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bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 01:22 AM 02-12-2009
It's hard...i know a lot of peopel in that situation..where working onyl gets them like a couple hundred a month after all their costs are paid, but they HAVE to have thet coupld hundred, so they work allmonth to net a few hours worth of's awful.

Would you be happier staying home, or get bored/unhappy?

I work because we here at casa de bobandjess have become accustomed to eating on a regular basis. however, even if that were not the case, I would need to work anyway, or else I'd kill my kids. Really..I'm not cut out to be at home all day.
Plus, my work hours are almost more valuable NOt because of the salary I am paid to work, but because that hour can NOT be spent SPENDING! I go shopping when I'm at home. have to figure in ALL the money stuff, plus all the other stuff..and make a decision....

ChetMC's Avatar ChetMC 01:36 AM 02-12-2009
I think the problem is that when you make very little you pay no tax AND you are eligible for support programs. But, when you start to make more and cross into the next tax bracket, you aren't necessarily farther ahead because you're taxed on the extra money that puts you into the next tax bracket, you start losing eligibility for certain social programs, benefits and subsidies, and you may eat up tax credits that you used to transfer to your higher earning partner.
lanamommyphd07's Avatar lanamommyphd07 01:51 AM 02-12-2009
I'd totally quit the job if anything just to get a different one that would be during school hours to eliminate the after school care. What would you make if you only worked the 6 hours a week the kids are in care? If it's less than 60, then you know you're paying to work--at least part of the day.
I made more than 10,000 a year as a grad student with free tuition. I think it's worth looking into
Logan's Mom's Avatar Logan's Mom 03:46 AM 02-12-2009
If money is that tight, wouldn't it be worthwhile to pack lunches and bring a mug a coffee from home? That is what I do. I do allow myself 2 coffees a week. That is about $5 a week, $20 a month, $240 a year -- still a sizeable some for something I could make at home for like .25 a cup.
Fuamami's Avatar Fuamami 04:21 AM 02-12-2009
Could you ask for a raise?
lmonter's Avatar lmonter 07:55 AM 02-12-2009
For some reason I thought the secondary earner was taxed slightly higher than the primary breadwinner - a throwback to the 60's when the majority of households only had one worker. But I don't read IRS documents for the fun of it, so I very well could be wrong.

When I went back to work for a few months after my oldest was born, I was bringing home barely $200/month (after having to buy post-partum work clothes, lots of gas for the car, higher car insurance, daycare, doctor visits because of daycare ickies and unpaid sick days since I had to use those right after giving birth rather than saving them, eating out because we were both exhausted by 7pm, blah blah blah) and having the privilege of seeing my 3.5-5mo ten (10!) hours a week since I had 45-hour work weeks plus the 2+ hour commute each day. So it was a pretty easy decision for us, and so began my frugal slippery slope of finding ways to trim costs, starting with cloth diapers. I figured I could find a way to make up that measly $200/month and my baby would actually know who I was.

Kind of reminds me of when my sister and I were in school... You know those reduced-lunches they do for lower income families? We were $60 above the cutoff for a family of four, and my parents had to cough up full-price lunch tickets for my sister and I for years - probably to the tune of $400/year back then, easily. If we'd had a mortgage or rent, well, I bet our family wouldn't have eaten much at all or even had vehicles (my mom was a librarian and the *only* breadwinner of the family).
PenelopeJune's Avatar PenelopeJune 01:48 PM 02-12-2009
I'd quit. Surely you can find a way to trim your budget, once you are at home, so that few hundred a month you are making isn't needed.

I know that I couldn't work. For one, we only have one car, so I'd either have to find a job close enough to walk to (probably impossible in this town, it's very small, and there is no public transportation) or buy another car. We'd have to have daycare, I'd need new clothes if it were at all a professional job beyond fast food, plus extra gas and insurance, etc. Oh, and I'm a high school graduate with no educated skills, so whatever $8 an hour job I could find wouldn't cut it. And it sucks, because we could really use the extra money.
Phantaja's Avatar Phantaja 02:15 PM 02-12-2009
Originally Posted by Leta View Post

I miss adults. I wish I knew more people here. I get lonely and sometimes bored...
That has nothing to do with staying home. It's because you're a Yooper. Come on over to the darkside and hang out with us Trolls.
Leta's Avatar Leta 02:47 PM 02-12-2009
Aaah! Phantaja, that's not even fair. I'm originally from SE MI. All the people I miss are there near you.

I haven't quite found a place to fit in to the culture here. I wear my "Made in Detroit" tshirt all the time, and people just end look at me like they are... confused. Or something.

There's some other stuff I miss, too. The DIA, the Natural History Museum, and going to concerts, especially at the Fox and Meadowbrook and Pine Knob. (Sorry, but "DTE Energy Music Theatre" just doesn't cut it. Pine Knob wasn't a great name, but a sight better than "DTE EMT".)

However, I do not miss traffic. Or Metro Airport. (Our airport, Sawyer, is the size of a small Detroit preschool, and easier to park, too.) Or Detroit politics.

And I like the trees and the mountains and the waterfalls here. Our winters are prettier. And Mother Superior is way cooler than the Detroit River. (Sorry, but it's true.)

Augh. Anyway, this was all sooo OT, but if you are ever coming up this way, PM me. We should hang out.
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