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Originally Posted by WindyCityMom View Post

In other news, I just got a letter from IDES and my unemployment got denied.  Yay....

I am sorry greensad.gif  Can you appeal?

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That stinks!  I'm really sorry. 

Originally Posted by WindyCityMom View Post

In other news, I just got a letter from IDES and my unemployment got denied.  Yay....


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This thread is closed. People will be receiving contact from me, and some may be having their posting privileges revoked.  This is unacceptable behavior.


Once I clean up the thread, and remove the attacks and threats, I will get the thread back open.



ETA: I have removed the personal argument.  IN the future I ask that you please report the posts in violation of the user agreement, or PM me directly if you feel it is urgent.  If you have issues with another posted, please take it to PM, leave it off the boards.


I am reopening this thread.  Keep the discussion civil and respectful.

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Originally Posted by WindyCityMom View Post

In other news, I just got a letter from IDES and my unemployment got denied.  Yay....

You should appeal, especially since you're right on the borderline of being eligible (if I read your earlier post on it correctly). Once you file an appeal, you'll get a hearing (which is just a phone call interview-type thing) where you can state your case - your chance to speak up about things you might not be able to convey on their paperwork. 


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I'm sorry you were denied; definitely look into appealing.



Originally Posted by kathymuggle View Post

Bolding mine.  I respect any way the OP decides to birth, including a medicaid covered birth.  I was simply saying that to me birth is a big enough thing that I would go into 2-3K in debt for it.  It is up to her to decide: 2-3k in debt or free care, but not with the people you want.  Each has pros and cons.


Italics also mine.  Paying down debt is only one aspect of financial management.  Saving is another (I get she is not there yet) as is prioritising what is important to you and spending money on it.  A birth with her chosen care provider might be a priority for her.  Should priorities go out the window because you are bankrupt?  As per whether or not a health decision is a need or a want, well according to Maslovs pyramid, it is about second rank up.  Not as essential as food, but hardly unimpotant.'s_hierarchy_of_needs


We may just have to agree to disagree.  I do not think it is inappropriate for some one in a state of bankruptcy to say "this is very important to me, I am going to budget for it and do it."  Indeed, successfully paying something off could be good for the OP.  I don't think values and priorities go out the window due to bankruptcy.  


There are pretty big differences between someone who is not filing bankruptcy incurring debts and someone who is filing bankruptcy incurring debts.  I hope I don’t have to flesh that out, but I will say, there are good reasons our bankruptcy laws have tightened in recent years.   


I agree that paying down debt is only one aspect of financial management.  I didn’t suggest it was the only aspect, in fact, I implied that it’s important to learn how to manage the money you do have and put needs before wants.  A priority for someone, it may be, but a want it still is. I would love to touch on some of your other statements, but truly, this discussion would be best to another thread.  Further, your suggestion that this is merely a health decision is a blatant disregard for the situation as a whole.


I actually spent some time reading through previous threads of the OP, something I rarely ever (never?) do, and seeing the situation a little more clearly, it furthers my opinion that choosing a costly birth (over a free birth) is simply not a wise decision.  Anyone is free to disagree, but there it is.

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Originally Posted by Mulvah View Post




  Further, your suggestion that this is merely a health decision is a blatant disregard for the situation as a whole.



I didn't say that this was merely a health decision.


My comments around it being a health decision were based on the fact that you said this was a want, not a need.  I consider health to be closer to a  need than a want, but there are shades of gray.


If she can have the same or similar service from a free service, then, yes, I think she should go with free.  If she is undecided on what to do she can make a list of her goals.  If her primary goal is to avoid an unnecessary c-section, she should look at the c-section rate of various providers including free ones.  If she can find a free one that has a rate similar to the paid one, then she should  seriously consider the free one.  


A home birth as a goal may be a want, but picking a provider that has a much lower c-sect rate for the OP might be a need for her peace of mind, as well as potentially safeguarding her health.


I do place birth decisions in different categories than other financial decisions - as it is not a decision that can be deferred.  The Op might want a shiny new car.  She really should not get one now.  She can get one in the future if her finances allow it.  Birth, though, is not deferrable.  


edited to add:  I am not trying to convince the Op to go with the paid caregivers.  A lot of people came on and said going with the free care-givers was the only responsible decisions.  I am simply trying to add a different perspective - that I think choosing to go with a paid caregiver is understandable if she cannot get what she wants (needs?) elsewhere and is also a reasonable decision.





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For sure, I'm going to appeal.  I'm a little confused about why it got denied.. 


The letter first states to certify by telephone at ____________ or by internet.  Then it says that I can have my benefits deposited directly or applied to a debit card, and to go to the website to set it up.  It says my current payment status is pending debit card.  "A debit card will be issued to you within the next 7 days.  This card must be activated by calling ________ to receive your benefits, please activate as soon as you receive the card."


*THEN* it says, "It has been determined that you are ineligible because you have not been paid $440.00 in covered employment outside your base period high quarter indicated below.  If you disagree with the wages reported below or you had employment in the period from ____ to _____, bring proof of any add'l wages (W-2 check stubs or other evidence) to the office located below within 14 days of the receipt of this notice"


So basically.. my Q2 of 2011 made only $33.00... I earned the rest of my income in Q3 of 2011 (it only shows 3 quarters of 2011...)  So I guess I have to work more than one quarter with more than $440 to be eligible?  When I read the first few paragraphs I thought I was accepted.  But at the bottom it shows the UI monetary determination and shows weekly benefit of $0, dependent allowance of $0, and benefit amt per week of $0.  I'll see if I can appeal.


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