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Just wanted to see if there are more one car families?????


We're a one car family, mainly because I don't drive. I just got my green card, so I don't know how to drive yet.

I applied for a job at my DS's school (about mile and a quarter) and I got hired on as a Crossguard & Cafeteria monitor. I will walk to his school on the times I have to be there, hang around the school between shifts, or walk back home clean and go back for the lunch shift!


We live in a major city, with lots of traffic, thankfully sidewalks, although some of them are not ideal. I may get a bicycle.


Anyone else do this? or am I just really odd? I feel, we safe on money, I get exercise, I don't think walking one mile and a quarter is that long of a walk.


Maybe its because I was raised in Holland where everyone either walks, or ride bikes!


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we are a one car family in an area where everyone has multiple cars, even though it is very walkable and we have loads of public transportation.  it is simply out of the question for us financially to afford another car, insurance, maintenance, etc.  DH commutes pretty far via bike and I have the car w/ the kids.  sometimes it takes quite a bit of coordinating to get everyone where they need to be on time with one car but we manage.  we also have the option of paying for a flexcar, which is a car parked in an easily accessible area that you can rent for a few hours, days, or weeks, if we absolutely need 2 cars at the same time.


it is a challenge, but Im really glad we don't have double the car expenses and aren't doing double the polluting.

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one car here, also in a big city so dh can take transit to work fairly easily or the kids and I can walk to everything. No desire for another car.

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totally a one car fam- have been always. We make it work! And that's great!!

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We are a one car family and it is usually fine. We live about 60 miles from the city, but he works there and when I go into town with him I sometimes borrow MIL's car for a few hours. We've saved about $2,500 annually since we got rid of our second car (and we werent making car payments). We dont miss it much!  

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We are a one car fam here!  We used to have 3 cars and I talked my husband down to two.  Last year we moved across the country and did not want to pay to have a second car shipped so we sold it and it's been fine.  Our neighborhood is walkable and public transport is alright but my husband works at home.  It has only been a bit of an issue a few times and we've worked it out.  We are thinking of buying a used second car...just talking about it still.  It's been really really nice to only have one car payment. 



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One car family here. I'm going blind and can no longer drive, so it's not even a question for us to have a second car. But I don't see how we could afford one anyway, so it's just as well. DH and I both work from home, so we're lucky in that respect. Our one car gets very little mileage as a result (we get a special rate on our insurance because of the low mileage - which is funny because we do certainly use it to travel 4.5 hours each way to visit family, for example).


We live in a town where many things are walkable, though honestly this year we've been extremely lazy and drive virtually everywhere. I think the closeness of our town plus lack of commute really makes a huge difference. When I was growing up, my father would commute an hour each way into the city every single day, my mother would have her own commute (35-45 minutes). My parents thought nothing of driving 30 minutes or more to a restaurant. DH and I would never, ever drive that far just for a restaurant (well, to be fair, eating at restaurants is like a 3 times a year luxury for us anyway). But my point is, when I was growing up my parents really burned up a lot of miles, and I'm grateful to live a different way now.

Homeschooling mama to 6 year old DD.

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We are a one car family and it doesn't get used every day. DH rides his bike to work all year around (even through heavy snow). We walk a fair amount. We went from no car to one, so it feels awesome to even have one!

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We are a one car family.  We live in the suburbs of a big city, where the public transit is quite good and can get me anywhere I need to go, although a car is definitely more convenient and faster since this is not downtown.  My DH drives the car to work every day.  I use it it sometimes in the evening, if I have to go somewhere during the day I walk/bike/bus depending on distance and weather.  Right now I am working from home, before I got this job I was working one job a 20 min walk away and the other job a 40 min walk away.  My DH did not grow up here and hates the bus, but I grew up here and am really used to it - I have only had a license to drive on my own for about a year.  The bus takes longer but is less stressful, I can knit on the bus.  One car does save us a lot of money, but at this point it's not even a consideration, because our townhouse only comes with one parking space, so we would have no place for another car even if we wanted one.  

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We are a one car family too. We live on a semi rural farm and DH has a studio here he works from.. When he needs the car we make it work. I am SO MUCH happier to only have one car on the road to pay for expense-wise! Mind you once we are done building this winter we need to buy a bigger vehicle with a new babe arriving soon our truck wont have enough seats for us all! But we will still be a one vehicle one

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We're a one car family now too. Until about 2 weeks ago I loved it, but now that it's cold and it's been snowing (the temp this morning was 7 degrees! Ugh) I've got some crazy cabin fever. It'd be nice to have a second car just to get out of the house during the week, but I'm not taking out another car payment for that. I already pay $335 for my car (but it'll be paid off next year! yay!).

In better weather I love being car-free. Fresh air, exercise, vitamin D, my baby gets to see all the pretty plants outside (we're a couple blocks down from a nursery so in the summer there are tons of colorful plants), I'm saving money, it helps my knees (I can't stand up to do dishes for more than about 10-15 minutes but a mile walk feels great!), and it helps me to manage my time better. Instead of going to the store several times a week I have to really get everything I need at the store in one go...which saves gas money and time that I could be spending with my husband. His work is about 45 min away so we don't get a whole lot of time together these days. smile.gif

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We have one car and live in a rural area. DH gets a ride to work with someone who passes by our house. I keep the car so that I'm able to go places if I have to. I don't work, but I tend to drive other people around, errands, grocery shopping etc. I would feel very cut off without the car! DH doesn't have his license (it just never happened) but he's been talking about getting it soon. I feel very weird over the idea of him taking "my" car to work and leaving me stranded. We would make it happen though, we're not really the 2 car family type. It's actually cheaper like this seeing DH's ride doesn't even charge him gas! 

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One car family! We live in the city and have three bus lines a couple blocks away.  I take the bus to work and DW alternates her schedule with mine, so sometimes we're all home with the car and when she's working I'm home without the car.  I take DS on the bus (and light rail) to activities downtown and love it.  It's nice not dealing with car seats and being able to interact with DS, talking about what we see.  DD is still carried so she's really no big deal on the bus.  The hard part is the time because once the kids are tired I want to be home NOW and the bus takes time.  We'll probably go to two cars in the future because we're planning to homeschool and will need transportation, but I'm going to avoid it as long as possible.  

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we are a one car fam and DH always has the car b/c hes always working haha. i walk everywhere or ride my bike. DD isnt too fond of the bike yet especially b/c its freezing now! so we havent really been going anywhere. the "park" (more like a field with a couple swings) is just over a mile and we were walking there everyday b/c we literally have no yard. a lot of people think im weird but w/e

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We are a one car family and have been for 7 years now. We live in rural area so it is hard with just one car. My husband works, I work, and we both go to school at different times so we finally decided to buy another car. I can't WAIT until we get it next month because I HATE just having one car and being stuck inside. biking,walking,etc is out of the question in our area.

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We have one car and have for about 8 years.  Sometimes it is a pain because he needs to run errands for work and I need to get the heck out of the house.  We are looking into renting a van for when he plays out of town with his band so that I am not stuck.  That should relieve a lot of tension. 


I know we save a lot of money and we tend to drive less because it takes a lot of coordination to go places.  We plan better to get things done.  But it is not always perfect. 

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We have one car. My husband works an hour away but he works 2 days from home and that will hopefully be going up in the future. Since I'm a homebody and don't mind staying home 3 days a week, it works really well especially when you factor in the savings from not having 2 cars.

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We were a one-car family until last year and made it work.  We've moved.  Now, our kids' school is not within walking distance, and my partner needs to drive to work (no public transit or ride-share options).  So we're in a position that we need two cars, and thankfully we have the means to afford two cars.  If we didn't, we wouldn't have put ourselves into the position of needing two.

4 kids under 10
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One car. Used to be none, but it was a gift! DH commutes by bus to city most days. Leaves the car for me and the little guy, but we like to walk to nearby places sometimes too because my son loves to me outside. Honestly, sometimes I want two cars because I've never had my own car and would like the sense of accomplishment from having purchased my first car with my own money. Maybe that's just me.

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We are a one-car family, more out of necessity than choice, but I like knowing we are using fewer resources than we would if we had two cars. It's annoying at times, but quite manageable.


I used to be able to walk or bus to work quite easily, but with my current job I have to take the car to work because the bus ride is ridiculous, so that means DH and son are without one during the day. I know that's a drag, but we live in a medium-sized city so they walk a lot and take the bus. Then when I get home, DH has to take the car to work because he works kinda far away. I'm a homebody, so once I'm home I don't want to leave anyway, most of the time. 


I won't say we wouldn't get another car if we could, but we can't, and it's fine. 

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We are a one car family, and its my car (partner mostly lives over seas). BUT I still walk to work every day, which is about a mile and a half. I am a walker (was a bike commuter in another city) and have walked an hour each way to work and back in the past. Right now its about a 45 minute walk...15 minutes to my sons school and then another 30 minutes to work. When I first moved to this city (10+ yrs ago) I didn't own a car, but after a couple years, it was clear this city was not so walk friendly and the bus situation was a bit lame, plus I don't like standing and waiting.  I bought a car so I could explore the parks and water falls outside of the city. It also made grocery store trips easier.

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We are a one-car family and make it work, though sometimes it woul dbe nice to have the second car. My office is about 30 minutes by car, but there is also a subway station, but you have to drive there. DH works from home some days and some days he goes into the city and my office is on the way. When he stays at home, he drops me at the subway station and DD at school, then picks me up from the station with DD in the evening. On days that he goes into the office, depending on the timing and our respective meetings, I drop him or he gets off near my office and takes the subway for one stop. He then comes back toward my office in the evening and we drive home together, picking up DD on the way. We are stuck like glue on the weekends so only need one car. I would actually prefer to go into my office much earlier than I do now, but can't swing that without a second car. Technically, we could probably swing it financially, but it would come out of our budget for extras. Since we only feel the squeeze on our conveience once in a while, and once I get done ranting about absolutely needing the second car, we get back into our groove and get on without it.

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No-car family here, out of choice.  Though it does make the finances easier as well... but that isn't the reason we don't have a car.  We just don't need one.  We live in an urban centre, my DH walks to work and my work is easily accesible by public transportation.  Nearly everything we need is in walking distance.

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No car here. It can be tough. Usses in my town only run 'til about 6pm. So, for stuff like a parents' council meeting at my kid's school, I have to get a ride from someone or take a cab. School is only a 15 minute walk, but not safe in the evening/at night. I wlak my daughter to school, as the school district doesn't have bussing to school. I have health issues,so sometimes, we have to take hte city bus, and hten get ther afew minutes late. Altho, now I've connected with other paretns who will pick my daughter up if needed. She takes the school bus home.


Grocery shopoing is tough. I use a big wheeled bag, and that helps A LOT. I have a friend who does case lot sale stuff for me.


The worst is family stuff when I get a ride with my parents. My grandmother's funeral recently was a goodeample. It was 45 minutes awy, and I was gone for over 8 hours, while my friend watched my daughter. Very tough on my daughter, and I coudnl't get home when I wanted to.


Mostly, it works ok, though, and saves a ton of money.




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We are because we can't afford a second vehicle at the moment.  I hate it!  But we live rurally with no option for public transportation, so it really sucks.

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We are a one car family. Most families we know with 2 adults have at least 2 cars.

We can't afford another car and more gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. t really isn't a big deal to us to only have 1 car.

Kim ~mom to one awesome dd (12)

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We've been a one car family for a while, except for we've had 2 since August, because we expected the one we had to die any day. It's held on, but the tags expire in Dec. and there's no way it'll pass emissions, so we'll soon be a one car family again.


Our household has 4 adults; 2 of us drive, the other are given occasional rides. Until pg made it inadvisable, I rode my bike to work several days a week, and DH takes the bus to school. We currently only have 1 day a month where having only 1 car is a real inconvenience, and even that can be worked around by DH getting up early to drop me at work and me taking the bus home so he can take the car to his appt that's too far away to take the bus to and get there on time after class.


We've been without a car, and it was a real hardship, at least in summer. We lived in an area where the bus service was so-so, and the nearest grocery store by foot was a good mile away, by bus the nearest was about 4 or 5 miles away. When it was 115 by day and maybe 90 at night, it was hard to go grocery shopping! I like grocery shopping by bike from where we are now, there are several options w/in 2 miles, but with pregnancy it would really stink.

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We are a two car family and always have been, but are contemplating going down to one. 


Currently,DH and I both WOH and DS1 and DS2  attend public school, but all are less than a mile from where we currently live.  We all usually walk (my car hasn't moved in a week).  We also have a bit of an odd parking situation in our current home (One attached garage stall, but the other car needs to sit outside, but not on the driveway or the street.)  


I do struggle a bit with what the one car should be? Should we keep our big truck or our smaller car or get something different altogether?

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We're a one car family, I don't really like it but I'm used to it.  He works about 30 miles from where we live.  On days when I have someplace to be like an apt or whatever he'll get a ride or I'll get up at 4 am and drop him off at work but i hate waking up ds so I avoid that at all costs. 

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We are a one car family.  It works really well for us right now, but if we moved to a different city or I started working full time I think we'd have to go back to two.  We live in a medium sized city in an urban neighborhood.  We're a block from the main bus route.  DD's preschool is a 5 minute drive or 15 minute bike ride away.  DH works from home about half of the time.  His office is also a 5 minute drive or 15 minute bike ride away.  He can walk home in 45 minutes or take the bus home in 20.  Several of our friends' families also have only one car.  The city is set up really well for it and its bus system is one of the best in the nation. 


I think quality of life really improves for everyone when people rely less on cars.  We bought a Burley and it was a great choice.  When it's nice out I often ride to our food co-op for groceries or go to the museum or do whatever.  When it's nice we sometimes don't drive for days.  It's really nice and we're definitely healthier for it.  We also tend to talk more to our neighbors when we walk or ride.

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