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greenmansions's Avatar greenmansions 11:09 PM 02-01-2007
Argh I swear every piece of our lovely woolens has at least one moth hole - scarves, sweaters, diaper covers, gloves, etc etc. I have cedar blocks in with things, but it's not helping. What else can I use? I do not want to use the old naptha moth balls, but jeepers at least they worked.

Any suggestions for me? TIA.

srain's Avatar srain 11:44 PM 02-01-2007
You could freeze the woolens before storage, and then seal in something airtight....
p.s's Avatar p.s 04:14 PM 02-02-2007
moth balls do kill moths, but they are also toxic to small children and infants and I believe the ingredients have been linked to cancer in with extended exposure.

Moths are repelled but not killed by strong odor, so tobacco plugs, strong smelling potpourri sachets, cloves, stron smelling soaps.

I use lavender satchets (buy buds in bulk and make my own), potpourri sachets and soaps of an amount that when you would open a drawer your response would be "HHHMMMM Pretty!" ( or Whoa! per dh). to refresh cedar, sand it down til smelling.

But if there are vegetating spores, the above won't work.
So before I put something away, I always wash it (or dryclean if you're not opposed to the cleaning agents.)
Direct sunlight (for presumably many hours) also will kill spores.
p.s's Avatar p.s 04:23 PM 02-02-2007
Oh I just reread your post...

this may sound drastic....

but if I were you this is what I would do....

1. take the whole dresser outside.

2. immediately vacuum your path from dresser location to outside being careful not to "blow" the vacuum on your path if you have an upright! (this is why I like my roly poly pull along vacuum). Blowing on the path can disseminate spores.

3. Once outside, empty drawers and put stuff into large garbage bags. Close bags.

4. Entirely disinfect/wash furniture. Dry in sun.

5. For the clothes, you have three option:
-put into freezer.
-wash in water with detergent.
Do not open bags until bag is in enviroment to kill moths.

Yes a militant approach is necessary as moths have no remorse eating expensive sweaters.: