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PoetryLover's Avatar PoetryLover 12:54 PM 01-10-2012

My husband and I are looking for a house or apartment to rent. So far we've been looking on craigslist, but things are either in an undesirable area or are complete scams. Where do we look for something legitimate? Is there a website?



jess in hawaii's Avatar jess in hawaii 01:17 PM 01-10-2012

Go to a respected realtor with a rental property management division. You might think they will be higher priced and more difficult to rent from, but in my experience in two different states, the fact that they are usually more by the books was beneficial - for instance, they are less likely to come up with discriminatory reasons not to rent to you, they fix things they are obligated to fix, etc. Even with bad credit, I was able to get a good place because the agent knows times are tough, was willing to work with me and is obligated to find tenants rather than just sit on vacant houses waiting for the Perfect Renter like I've seen so many owner landlords do. Good luck with your search smile.gif

beebalmmama's Avatar beebalmmama 06:27 PM 01-12-2012

I'd check with some property managment companies too. Some are a pain and not great but others are good. I wouldn't give up on CL entirely though. Some good rentals we've found through CL and I prefer working with a landlord rather than property management (although it does depend either way).

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 12:47 AM 01-13-2012

Well every apartment I've rented has been part of a complex with a rental office so I've either walked in or made an appointment with the office to view the property.  I tend to drive around the area I want to be in and see what's around.  I will drive it several times, several different days to see whats up etc.  I like having on site mgnt for a number of reasons.


For a rental home again, drive the area, see who has signs up, get the information, call the releator and get more details.   Lots of leg work but totally worth it in the end.

kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 10:33 PM 01-17-2012

Check out Trulia. I browse it from time to time and I keep hearing good things about them.

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