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sparkly's Avatar sparkly 02:12 PM 06-13-2008
are all/some treated with flame retardant? I have some conventional sheets that are 100% cotton, and can't find anything online about this (and don't have the package any more, but I don't remember it saying anything about it either way).

swell_mel's Avatar swell_mel 02:09 AM 06-15-2008
I don't think they are. I think if they were it would say so online- like when reading a description yk.
MamaMamaMama!'s Avatar MamaMamaMama! 01:19 AM 06-18-2008
Anything you're not sure of, make sure you wash it five times on a hot setting in borax washing powder and you'll get rid of the antimony.
nursingmom's Avatar nursingmom 02:28 AM 06-18-2008
organic fitted crib sheets are not.