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sunanthem's Avatar sunanthem 10:01 PM 12-01-2010

Another 8 years, 1 car family here. My dh and I go to college together during the day and are home together at night, so we make our lives work out like that, and take turns with the car if we need to go elsewhere. No big problems here, so far.

Usually Curious's Avatar Usually Curious 12:31 AM 12-03-2010

We will be once ds graduates and goes off to college. As it is, we enjoy all the expenses of two cars, but the inconveniences of being a one car family. I cannot tell you the last time dh or I drove our ds's car!


His grandmother 'gave' him a newer, more dependable car recently. We debated about keeping or selling his old car for dh to take to work (3mi away). We decided it wasn't worth it. I rarely leave the house w/out help (three little boys to chase).


We love being a one car family. I can walk to town for groceries, walk to my son's school, etc.

Honey693's Avatar Honey693 10:13 PM 12-05-2010

We're one car and it sucks.  DH has to jump around between different buildings for work so I can only drop him off at work once every week/week and a half.  That means running all my errands after dark and not getting together with friends during the day.  We've been doing thsi for 7 months  and we're looking for another car right now b/c I hate it.

Smokering's Avatar Smokering 07:50 PM 12-06-2010

We'll officially be a one-car family when I get my licence. :p Right now we have one - old, pretty junky, a gift - but can't legally drive it! Having been a NO-car family for four years, a car feels like an absolute luxury. BUT, DH works from home. And before that his work was a 10-minute walk away.

gumshoegirl007's Avatar gumshoegirl007 08:31 AM 12-07-2010

We're a one car family and I really like to be able to say that (the caveat is that I'm the person who gets the car).  We live in a city (but it's more urban density-like than a city in our area) and DW takes the bus to work.  It's a 30 min commute from our house.  Our kids are now also responsible for getting to and from school on their own and it's too far to walk.  So we have bus passes for them, too.  This means that our monthly outlay on public transportation is $230.  Which is pricey, but more affordable than a second car.


As I get to keep the car during the day (and I don't have to pay for parking at work), this means that I'm also responsible for coordinating and shuttling the children to all their various medical, dental and orthodontist appointments.  And, I have to deal with all school emergencies that require a child to be picked up.


Now that DW has gone back to school part-time for a professional certification, it's a bit of a challenge to coordinate getting everyone to all of their activities.  Here, the bus doesn't make sense because it can take 1 hr to get there one way on the bus, opposed to 10 minutes of driving.  This means I'm picking up a lot of the shuttling.


A second car really isn't in our future, but we are investigating getting a car-share.  We have a program called virtucar where you can sign-in and share a car as needed for a minimal cost.

chiromamma's Avatar chiromamma 11:26 AM 12-08-2010

One car here...totally by choice. In addition, we strive to be, walk or bus places that we could drive to. It's easy  where I live.

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