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How much are you spending on close family relatives such as grandma and grandpa, close aunt/uncle ? And what are you buying them? I need some ideas!

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My side of the family is doing a gift exchange - $50 gift, 1 gift per person.

My husband's family is small. For his parents I am thinking a digital photo frame. For BIL/SIL, stuff for their 1mo baby and maybe a GC for a date night of some sort.

I am following the unclutterer blog ( for more ideas.

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I try to keep it at $25 per person and make them something personalized. I've already figured out what I'll make for each of them, but I'm not sure about their gifts yet.

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At the most....$10.00

seriously! I knit everyone something(never costing more then 10.00! Then we got our family pics done for $20.00 and I'll photocopy them for .35 each and put in a frame that I've been collecting second hand for between .25-1.00.

Everyone knows what they are getting already...and couldn't be more excited. I let them chose what I knit them/they all know about the pics.

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The most: around $15. It was a really awesome deal, too. Something special for my preggers sister.

My dad is getting a book on CD ("A Year of Living Biblically"), which was $7.99 (discount store). Everyone else's gift is something small and thoughtful, and under $10.
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Our limit is $20... we are drawing names between siblings on both sides this year, and for my parents we are going in on a present.

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I am just playing it by year

I think my Grandma + Aunt's are going to get photo books of Paige and I will get everyone one small thing besides that. A candle, or a book, or something useful.

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5$ - 15$, depending on the person.

Grandma's are getting notepads with pics of the grandkids (from shutterfly, about 6$ each). They just don't need or want anything.

G'pa is getting a round of golf at a fancy course, splitting the cost with all the g'kids.

Don't buy for aunts and uncles, woohoo!

Parents are getting photo books of DS from Shutterfly. again, they don't need anything- if they want it, they buy it. So it is pointless and wasteful to get them yet another gadget or gizmo.

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$10 max.... I usually shop the clearance or coupons during the year then just shop from my closet... For example BIL is getting some foo-foo stuff from bath and body works, my sis is getting re-gifted lotion from there as well, my mom is getting a nightgown and my dad is getting a polo shirt. I just had sis and dad b'day this week and parents anniversay is in jan. For the annin. they are getting emb. towels (mainly for mom). Then I'm good for awhile. I had excellent intentions of all homemade this year but it just didnt happen. Plus they are not local so it all had to ship. But for my DS alot is handmade, new blanket, etc...

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$10-$15 on children
$20-$40 on adults.

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In July I opened an Etsy shop selling vintage books and things. I haven't made tons of money, but I'm using the handful of dollars I've made to do the majority of my holiday shopping right there on Etsy. I've found great, unique handmade things for people... and since I'm using my shop money to do it, I'm not putting a dent in my family finances. Items are running me $10 to $20 each.

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For my MIL and Mother we spend $50 for my FIl and Step MIL we spend $75 for both. I have NO clue what I am getting for them. For our children we spend a total TOPS at $150 per child or $300 total for both.

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My family sometimes does a name exchange (I have 4 brothers, 3 are currently married). However, there are usually 2 siblings who don't like the exchange and buy for everyone and it gets all awkward.

This year I was stumped for ideas so I gifted each couple an LL Bean wreath. They were about $40 each, I had free shipping codes, and they were having a $10 gift card offer w/ each $30 (I think?) purchase. So I ordered the wreaths on separate days (only way to get multiple GCs back from them), and then will use the GCs to get DH a gift (he needs clothing for Christmas anyway).

Not super cheap, but not a clutter inducing gift, and about $20 per person.

I have a ton of nieces/nephews to buy for and most of them are now teens, so I went w/ $10 iTunes GC for each teen (confirmed with parents that the kids all use iTunes).
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Nothing. I can barely afford gifts for my kids this year. I've had crappy hours the past month and my husband has been out of work... so we're just prayign for a miracle, lol. Our family totally understands this is a crappy time of year for us money-wise.

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Different for different folks.

I have one brother. He got divorced this year, and he is child-less, so the only people he gets presents from are our parents and me. He is very generous with my two boys, and probably easily will spend $100 on my family this year.

Because he gets so few presents, I'll buy something a little bigger for him.

I have 3 sister-in-laws, though, that have big in-law families, that all have kids, and they understand that money is tight for us. For those families, we just exchange with the kids.
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I do photo calendars for my parents, in-laws, both my grandma's and DH's grandparents. I put them together myself (with the abundance of digital scrapping stuff I have) and then have them printed (wherever I can find the best deal) They usually wind up being less than $10 a piece, and the one year that I didn't do it (had just had a baby!) everyone was mad at me, so I wouldn't dare do a different gift now. I'll also be knitting felted mary jane slippers for MIL, my mom, and both SILs (that's what one SIL originally asked for, and when everyone else heard that she'd asked for them, they requested the same thing, LOL!)
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For DH's family, we are just buying small presents ($10 or so) for their kids, and just stocking stuffers for the adults (his parents and sisters).

For my own immediate family, I am giving photo gifts, probably <$10 a piece.

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Usually $20 or less per person. We make a lot of gifts (I spend hours slaving over a stove canning way too much stuff and I crochet & knit). We also do the framed pictures of the family or DS.

This year, everyone's getting hats. I bought wallet sized frames on sale early this fall for $2 each. Then there's the canned items, probably an ornament, maybe something special from a swap or if I found the perfect thing in the store.

That's pretty much what everyone gets every year. The handmade item rotates, but other than that, it's the same. Our neice we do spend a little money on, but never on a stupid toy of which she has too many. This year it is a nice pair of made in the usa socks with a spare (bought at a discount at my friend's store) and a book about stories from wise women the world over.

I'd rather spend my money on my son & husband.
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For dh's brothers, our grandmothers, & my mother, it's about $50 each. Usually a tad less on G-mas, a tad more on my mother, so it evens out.

Everyone else gets smaller gifts, like $10 or less per person or family. We save up over the year to have an xmas fund (includes gifts for dd and each other) & when it's gone, that's it.


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Nothing. I am SICK of the commercialism of Christmas. We are getting together with different people to "do" things. A free play with my sister and her kids, cooking making one day with another friend, the parade...stuff like that. I am trying to teach my children the true meaning of Christmas. Plus, I have worked SOOO hard to declutter our house that I don't want any more junk because somebody I love felt obligated to buy me something. I just want to spend time with them.

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