going to put it on my Christmas list. I am hoping some wise woman here can give me a good recommendation. I want to find something in a set or a few sets and all sizes. I am also hoping to find glass tops and not plastic so I can do more reheating on the convection setting of my microwave. Anyone got any ideas?

On a related note, I am trying to replace the Nalgene bottles we use for all of our drinking water. I think I would ideally like to go with metal bottles. But I cannot seem to find any that are resonably priced or big enough. I need 32 ounces minimum. Any ideas?

EmsMom's Avatar EmsMom 11:05 PM 09-08-2005
Kmart sells glass containers with nice lids in their Martha Stewart line in sets or singly at reasonable prices. If you have a larger Trader Joe's near you, sometimes they carry glass storage containers also. The Klean Kanteen
has a 27 oz bottle that works nicely. Sometimes you can find stainless steel bowl sets with plastic lids on e-bay. There are also enamel clad steel bowls with lids on e-bay. It took me a while to phase out all of the plastic, and some things I am still working on....
gratefulbambina's Avatar gratefulbambina 11:08 PM 09-08-2005
srain's Avatar srain 12:27 AM 09-09-2005
We use Pyrex with plastic lids.
mamaGjr's Avatar mamaGjr 12:03 AM 09-17-2005
where have i been ?

I have been trying to get away from plastics - toys etc . esp food storage but I am having a HARD time

Glass is so impractical for us

i switched our home water bottle and all our carry arounds to nalgene and i read in the latest mothering issue that is is bad ( i guess this is OLD news from the people I talked to at work today!)

WHAT TO DO ? any advice is appreciated
and thanks for the PP's input!
mamaGjr's Avatar mamaGjr 12:08 AM 09-17-2005
Originally Posted by yoopervegan
On a related note, I am trying to replace the Nalgene bottles we use for all of our drinking water. I think I would ideally like to go with metal bottles. But I cannot seem to find any that are resonably priced or big enough. I need 32 ounces minimum. Any ideas?

supposedly these are "safe" although i am confused about the aluminum - have not read through the site but there is some baked coating inside? or something like that ............ not really affordable though (IMO
runes's Avatar runes 12:10 AM 09-17-2005
I looked around at some upscale/gourmet grocery stores for 'designer' water and I just re-use the glass container. My favorite is the one for VOSS water, it comes in two sizes and it's tall and slim. The water itself is not cheap, but for less than $5 I get a really nice bottle that's easy to tote around. Everyone comments on how cool the bottle is.

For home use, I just reuse the glass bottles from Santa Cruz organic lemonade, I like the size of that container (it's a bit bigger than the VOSS) so less refills.

But I'm cheap like that (where's the bag smilie?) I'd love to go to KMART to take a look at the Martha Stewart ones, thanks for the heads up on that.
mamaGjr's Avatar mamaGjr 01:19 AM 09-17-2005
we have a water heater/cooler that we use almost exclusively for internal water use and it holds the 5 gallons jugs

any advice on that? wonder if i could just plop a 1 gallon glass apple juice container up on that machine
what a pain in the arse though ........
i really like doing 5 gal at a time
knittingmomma's Avatar knittingmomma 09:40 AM 09-17-2005
We use the pyrex with cover too.

What about for babies sip cups?????

Warm wishes,
PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 03:53 AM 09-18-2005
I use both pyrex glass with plastic covers (no microwave) and these nifty glass with glass top containers from Crate and Barrel (really cheap too). For water at work, I use a SIGG bottle. They now make SIGG bottles for kids to use as sippy cups.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 04:17 PM 09-18-2005
I've been buying food in glass containers and saving the containers for food storage. The metal lids aren't microwave safe, but the glass jars are (or I just dump the contents into corningware or a corelle dish before microwaving.)

For drinking water on the go, I just buy the recyclable plastic bottles and re-use them. I know there's a risk of icky stuff from the plastic leaching into the water, but I don't store water in them for extended periods of time, or freeze water in them- I refill them with cold water right before I go out, to minimize exposure to the chemicals in the plastic. At home, we use "a cup of glass" as ds puts it, or the mugs that came with the corelle dishes. I also have some plastic cups I use for ds for cold drinks only- which I don't plan to replace once he's old enough to trust with real glass.
BethSLP's Avatar BethSLP 08:37 PM 10-06-2005
I just ordered 3 SIGGs online.

One from and two from

Gear X has the best prices. Reusable bags just had a design I wanted.

You can get them for as little as $12.80 (for a one liter sigg) on Gearx and they last forever.. Its a good investment IMO.

I drank from mine for the first time today at work and it tasted so much better to have absolutely no odor coming from the bottle.