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I was anticipating that it was going to go down at least a bit because I returned the cable box.  Instead it doubled.  I did need to start using some heat and the furnace uses some electricity to start.  But still, that was only for a week or so of the month. And I was actually home much less in Sept. so I should be using less lights, etc.


The only other thing I can think of was that I switched to Vonage phone and so needed to plug in their little box.  Could it really be using that much electricity??


The bill went from $39 to $85.  That is crazy!


Any thoughts?



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Yikes, that's a really big jump!  I hope you find some answers soon. 


However, I do envy your electric bill. 

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That month could've been a 'catch up' month where the company actually came to read your meter vs guessing what the reading should be.  

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first off - have you checked to make sure the meter reading was correct? If it's way off call the company and have it corrected - mistakes happen. 


if that's not the problem, and next month you get another high bill I'd recommend buying or borrowing a Kill A Watt, to see if it is the Vonage box or something else drawing that much power. A lot of public libraries lend them out for free. 

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call your electric company.  Did they raise their rates?  are you on a budget plan.  that box does not use enough energy to make a noticable difference on your bill.  our company will come out and do an audit to see what is sucking energy.  also they may have read the meter or read it wrong.  they will also be able to ask you questions to help you determine if more has changed than you think.

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When mine went up one winter it turned out to be a sump pump in the septic that disconnected a hose and was running 24/7 instead of on and off. I found it by turning off/on things on my electric box.

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Thank you for all the suggestions.  The electric company says it was a case of several estimated readings in a row.  Hopefully it will settle back down.  My regular electric is probably something like $50.  Not so bad, I guess. 

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