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I just got great finds - a bunch of vintage baby clothes for $1-3 per piece - rompers, dresses, overalls.  Ranging from 1950s-1970s.  Donna Reed to Disco.


I got a darling seersucker suit for my toddler son for $5. 


For myself I got a wool Diane Von Furstenberg dress - these run over $200 - for $8.  


I also got a pair of pink suede pants but I have no idea what to wear with them!

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Mine's a boring score but still saved us lots of money! I found a nice baby gate for less than $4. I saw a similar one at Wal Mart for $40!

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A few weeks ago I got a pair of Born leather clogs in excellent condition for $2.00! I was so excited. 

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I had what I consider a great score today.  A guy was selling off his dd's entire Playmobil collection for $45.  It fill a whole big box (like the kind you'd use for moving), and was worth hundreds of dollars - probably cost close to a thousand to buy new!

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It wasn't at a thrift store, but I found a textbook my daughter needed for homeschooling at Half Price books - got it for $5 & it retails for $25. Plus I actually didn't pay anything out of pocket as we took books in to sell.



My thrift shops I find books for .50 each and clothes for $1, nice stuff mostly. I get a lot of our reading books from there - at the price it's cheaper than bus far to the library and I don't have to worry about late fines.

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We just went to Goodwill today and found a like new (one crayon mark, easily cleaned) Step2 toybox with bookshelf for $15! For our Goodwill, that was a great price. We got it, some CDs, and two homeschool books for $0.99 each. I pretty much bought an entirely new wardrobe after DD3 was born last year, and 99% of it came from Goodwill!

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I just got both boys shoes for the year!


See Kai Run $2.50


For ds (5.5yrs) I have such a hard time finding quality shoes (not totally worn through) that we can afford and so I was so excited to find:


Keen sandals $3.99

Keen shoes $12

Merrell tennis shoes $8 (brand new condition)

Merrell summer shoes $3.50


I love it!! His Target cheapies have barely made it through the school year and so I'm so glad to have found some quality shoes.

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I bought an electric mini donut maker at the thrifty store yesterday for $7.50.  Brand new in box with instructions!  I was able to make gluten free donuts for my DS last night and they were so good!  Considering that 6 frozen gluten free donuts are over $6.00, I will be able to make A LOT of donuts for next to nothing!!!

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Mine's not a recent buy, but I'm still happy to talk about it. Last December, I was looking for some dishes, because I was getting my apartment at the end of the month, and coming here from Texas with nothing but what would fit into the bed of my pickup meant I was starting completely over. I ended up at a thrift store and when I walked out, I had a complete set of dishes (okay, it's a place setting for eight but it's missing the bowls, has all the other plates and ONE of the bowls, LOL), plus a set of glasses (three large, four juice-size), three nice throw pillows, an entire drawer full of silverware (matched, even!!), a heavy butcher knife, kitchen utensils like spoons, spatulas, can opener, whisks, etc., four coffee cups, and a heavy pot with a lid.... and I spent a whopping $9.25. I was... THRILLED. I've been back to the same thrift store since and I've scored a small end-table to put my printer on, kinda beat up but it's very sturdy, for $4, and a nice pair of almost-new slacks for my 2nd grader for 75 cents. Plus they have classic beanie babies for $2 each, and it's like my kids have to have one every time we go in (some days they're half-price, can't beat that). I LOVE this store. I'm totally going there this month for Easter baskets - they have a huge selection of baskets, none of them more than $2. thumb.gif

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We stopped by St. Vincent DePauls while out walking today and I found a pair of Salomon Techamphibian shoes in my size for $3.50! They still had their tags attached. These things retail for like $90 and I've been wearing the same broken down running shoes for the last 2 years. I really needed these! Also found DS 4 pairs of socks for 25 cents each and a Children Place jacket for $1. 

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I got 20 homeschool and disney books for 25 cents each

perfect condition twin  mattress and box spring (retail $550)  $50

15 articles of name brand clothes (macy's type stuff) $1 each

rollerblade brand inline skates (retails $180) $2.50

rollerblade brand pads (retail $45) $1.50

huge bin of foam mat puzzles $2.50

fur real panda $3.50



i also saw a 12 inch thick memory foam mattress and I was soooo excited, it was only $37 but the middle was suck in.  by the time I thought to get it for the foam to make a homemade luvsac it was already gone :(

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I was just thinking of this thread.

Pianojazzgirl: What a great Playmobil find!

I just found a Steiff "Mr. Cinnamon" 30 cm bear at the kid's resale store for 5.50! I couldn't believe it. It seems to be worth 150 and up depending on age. I love that they charge 6.00 and up for used Old Navy clothes but miss the very expensive stuffed animal.



May, DH, DD born at home 4/08, DS born at home 3/20/11.
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just found a Skuut balance bike for $5.50! 

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Wow, I am so jealous of your finds!!!

I went to yard sales yesterday and did great, I was so thrilled! I got 30 board books (good ones!) for $5, a chalk board easel for $1, and a Williams Sonoma Bread Maker for $10! Its like brand new, too! I already made 2 loaves of yummy bread, I am going to save a fortune on bread I think!

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I only do yard sales, never thrift stores around here.  But last week I hit the first one this season and found a very nice boy's bike that I was planning to buy new anyway (this one is nicer), ski pants for my kids, a Harry Potter Lego Set and a working Hess truck, all for about $15.  A cheap bike new would have been at least $70 I think and this one is far more sturdy.  I love yard sale season. Hopefully this year I will adopt a good food processor.  I would also really like a pressure canner, but that might be pushing it in this area. 

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At my small community thrift store I picked up a Discovery toys giant pegboard (retail $25), a DT A B Seas game (retail $22), a DT Too Many Teddies games ($9.99), and two DT puzzles all for $3.50.  There was many more DT available for dirt cheap but I'm collecting materials for my future classroom and they were for infant/toddlers.  I also regularly buy children's books for .10 each.  Shopping there is really helping me amass a great collection of materials for my future classroom.

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I just got a MAJOR score on books! One of our favorite used bookstores is closing their second location this weekend and they had a deal going for a grocery sack full of books for $20.00. I was able to cram in 42 before my husband called uncle and cut me off (apparently I was in there an hour - but it only seemed like a few minutes!). Less than fifty cents a book! I got a grand total of 3 books for me and the rest are for the kiddo. A couple of activity and learn-to-cook books, a mini Eric Carle book (perfectly stroller-sized), four board books (2 of which are Dr. Suess) and, drum roll please - THIRTY vintage Golden Books! In nearly perfect condition! I can't remember the last time I got so excited!

Apartment Farm - the chronicles of my cooking, gardening, crafting and other such things. 


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Not thrift store, but major garage sale score. We've been looking and pricing a hammock chair and stand for DS, and the cheapest we've found was about $125 online... I just happened upon a garage sale a few blocks down that had one (practically new) for only 20 dollars. Best find in a while!


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My husband had a dumpster dive score this weekend -  a newish Ikea glazed one-gallon pot, with some cracks in it (likely due to being left out this winter) sitting next to a dumpster in our alley. A little epoxy putty fixed it right up, and with the bad side to the wall, you'd never know! Free (which is my favorite kind of score) and just the right size for the hops plant we acquired.

Apartment Farm - the chronicles of my cooking, gardening, crafting and other such things. 


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