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Heat?? Its over 100 degrees here... The A/C has been running non stop since April... We probably won't turn the heat on all winter again this year. I hope the A/c turns off by Halloween.(the way the weather has been it could be more like thanksgiving).

Such is life in the AZ Desert!

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Still sweltering in Mid-Atlantic heat and humidity. We try to hold out till November 1st or 60 degrees (in house).

Though I remember my years in Massachusetts and I know the heat was on by October 1st most years. I get cranky when the house gets too cold.

Frugal, food growing mama to my four loves

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I get cold easily and once it's 65 or below in the apartment, I'm miserable. But, I'm trying to hold off another month till we need the heat, our utilities bill could really use a break from this past summer (window AC units - even we don't turn them on until it's more than 80 or so inside, they eat up a lot of electricity). That said, I turned the space heater on in the bathroom last night when giving Ladybug her bath. Our landlord put in new windows this year, so I'm hoping that simply having them closed with thermal curtains will be enough for another month.
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i'm in new england as well and i refuse to turn on the heat until october. preferrably november but we'll see. it's getting chilly in the mornings. we usually have it set around 64 though so it's not like it's WARM anyway.


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I'm in metrowest and haven't even considered turning the heat on. We had the windows open last night. The house is maintaining a pretty steady 72 degrees so we won't turn it on until it gets MUCH colder inside.

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We've had the woodstove going a few times already. Nothing marks the coming of fall for me more than the smell of the woodstove.
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i'm in New England too and we always try to wait until November. Our good friend from Maine always holds out until Thanksgiving-- he's a bit hardier than us.
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Southern Ontario here and we haven't had to burn a fire yet. It sure did go from hot to cold fast this year. My neighbours went from A/C running 24/7 to fires the next day!

Outside we have had lows of 7C/45F so far but it's supposed to go down to 2C/36F later this week.

Our house is holding steady at 20C/68F because we have good insulation and we cook all our meals at home which warms everything up a bit. We have been sleeping with our bedroom window open and the french door cracked still otherwise we would sweat to death our blankets are so warm!

I won't burn a fire until the house get to 15C/59F. I have some nice apple wood being delivered tomorrow and then we will be set for the winter. I'm excited to have a fire as we haven't had one since spring.
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My DH and stepkids is from CA/NV respectively. So when they're cold the heat goes on - I'd hold out for longer than they do. But we've not turned it on yet. Of course it was a way unseasonable 91 last week! Now we're back in the 60-50 again, the house stays warm enough for now with oven, computers and such running.

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Our heat came on a few days ago. We'd had it turned down really low (the thermostat) for the summer so I suppose it really was quite cold if it came on anyway. We turned it up to 20 degrees C which is where I like it.

Leila, mama to Eleanor (10/08) and Emmett (4/10)

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It only has dropped down to 66 but quickly warmed up throughout the day. I usually try to wait closer to November or when the temps aren't rising throughout the day.

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I think there are two factors:

1) It seems unseasonably warm right now (high 60s and 70s outside during the day?!)

2) We got our house weatherized this year, and I can feel the difference in the lack of the usual draftiness.

I can't tell which is making the difference, but maybe it is both.

Normally I try hard to hold out until October 1 - and DH ends up turning on the heat before that. But that is in two days and *he* hasn't even been tempted yet, and he HATES the cold (though when I say "turn on the heat" I mean "turn the heat up to 60 in the living area and 55 in the bedrooms"). I am wondering how long we can hold out this year. I will be thrilled if we get an extra month before using oil, but usually around late October it turns bitter cold, so I doubt we will get that far.

It will be so fun to see how much of a difference the weatherization will make.

Amanda, mom to Everest (12), Alden (10-1/2), Ellery (7-1/2), & Avery (6)
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Nova Scotia here, not even close. Not even the space heater.

I love the challenge of keeping our heating costs down. No one seems to mind and dd runs very hot. I'm the cold one and I'm home alone all day working, so mostly it's my call.

We did all the caulking and insulating possible last year, including insulating the walls of the entire house.

I bought an oil-filled space heater.

I bought cheap down vests for us all to wear inside the house. They're light and snuggly and everyone loves them.

I am hiring a seamstress friend to make heavy drapes and draft-stoppers for the old windows. We will not replace the windows as long as they're in such good shape, on the advice of the energy-assessment guy. I think the drapes will help a lot.

We are looking into an insert for the fireplace, or possibly a woodstove with a cooktop; unless we need the chimney for solar purposes.

I have heard that using an electric blanket/pad to preheat the bed can save a ton of energy at night. Anyone try this? Do you think it's safe?

Next stop: Solar roof tiles next year.

But absolutely NOT to the heater, not yet! We have other ways to deal with the cold.
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No, not yet. We have a townhouse, so with joined houses on either side, the house keeps its heat pretty well. We will turn it on when the house drops to about 18-19, probably in late Oct.

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