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My daughter just was gifted a goosedown coat that has passed through a couple of the girls in the family. It's in good shape overall, but the zipper is a bet worn and part of the pull broke off while I was trying it on her. It's a Land's End coat, and I know they have a lifetime guarantee on their items. I honestly don't know how old the coat is, but it shouldn't be more than 5-10 years old.


Have you ever used the program and what did they ask for? How did it work? Does it void the guarantee because it was gifted to us?

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I have and I was honest about it.  I told them exactly what happened (dd was pulling her 2 year old coat off of the rack and broke the hanger loop and ripped the seam) and they said that for any reason we could return it, even if we thought it was our fault.  In the end, I mended it myself, because they were just so good about the whole thing and I didn't want to take advantage of them.  I went on to gift that coat through Holiday Helpers, although I'm not sure the person I sent it to ever received it.  It was a good coat, though.  I did return a pair of leggings once because the bottom frayed after just a couple of times through the wash and they gladly accepted the return.


If you feel that it hasn't lived up to the guarantee, then I would absolutely talk to them about it.  If they didn't think that their stuff should last a "lifetime", then they wouldn't have the policy in place.  They will honor it. I'm sure of it.  They don't care if you have the receipt or not.  It's for this reason we get almost all of dd's clothes, including school uniforms, from Land's End.  In the end, though, you have to look at the ethical side of it.  If it was gifted to you, and you are going to get a brand new coat...  I would weigh the ethical implications as well as the financial ones.

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DH had a duffel bag that was gifted to him through Land's End.  A hole wore in the bottom (which we just patched) but then the strap on it snapped.  He'd had it about five years at that point, with minimal use.  We took it to a Land's End outlet and they were more than happy to exchange it.  We ended up having to get a bag with someone else's initials on it, but we didn't care.  They did offer to send us a new one with the right initials (haha), but we needed a replacement ASAP, so we were happy with the alternative.  We haven't had any problems with the new one.

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I know they are very good about it. I read about a guy who used his Lands End bookbag from Kindergarten through High School and then it finally broke so he returned it for a new one for college! But I don't know if I would feel right about returning an item that I didn't originally purchase....

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Take it back to the store! We did, when we had a broken zipper on our coat due to my son sucking on it. They sent us to the tailor next door to have it fixed, then told us to bring them the receipt & they would reimburse us. Love Lands End. It is this kind of customer service that keeps their customers coming back!

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We had a zipper fail after 2 kids used a coat. Mailed it back and got a replacement. Would have been better if i had kept the receipt, as I could have exchanged it for a coat in the size we needed this year. (we have a lineup in the closet now of Lands End squall parkas for the next 7 years!)


For regular clothing (pants, etc) we don't use the guarantee.  Everything has worn well and gotten a reasonable life.

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