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Avani's Avatar Avani 07:28 PM 03-03-2009
So lucky me my much anticipated and very much needed tax return has been put on hold by the lovely IRS. Last year i filed married with my then husband and now we are long over and i have had sole custody since last March. So this year i filed head of household and claimed all the children. APparently this means the IRS is holding my return until i can verify that i have not been living with my ex and that i do have sole custody. I can't imagine my ex filed his taxes using them himself. He pays no child support and told the courts he is unemployed so he would be an a$$ to file using them. I have no problem getting this info to the IRS but does anyone have experience with this and have a time frame for an actual refund? I e-filed Jan. 21st and they only sent me this letter yesterday. I am a single mom to 5 little kids with no child support and needed this money so bad. I can't imagine if i have to wait another few months for this money.

angelcollector1's Avatar angelcollector1 10:44 PM 03-03-2009
Are you still legally married? If so, you can't file head of household, you have to file married separately and you can still claim the kids. If you're divorced, you did fine filing the way you did.. but it's possible that your ex filed and claimed the kids if he didn't make much $ he could be trying to pull a fast one and get EIC and such, which is a bad thing to do.. it's tax fraud.. Just have your ducks in a row with paperwork and you'll be fine... But I'm sorry you're having a delay in getting your refund.