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bamsmom's Avatar bamsmom 06:45 PM 11-12-2008
well, we're getting our first dishwasher soon, so i've been researching a little and found that some dishwashers have pvc racks and some have vinyl...which should we go with? i know neither is real great, but which is the lesser of the two evils...or are they both so bad it doesn't even matter? TIA!

wendyland's Avatar wendyland 12:20 AM 11-13-2008
I've had bad experiences with the vinyl that has metal underneath. Eventually they get tears in them and then the metal underneath starts getting rusty and the little things break off. I then got a used one that is all plastic. I liked it much better.
sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 12:26 AM 11-13-2008
We our Kenmoore dishwasher and it is the ONLY appliance/gadget/electronic/ANYTHING we have ever purchased the extended warranty on and it was worth every single penny.