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Has anyone here sold books at either bookbyte.com or cash4books.net? Or do you have a site you really recommend? I'd rather not go the half.com or amazon route. It would be way too time consuming and I really just want these out of here now. 

All of my local places will not pay anything. They'll only give store credit ... more books is NOT what I need. 


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I have sold books on cash4books.  You do have to find a box and ship them, they provide the label.  They also pay quickly, in my experience.


The problem for me is that they were not interested in most of my books, and I spent lots of time inputting ISBN # only to be told they wanted say 2 of the 20 books I offered.  I think the most I was ever offered for a book was $5.  If you have what they are interested in, it could probably work out for you.  I have decided it was not worth the effort and now just donate books to the library.

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I too have sold on cash4books in the past, and like a PP, found it not to be worth the effort, since so few of my books netted me any cash. Plus a few of the books I sent in, were not accepted after all, due to minor issues with the condidtion of the book.


I do sell on Half.com, but as you mentioned, it's a much longer process for the book to sell, but I have a closet that I store my listed books in and once a year clean out the closet and send them all to goodwill or the like. Furthermore, I only sell books on half.com that will bring in at least $3, if it's listed lower than $3 sale price on half, I send it to the thrift store immediately.


I also will list those thrift store boun books on paperbackswap.com, but it just gets you a credit for a future book, but have a list wish set up, so have received many books I wanted thru the site, with little effort on my part. However, I don't ever request fiction, almost always some sort of an educational book that I want, canning, gardening, health, etc are the topics I gather over fiction which is the most prevelant on paperbackswap.



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I use cash4books.  yep its quite laborious but the pay out has been good.  $50 for books then $30 for 1 book,   They generally take newer books and many of mine are OLD so I will run the ISBN one last time then donate them or something.


But my check arrived with in a week (I dont like paypal), I always have boxes around and they pay the shipping.


I liked them.

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I sell to buyback sites like cash4books - if you use the website bookscouter to check your ISBN numbers they run it through 40 or so different sites, including cash4books and give you a list of who is paying the most. It's much better payout since I started using the bookscouter site. Cash4books normally has a pretty low offer compared to other sites.

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I recently sold books using eaglesaver.com, also some DVDs. They gave me MUCH better prices for my books (and took more of them) than any of the other sites I was looking at. If you make a list of the ISBN numbers you can just compare them on a bunch of different sites pretty easily.

If they're in really good condition, Powells is another good option. Powells gives you much less back if you want cash compared to store credit, but I found even that was much more than cashforbooks was willing to give.


ETA - with eaglesaver you can enter more than one ISBN in a time (I think it's 20) by just pasting them all into that search box. With Powells you can too, but then you'll have no idea how much they're giving you for each book.

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