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Ianthe's Avatar Ianthe 08:57 PM 01-01-2010
Mine don't come until the 15th.. i'm down to $70 until then

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 02:05 AM 01-02-2010
My FS come on the 7th. We have $40 til then which is really good. I dont need anything til then so its excess which means I should have $200 for 'next' month.

We may be moving at some point in time so Im really trying to eat from the pantry and not stock up as much.

Today DS and I went to Hobby Lobby. It was nice to just get out, I did buy a winter x-stitch table runner for 66% off so it was like $3.
Krystal323's Avatar Krystal323 12:08 AM 11-28-2010

Wow it's been a long time!  I used to be a regular here, and between DDCs and the low-income thread, MDC sustained me emotionally when times were really rough.  Somehow, I got too busy to post, and then too busy to lurk, and....well.  :o


I came here tonight to find the Holiday Helpers threads and see what I can offer this year.  Last year they really made our holiday, and so it's time for me to pay it forward!


Are we doing wildly better financially?  Meh, not really...!  But we're a lot more stable, and not scared anymore.  I finished college (finally!) and run a very small art business now.  My DH finally found a fairly stable job, and we live very frugally (as always, hehe).  


I wanted to drop in here in case anyone remembered me and my previously sad tales, LOL--and also to wish all you mamas much love, light, and security.  hearts.gif

Jyotsna's Avatar Jyotsna 10:27 PM 11-30-2010

Hi everyone,


Happy December...can you believe it is already December?  I can't.  I posted a post to the November low income thread and would like everyone to take a look.  It pertains to food stamps.

Wishing you all a warm and cozy evening!


PS...anyone still confused on how to move from messages back to a forum, or anything else now?

Thystle's Avatar Thystle 10:37 PM 11-30-2010

Hey ladies this is the wrong thread.... this thread is from last year, Dec '09.    ;)

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