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stayinghome's Avatar stayinghome 09:38 PM 01-25-2009
Question, i have a purdue oven roaster chicken that's been in the freezer maybe 2-3 months? It's a normal freezer on top of a fridge kind. Is it still good?

velochic's Avatar velochic 09:46 PM 01-25-2009
Originally Posted by HeatherE View Post
Question, i have a purdue oven roaster chicken that's been in the freezer maybe 2-3 months? It's a normal freezer on top of a fridge kind. Is it still good?
I'm sure it is. I keep whole chickens (in butcher paper, mind you) in my freezer for a whole year. Even if there is a bit of freezer burn on it, you can cut those areas off. It's just where the meat has lost all its moisture.
HydeParkB's Avatar HydeParkB 12:28 AM 01-26-2009
Originally Posted by HeatherE View Post
Question, i have a purdue oven roaster chicken that's been in the freezer maybe 2-3 months? It's a normal freezer on top of a fridge kind. Is it still good?
I second that. Should be just great.

We have been working the leftovers. And today took some cooked rice and some frozen cuban beans and divvied them up into lunch portions. I have to remember to add salsa when I take them out of the freezer, but it's a healthy, filling and cheap lunch.

We are preparing for a houseguest, so I don't know how much cooking I'll be doing this week.

I'm definitely in for February though. There's plenty more in the freezer, especially vegetables.
stayinghome's Avatar stayinghome 01:15 AM 01-26-2009
Thanks all!
1growingsprout's Avatar 1growingsprout 03:38 AM 01-26-2009
I have more hotdogs them i care to admit to.... I think February is national hot dog month at our house...
lil_earthmomma's Avatar lil_earthmomma 04:02 AM 01-26-2009
Well I haven't posted much this month but thought I'd update.

We are trying to live out of the pantry/freezer as much as possible because Dh isn't going back to work until June, and we only have grocery money for Feb and Mar, so I want to stretch that as much as possible.

So far it's going really really well, and I've managed to feed us nutritious balanced and yummy meals while stretching the meat.

My exciting discovery this week has been barley. I've found that my ds LOVES it, and it's full of fiber and low calorie to boot!:

Today I made the best rice pudding but with pearl barley. SO good.
hlkm2e's Avatar hlkm2e 10:21 AM 01-26-2009
I can see to the back of both of my freezers! It will be so nice to reorganize them and clean them up so that I can use them more efficiently.

We are down to about 6 packages of meat. Now I need to sit down and really think about what we use, then place an order with the local farm for the next few months supply.
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 01:03 PM 01-26-2009
For Chinese New Year (today actually but we did it yesterday) DH made eggrolls again and a tofu stir fry that was yummy. I did hit the grocery this weekend and bought some cabbage for his eggrolls so I will use the remaining for stuffed cabbage for dinner- rice and beef rolled in cabbage leaf. They freeze awesome and are sooo good!

DH made calzones for lunch on Saturday and went to the ILs for dinner and brought home ham which was eaten by Maggie the next morning for breakfast. She literally just took it out of the baggie it came in and ate it.
I am down to a few bannanas and 3 oranges. Hopefully my produce delivery will have fruit in it this week.

I need to make up some cookie dough and freeze now that DH is not complaining about his pants too tight from the holidays!
Paxjourney's Avatar Paxjourney 10:12 PM 01-26-2009
: I've got 3lbs of apples that are slightly bruised (now) super ripe and purchased 2 weeks ago. Are they still good. What can I do with them. Bake them?
1growingsprout's Avatar 1growingsprout 04:21 AM 01-27-2009
Originally Posted by Paxjourney View Post
: I've got 3lbs of apples that are slightly bruised (now) super ripe and purchased 2 weeks ago. Are they still good. What can I do with them. Bake them?
yummy homemade applesauce...

Very simple just peel them, slice them and put in a pot on the stove on low heat... add a bit of water and simmer... you can add sugar or brown sugar if you like, cinnamon or other fruit for flavor... my kids LOVE homemade applesauce and it makes the house smell so yummy...

You may want to *mash* them a bit for a bit more saucy vs chunky texture.
amyamanda's Avatar amyamanda 11:05 AM 01-27-2009
Look what I found in my cupboard - extracts!


I need some ideas for using these. We're eating primarily from the pantry and I want to keep things interesting.

No gluten, dairy, or soy, but I'm good at converting regular recipes and even cooking without recipes. Also nothing super sugary - we mostly don't use cane sugar, so using them as frosting flavorings wouldn't work for us. Mostly I'm looking for inspiration here.

I can't buy new ingredients to support this venture. I do have basic baking supplies. I also have spices - cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves. Raspberries, black raspberries, apples, oranges, dried raisins and cranberries and apricots, but no lemons or lemon juice. I have whole almonds but not sliced. I do not have any cocoa. I can make almond milk and I also have coconut milk.

My family would probably not go for me simply substituting any of these flavorings for the usual vanilla in muffins - I need a more exciting package. LOL.

Anyone want to give it a go?
amyamanda's Avatar amyamanda 11:13 AM 01-27-2009
And an update - I am trying to feed us completely from pantry, but I did go to the store a couple of days ago. I bought eggs, brown rice flour, vanilla, more apples for the kids, and a loaf of bread for DH (I no longer bake gluten bread, he doesn't like GF bread, and he's home all the time - he eats cheaper options if he can make sandwiches!)

Oh, and I totally forgot, my mom gave us a $100 TJ's GC, which I used to stock the pantry further and get some things I can't get nearby - canned baked beans (DH's favorite "fast food"), organic hot dogs (kids' favorite "fast food" - I guess this was a kind of treat), peanuts for picky DS, bread for DH, multivitamins (nutrition insurance - I figured my mom would want me to get something like that), Oxyclean, and toilet paper. It was very strategic shopping and I only spent 43c more than my GC.

At TJ's I resisted the urge to buy anything sweet or treaty, and I didn't even buy avocadoes. I feel like I practiced tremendous restraint!

I will need to buy eggs on an ongoing basis, but I think we can manage without other stuff for a good long while. We'll see.
TwinMom's Avatar TwinMom 08:29 PM 01-30-2009
This pantry challenge has been great for my kitchen. My freezer only has in it what I will use for the next week or two--frozen veggies and fruits and a couple lunch containers of leftovers for dh to pack in his lunches. Oh, and some ice cream that we forgot to eat on the 4-yr old's bday last week.

My pantry still has some odds and ends that I haven't figured out what to do with, but for the most part only has what I will use in the next couple weeks as well. I even got rid of a bunch of cookbooks that were in there!

As a result of this pantry shopping, my grocery bill has actually gone down. Not a huge amount, but I spent about 2/3 what I would usually spend. It's the gluten-free pastas and baked goods that get me the most, but they're so much easier than trying to find the time to make my own.

Are we going to continue this into February? I need the inspiration!
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 09:01 PM 01-30-2009
So I continued to go to the grocery etc for various things- when we got back from vacation I needed to go! The result- we have an organized pantry and were able to help a few families out a few times this month with meals. Also tonight, we normally have home made pizza- but we are having leftovers to get rid of them! When I do these challenges or big time menu planning (I keep a calendar to pencil in what we will eat) I have a day every 10 days or so where we have to have leftovers for dinner or all 3 meals. So tonight we have a leftover buffet of:

refried beans and tortillas
big big salad w whatever we have in the fridge

Tomorrow morning we go to pick up our side of beef.

Some of Next week's plan
mushroom lasagna (saw on barefoot contessa)
beef stew;
chicken kabobs

I am glad we were able to help several people achieve or make a dent in their goals whether it was save money, clean out the pantry etc!
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