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songteacher's Avatar songteacher 06:23 PM 10-26-2011

We have an extra bedroom & need support with in-home childcare while still making ends meet....

does anyone have experience or suggestions on live-in arrangments? Perhaps if we were to rent or subsidize a room (and/or board?)? Ideally the same person could support with our 6month old daughter...


much appreciate any thoughts!

kayleesmom's Avatar kayleesmom 08:36 PM 10-26-2011

what about a college student. that goes to night school?

aeterna's Avatar aeterna 10:35 AM 10-28-2011

A college student or single mother would probably gladly accept an offer of reduced (or free) room & board in exchange for reasonable amounts of household help. If you're expecting a full-time employee, you'll probably need to offer a small wage on top of room & board. And most exchange student programs would not allow you to use a student in that way, as far as I know.


I'd try posting on craigslist - investigate the value of room & board in your area, and then offer a STEEP discount for a set number of hours of services. For example, if your room would rent for $300/mo, and you're expecting 15 hours of child care from them per week, offer the room for free and try to negotiate a contribution towards household groceries (like $100, maybe?). At that exchange, they're "working" for $5/hr ... so just keep that in mind when proposing your deal. =)


If you're not intending to have "set" work hours (like, you need someone to watch the kids but you can't say you'll always need help Mon-Weds from 3-8p), I'd estimate the hours you might need someone and then see what you can find that might suit. It would be hard to have someone essentially on-call all the time, so I'm not sure how those negotiations would look, tbh.


Good luck!

Attila the Honey's Avatar Attila the Honey 12:24 PM 11-02-2011

I just wanted to chime in and say an exchange student probably wouldn't be a good idea because they are limited (by state department regulations I believe) to only babysitting or working around the house 10 hours a week.  We've had 5 exchange students and they were all too busy to even babysit even that much.  We didn't rely on them to babysit at all because schoolwork is a huge time drain for them and then they tend to have busy social lives too.