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LOL I tend to be picky about my kids clothes too - I'll spend the $4 on a Polo 3 button knit shirt for DS at the thrift store because it still looks great and I know it will continue to look great while my son wears it. Overall that's one of the few brands I've been favorably impressed with.

We got a little extra money recently so I finished up the kids spring/summer shopping and restocked the pantry. Because of that, I bought a few things for the kids I may not have otherwise. They'll definitely use them, but the extra pairs of shorts weren't strictly required to survive the season! Right now, not counting shoes, I've spent between $100 and $125 on each of them. Shoes are another story. DD's new tennis shoes were a steal at $20 for a pair of Reebok's at Marshall's. DS was another story - he's an extra wide and generally a stride rite kid. 2 pairs of decent sandals (one for each) and a new pair of tennis shoes for DS and even with the sales it was $107! LOL I wanted to keep it under $100 and the total before tax was $99.99. Purely accidental (I'm not that good at math!). That was painful, but they're set until fall now at least!
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I'm in Ontario (northern by region) and there is ZERO available here thrift store wise that isn't from Wal-Mart. We don't even have a Target... I would be more than willing to shop second hand if there was the remote possibility of scoring some nice stuff.

Honest to G!d, the Value Village here is a disgrace. It is ALL clothes from the eighties, lots of it faded, stained, some even ripped, and for friends of mine that have no choice - they have all said it's cheaper to shop at Wal-Mart, the markups at Value Village here are insane.

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Originally Posted by USAmma View Post
That does seem really high!

I shop Gymboree and Children's Place for my dd1's clothes but I make a rule that I *only* buy stuff that's super sale priced. At Gymbo I can often find $30 items marked down to less that $10. The trick is to go in often and check out what they have, and make sure you buy matching stuff (top and bottom). It's often out of season. Then I go across the mall to the Childrens Place and do the same thing. I think I spent about $250 for dd1's winter and summer combined. Dd2 gets dd1's hand me downs. I want to invest in higher quality clothing so it last through 2 active kids. Before that I bought Target clothes, which didn't cost as much, but they would shrink and wear out so badly that dd2 couldn't wear them.
This is me, too. Ds2 wears ds1's handmedowns, and I get stuff and Children's Place or G¥mboree on sale all the time. Just this morning I went online and get 4 shirts for ds for under $20! LOVE that. And it's only $5 shipping.

I don't even know what I spend on kids' clothes. But I get stuff as we need it, my boys grow so fast! Shoes we have to get at Stride Rite because they both have such wide feet. So those are a lot at $50-$60 a pop.

I would say if it was $600 for everything, shoes and all, that it's probably fine.

Adding that if I had girls, we would be spending at LEAST that much, I am sure. Used clothing and thrift store stuff is not an option for us... it just grosses me out. So since we buy all new, I think we do pretty good. But if we had a girl... oh my. Ever notice how all the stores have like 2/3 girls stuff and only 1/3 boys? Boys are just way cheaper because there is not as much temptation, I think.

$600 for a girl is actually pretty frugal, now that I am thinking about it.

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I spend about $150 per year on DD's clothes, and shop only thrift stores, mom to mom sales, garage sales, consignment shops and such. Shoes are another 50-80 or so dollars on top of that, since those are the only things I buy new most of the time. However, I get help from family- I always get a bunch of clothes from my dad on her birthday, I ask people to get clothes for christmas so that my money during the year can go towards toys, experiences as she needs them. I never really get that much, though, people don't like buying clothes I guess.

Sometimes my mom helps out, too, if money is tight. I don't have a lot right now, and even though I just spent $50 on spring and summer clothes for DD (most of which was spent from money I earned back selling her old clothes), it wasn't enough and so my mom took us out and spent over $200 on clothes for her, some of which will be worn for another year. This is the first time she's done that (spent that much money) though. And to me, $200 is an obscene amount to spend on clothes all at once but my mom has no problem with it.

$600 sounds like a lot of money for spring and summer clothes to me! But I never buy new.
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wow, i don't think i spent $600 on clothes and shoes the first 6 yearson both of my children combined.

now I have three, they are 12, 9, and 6 and I spend maybe $600 a year. most of thats on shoes (they all wear out their shoes and hand me downs are hard to come by except for a few fashion shoes that were probably hand me downs to begin with. also we always ask for clothes and shoes as gifts) We probably spend $150 - $200 on shoes each year (HOLY CRAP!). I spent $150 on Pascha dresses. and $180 on Christmas dresses. new pants and shirts, socks, undies $150 and probabaly $100 at the back to school resale shop sale. ($1 per item for top brands. woohoo)

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Between garage sales, thrift shops and hand me downs, not much.
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This is a really good question for me to ponder, because after 5 years of providing immaculate high-end hand me downs for my twins, a good friend of mine is moving out of town and I'm finding myself facing having to outfit my kids myself for literally the first time. I have always thrifted to supplement what she provided when sizes didn't line up quite right, but I've never had to make a clothing budget for the kids or shell out for winter coats, snow pants, or the like. So I'm in for some serious sticker shock.

I have no opposition to thrift shops, consignment, yard sales, what have you. I have (and have always had) a bin system in the basement covering the next three to four years/sizes. But I have to sit down and figure out what's needed and how much to set aside to buy it.

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I spend maybe $150 per size not including shoes. I probably spend about $100/year on shoes as DS has such wide feet and I am not comfortable buying those used. We are lucky that we live in southern CA so I don't need to buy a new wardrobe when winter comes- we add a sweatshirt and call it a day. I shop end of season sales and buy ahead a few sizes. Right now I have clothes for DS up thru 3T. When he gets to a new size I'll supplemant with items from the thrift store if I see he needs something (more shorts or pants, depending on the season).

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I've not spent that much for one child for one season. However, if it were in the budget, I would. I could blow through $400 on items from the Mini Boden catalog, fi, in about 5 seconds.
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Originally Posted by UUMom View Post
I've not spent that much for one child for one season. However, if it were in the budget, I would. I could blow through $400 on items from the Mini Boden catalog, fi, in about 5 seconds.
Oy, that Mini Boden catalog is a tough siren call to resist,lol!

To answer the question, I spend quite a bit on clothing my girls although I don't keep track. I would guess at least $1000/each kid per year. Granted, I live in an area where all of the church preschools have consignment sales twice a year and I buy and sell in volume there. I do like 100% cotton for the girls and I buy a lot for dd1 because she's a size 10 and it's hard to find used clothes in good condition at that size and I can use them for hand-me-downs.

I almost never pay full price for anything. I'll wait like a trapdoor spider for Hanna Andersson or Mini Boden sales and comb the racks at Gymboree once a month. My kids do have waaay more clothing than they need; they can go a month between laundry with no problem. It's one area where I really indulge myself, maybe because I grew up poor with clothes I felt embarrassed to wear.

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About half of my kid's clothes are gifts. For the other half, I'd say that I spend about $75 on each for spring/summer and again for fall/winter. So about $300 per year total. But my kids are really particular about comfort and only wear very basic clothes. Soft t-shirts, stretchy pants/shorts, stretchy soft sundresses for dd. I buy most of their clothes at Walmart and Target.
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We get a lot of clothes as gifts too, and now son number 2 has hand me downs.

We buy good heavy duty brands such as Gymboree and Gap. I feel they last and make it worth their price.

Old Navy and Children's Place are great prices so I shop their too, but their stuff doesn't seem to last as long.

I love Target's Genuine Kid as well.

And then their are shoes...I like Stride Rite for sandals...otherwise I end up buying 2 or more pairs over the summer. For tennies it's usually Nikes.

I would say the boys go through 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of sandals a year for a total of : $150

Clothes per kid: $150

Total: $450 for both kids for a year. (That's probably on the high end)
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