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put it towards a new boiler for our house. We have our eye on a combination wood-propane boiler with a hot water storage system. drool.

Mother to one (8/08) with another on the way (04/11)
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I would go home...

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A new roof.  Woo hoo eyesroll.gif.

lather, rinse, repeat
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When we do get money like this (my DH's work does a funny bonus thing and it's usually at least a couple thousand) we throw it at the mortgage.  FWIW, it really works and the mortgage is shrinking.



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#35 of 51 Old 03-31-2011, 07:10 PM
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We are debt-free except for our house (joy.gif) so I'd probably use some of it for our bathroom remodel.  We need to fix up the bathroom before we sell the house, and it's our last real project before we're done.  The rest would go into our short-term savings/land fund.  We're saving for a down payment on property, even though the owner will almost certainly be financing us.

Strong single mama to Ethan (9/09) and Rowyn (7/12)
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I'd want to replace my bathtub... but *should* throw it at the car loan...

Jenna ~ mommy to Sophia Elise idea.gif  (1/06), Oliver Matthew  blahblah.gif (7/07) and Avery Michael fly-by-nursing1.gif(3/10)


dizzy.gif Wading slowly and nervously into this homeschooling thing.

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Pay off the car, put the rest into savings.

But here's my "fun" answer smile.gif I'd probably take a few classes to become certified to teach aerobics (I want to be a doula but I think aerobics would be better for our family right now... I don't have anyone to watch my son and it'd be a more stable schedule). I'd also buy a big ol' braided rug and a cream/off-white canvas couch cover because I hate the color of our couch. Oh... and a good block set for my boy, some more Fiesta dishes to go with the rainbow we have now.

Formerly known as "JessicaRenee".  hang.gif  Single mama to Jude (Sept '09)!  biggrinbounce.gif

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First I'd pay off CC debt (about 1500) then I'd take the kids to the local amusement park (200$) then i'd put the remainder towards my car(1300)

E Veg*n Mom to ds 6 : dd 3
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$1000 - pay off my CC.

$2500 - buy refurbished MacBook Pro and software for starting a home business.

$250 - clothes and shoes

$500 - new camping gear so we are equipped to vacation as a family of four, not two backpackers

$750 - short term savings account.


We already put tons into long-term savings so I don't feel any obligation to top that up.  Where we are always short is cash on hand.  (My CC debt is personal spending that piled up while I was on mat leave, not a joint expense, so I can't take money that is allocated to joint savings and pay it off.  It has to come out of my "allowance" money and that hasn't been happening because DH and I have had to contribute extra to the joint account to cover a condo special assessment.)

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Save it since I don't need anything /owe anything.


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5K could do a lot around here!


I would put 1500 towards an old credit card debt instead of fighting for a smaller settlement.

Then, I would fund a few sinking funds: 150 Car Registration, 250 Car insurance and 200 each to the two school funds, christmas fund and a vacation fund.

That would leave 2300. I recently found out I need 3200 in dental work (after insurance), so the last 2300 would go towards that. I could get a lot of work done really quickly instead of having to save up and wait!

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Pay off debt. We have too much bag.gif

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Home improvements: two new windows for hot side of house; ceiling fan with remote kit and light kit for DD's bedroom; two low-flow toilets; two new sink faucets; two new shower faucets (one with tub faucet and drain kit); new furnace.


Anything left = new grill


Our mortgage is our only debt and we are on course for it to be paid by the time DD goes to college. We have savings (short-term, mid-term, and long-term) and will be doing the above this year anyway, but it'd be more fun to NOT use the short-term savings for home improvement this year, as planned, and let it build for a really great vacation next year. love.gif

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." - Mother Teresa

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Savings.  Any "extra" cash goes to savings.  

Frugal, food growing mama to my four loves

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fun thread -


Let's see -


I'd like $2000 for furniture for DD.

Maybe $1000 toward a serger for me (but maybe not).


not sure of the remaining 2K.

Detail and new windsheild for the car might be nice - and some body work on it. Then I would feel like I had a new car.

Oh - yeah - new kitchen faucet - $500 tops - maybe a lot less.

new silverware.


PERSONAL Organizer. I know just the lady - specializes in people with a LOT of stuff, but I just can't afford her. I buy that over the serger.

Third generation WOHM. I work by choice.
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We'd pay off the little credit card debt we have left (just under $2000 I think) and put the rest into savings for our down payment on a house. This is a great thread!

Apartment Farm - the chronicles of my cooking, gardening, crafting and other such things. 


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Hard decision. Either save it in case we need more cash before I go back to work and, if we don't, put it towards a new car, or throw it at my student loans so the interest doesn't capitalize after I graduate. Probably the student loan thing. I hate the idea of paying interest on top of interest.

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I'd pay off debt. I'm pretty sure $5000 would be enough to pay off (or just about) my student loan and our last credit card. That would free up $372/month from our budget, which would be  huge for us.

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#49 of 51 Old 04-27-2011, 09:30 AM - Thread Starter
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I'm surprised that more people haven't mentioned investing....?

Mothering my sweet preschool boy luxlove.gif and my new arrival bfinfant.gif

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The whole thing would go directly to the kids college savings accounts.
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We've had windfalls like this and our general rule of thumb is half to EF/Hills and Valley (we have had a couple of years of underemployment and it inevitably gets used for months where we are short) and half to cc.


BUT if I had a windfall like that before I learned to take care of my finances I would have splurged on a family trip to someplace wonderful! And all the pretrip fun stuff that I used to do before things got so tight...haircut, mani/pedi, clothes, makeup...

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