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hello ladies I would really appreciate it if any of you could give me ballpark figures (for your area, mention where you live if you are comfortable doing that) for the following renovations (we can't do anything ourselves, we are home repair idiots and I only have partial use of my right hnd):

replace a roof on a house down to the wooden boards underneath the shingles

remove carpet and sand and finish wood floors in 2 large rooms and 2 small rooms

place new siding over old siding (large house)

demolish a small stable and fill in a small cellar underneath it

gut and replace kitchen, small, about 10 ft by 20 ft

repair 8 wooden steps leading up to the house

repaint (yeah, we can't even paint, I have premature arthritis) the entire interior... 12 rooms and 2 hallways including bathrooms and kitchen

replace about 30 windows

Even if you are not sure, please give me ballpark estimates for your area.

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Couple questions:

Wooden boards under shingles (7/16 OSB) does the wood itself need to be replaced? OSB comes in 4X8 sheets and is around 8 dollars or so.

Can you ballpark how big the roof is? A square of shingles can cover 100SF and is around 50-60 dollars depending on brand. Steeper roofs have more SF. Also on top of the OSB you need felt, ice and water shield and so on, so it all adds up.

Finishing the floors isn't material spendy but you could spend $35 hour having a contractor do it. I would say around $250 in material and then add labor.

What kind of siding? Vinyl, steel, cement board, cedar? A square of siding covers 100 SF but prices vary by square of each different type.

To demolish and fill in cellar you are talking about someone having to bring in bigger equipment and haul in dirt. And dispose of debris. Again it all adds up, depends on size and who you have do it.

Kitchens are so spendy these days. Depends on what you mean by gut. New wiring? Plumbing? Cabinets vary by wood species and door profiles. Hardware adds to each cupboard also. Any ideas for counter top? Laminate is the most inexpensive. But others are sanstone, granite, corian, and now even concrete. First you need the total lineal feet of cabinets. Best advice is go to a kitchen design place. Get ideas and then shop around if you feel the prices are too high. ALso before you go in have VERY accurate dimensions of the kitchen and know what you want.

Steps are cheap if you go treated lumber. May want to look into some composite decking where there is no maitenance. I would say for treated lumber and 8 steps around $300 at the most. Composite is more but again no maintenance.

For painting I figure 3 gallons per room. 1 gal of primer and two of pain. Each is around $25. When I want to paint a room I estimate about $100 by the time you get supplies and paint. Smaller rooms can combine or figure less. Also are the walls and ceilings themself in good condition or do you need someone to patch them?

Replace 30 windows. Umm, wow. Really depends on the size of the window. I looked into replacing our kitchen window and it was about $400. But to do a bigger livingroom picture window was closer to $1K. These were pricing Andersen double hung. Double hung windows are the most expensive because they are easier to clean. Sliding windows are the cheapest. Casement (crankout) is in between. Price several brands too to get an idea. I would say to estimate a house of typical different size windows, for 30 windows, around $25,000. This would be using Andersen double hung.

Some tips would be if you are doing multiple projects rent a dumpster. Shingles need a dumpster by themselves and then another one for your basic tear down.

When pricing windows make sure to let them know you want the closest standard size. Since you will be residing it won't matter and will save you from custom orders.

You can either hire a general contractor to do all the projects or sub contract them out one by one. If you are new or unsure I would go with a general contractor. Make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. No exceptions. Trust me on that. Have the general give you detailed bids on each project in writing and list out any options.

Also if you are doing all these at once, find a place to live while the work is being done.

Whatever the total cost is add 10% for unknown just to cover your behind.

HTH, also I figured for Minnesota. I have my pricebook here if you need actual pricing on something.
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We have just done some of these, see link in my blog.

Cost: Gut kitchen to the studs, replace walls and floor, plaster, paint, install new plumbing, then install all new appliances, counters and cabinets; total cost: approx 7K. DH did the electric, we hired a plumber and a plaster guy. Rest of work done/being done by DH & I

Hardwood floors: We had approx 1200 sq ft of carpet removed and floors refinished; cost 2K

We are doing the bathroom next, it's small. We are saving the tub, stripping the walls and floorto the studs, all else will go. We are doing all the work, final cost is looking to be approx 2K

Kristina; wife to Max, Mom to Tristan (17) and Zackariah (7) and Lillian (5)
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We lived in WA state outside of seattle, we had about a 2400 sq ft multilevel home (1 story on one side, two story on the other) we replaced the roof for $10,000 - it had wooden shingles which were just on top of spaced wood slats, so we had to put the plywood down too, so that includes that.

We replaced quite a few windows, including some very large ones and three big sliding glass doors for $22,000 - these were thermal custom replacement windows high quality with a lifetime breakage transferrable warranty, so you could get away for less for sure.

The rest of it I can't comment on.

Mightymoo - Mom to DD (6) and DS (4)
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We have recently done a LOT of work on our house, and I can tell you the prices for the things that we've done. Ours is a 960 sq.ft., single story house in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We refinished the floors in about 850 sq. ft. of the house (two small bedrooms, hallway, livingroom and dining room, not the kitchen or bathroom) at about $1350. Our flooring people were fantastic.

We are getting ready to replace the stucco at an estimate of $10,000. There is some damage under the stucco that the estimate includes repairing, and the fireplace is being removed (structurally unsound - we're going to replace with gas, not needing the chimney.)

We are replacing the (10x10) kitchen with IKEA cabinets and installing ourselves. I know you said you can't do this, but if there is an IKEA near you, they got good Consumer Reports ratings and are very reasonably priced. We're estimating $6,000 for cabinets, counters, demo (including dump fees), and flooring.

We painted the interior, except kitchen and bath, and replaced all the baseboards for $2,300.

We replaced all the windows (15 of them) for $15,000. This included replacing a door with a window door, filling one window, and changing two rooms with two small windows into a single large window in each room. This made a HUGE difference - the house is incredibly bright now.

We also replaced all the appliances, furnace, water heater, and changed from steel to copper piping throughout the house. We're about to redo the bathroom and kitchen and stucco. The house was in major disrepair, and many of the things we've done were safety issues - the windows, for example, were nearly rotted out and wouldn't open.

If you're in our area I'd be happy to pass along the names of people we've worked with. I would highly recommend our window people, and the plumbers were so awful that I'd hate for anyone else to use them!
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We just had a roof put on our new addition, so there was no old roof to deal with. The living area that was roofed was 750 sq ft, though I'm not sure of the square footage of the roof itself. We found one company that was quite a bit cheaper than other quotes. It ended up costing just over $2000 in Central Florida.

Good luck!

Diana, homebirthing, homeschooling, homemaking wife and mother of two (plus one more coming this Spring)!
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It so much depends on the quality of the materials you select, the amount of work to be done ( e.g. square foot of floor), and how much (if any) labor you can do yourself. Costs are for south TX:

New rook 6 months ago: $144 (I think) per square of 20 yr ashphalt shingles, including tear-off, repair of rotted wood in a few places, and all materials and labor. Included a fairly large area that had to be covered and tarred rather than shingled. Quotes varied widely - from almost 2x as much to slightly lower. Total cost on our one story 2200 sq foot house was about $4500.

Wood floor - It was about $1.50 sq foot sanding/two coats poly or so, including labor and materials. No tear-up of carpet or repairs.

No idea on siding - we had some done on a different house 8 years ago or so....

Stable - no idea.

Kitchens vary widely depending very much on the quality of the materials you use. Basic cabinets from Lowes or Ikea can be relatively inexpensive (e.g. a few thousand), custom cabinets could be many tens of thousands. Plus, labor, other materials, appliances, counters, etc.

Steps would be cheap - a carpenter/handyman could do them in a day or so. I'd guess $200-$300 including supplies.

We painted our entire interior (2200 sq feet) including all ceilings, closets, etc. The paint cost (Behr, good stuff) was about $500 for the house. If you hire someone I'd expect to pay 2k-3k+, including the paint.

Windows could be all over the place, much like the kitchen.

It sounds like you have a lot of projects!
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Hmm... there are so many variables!

Do you have an overall renovation budget?

Be sure to prioritize before you begin. Determine what MUST be done. Then determine your wish list in order. Pick one "fun" thing that you will get no matter what. That might be custom cabinets or granite counters or something else. Make sure it's something that you see a few times every day - and will make you smile.

Let's see...

We are in the constant process of renovating this house. You can see some of our pictures and progress here:

We do most of it ourselves, so it's hard to compare prices.

We had the wood floors redone professionally. I think it was about 2200 sq ft plus a set of stairs. It was $6,000.

We had the kitchen painted professionally. This included the walls, beadboard ceiling, cabinets, and trim. That was $1700, I think.

My neighbors just got a new roof. The house is 1500 sq ft. It cost $6,000.

Hope that helps a bit!
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