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Originally Posted by bandgeek View Post

I know some people in much older houses that have $200 gas bills even though they keep the thermostat below 60 (yes really!). I think most of it has to do with the efficiency of the house not how low you keep the thermostat.


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I keep our house at 60 degrees during the day and 53 degrees at night.  Our monthly oil bills in the winter run $500-$600 (heat and hot water).  Last year, we spent $3500 on oil.


Electricity costs us $80 - $100 month on top of that.  


Our house is about 2800 square feet and is over 150 years old.  We live in a cold city.

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Our heat and hot water is fueled by oil. We don't have a monthly bill - we just call for a fillup whenever it's looking low or whenever we think it might be a good time to buy.


Averaged out summer and winter, I think our oil costs about $100-125 a month.

Lately our electric has been $50-60 a month.


We waste a great deal of electricity, I'm afraid. Or rather, my husband does. He leaves the computer on all night, stuff like that. I'm anal and shut everything off. I have spent a good amount of effort conserving electricity, most notably by not using the dryer anymore. I recently strung up clothesline in my living room so I can keep drying all winter (lately I'd been leaving the clothes out all day and they still weren't quite dry by dusk).


We don't waste so much heat, though. Thermostat is set at 62 during the day and 57 at night. Our house is pretty tight, new and really efficient windows, good insulation everywhere but in the kitchen, etc. Not bad for a 105 year old New England house.


Honestly, 62 does feel cold to me. I would be perfectly comfortable at 65 (and every now and then we crank it up to there, especially if I don't feel well). 62 would be ok if I were cleaning house, but just sitting and working at the computer it gets really chilly. I wear long underwear, a "fleece" jacket, etc. At night, I'm ok as long as I have my cat on my feet. That's how he justifies us feeding him, lol.

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Our house is 3000 square feet, and is Energy Star certified (which means it should be very efficient!)  It's only a year old.  We have brand new energy-efficient appliances.  We keep our temps at a reasonable level.


Our hydro bill is awful beyond awful, at $500 every 2 months.  It's been consistent for the past year, and it's baffling.  We moved from a much less efficient home with very old and inefficient appliances and also had central air, and in that house we paid under half what we pay here.  And even though we have central air here, our bill didnt' go up with the summer temps.  And we're not heated by electricity.  We still do the same amount of cooking and laundry that we did at the old house, but with more efficient appliances, so ???

We are investigating wtf is wrong, and our next step is a private energy audit.  We've already tried the Kill-a-watt, tried all sorts of suggestions to minimize use, even shut off the power to see if our meter kept going (it didn't), and flipping all the breakers to measure what's using what...and can't figure it out.


On top of our hydro bill, our heating bill averages $90 per month over the year.

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Our gas bill is usually $100 in winter, that's only for partially heating the house and hot water.  The bedrooms are heated by electric heaters.  I think our electric bill go up about $50 per month in winter.  So all together it's probably a $150 per month heating cost in winter (from Nov. - Mar.).  Our house is about 2300 sqft, though I think the unfinished areas are heated, too.  I thought that's pretty reasonable, at least compared to our neighbors'.  We have one of the smallest houses in the area.  Most houses in our area are over 3000 sqft.

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