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I am going to be moving into a larger house, together with my mother. Our combined expenses will be a huge reduction. Rent, groceries, and utilities will all be far less than the 2 separate budgets.


We get income from several different sources, all direct deposit. We are going to set up a new account, and have one check (almost$1200/mo) go into that - and hopefully forget it exists!


I am considering buying a hybrid car. I have never bought a car on time before, never even had credit card debt. But as I spend a fortune on gas, I can justify monthly payments with the gas savings. Seriously, I need a new car, and soon! My current old beater is losing functions and is getting less and less trustworthy. I have been averaging $300/month on repairs alone.


If we get the house we looked at today, it has a big basement for line drying, and no air conditioning. That will be a big electric saving. And the house we are looking at is stone - excellent insulation, should save in heating over this drafty house I am in now. I will also be able to have chickens for eggs (current house doesn't have a yard that works for chickens).


I have just started a serious herb garden in the kitchen. Eight different plants. I love cooking with fresh herbs, but they are way too expensive in the market. The pots can go outside in the summer.


I am going to start meal planning as soon as we move. Then I think I will be able to start planning my shopping better, and avoid the near daily grocery store trips it seems I do lately.

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Originally Posted by sk8boarder15 View Post

Ohhh. I also want to get a clothes line. I have the perfect spot right out side my laundry room door! 


I need to get one of those. I just have to find where to buy the t-posts, and have DF help me set them up. Right now, we have a *huge* backyard, but nothing we could use to hang clothes line on. But I do *love* line dried laundry, and it saves *so* much money. smile.gif


Originally Posted by Jaxy View Post

Dh and I together bring in a little less than 2500$ a month and I really don't know what I could cut... Him... He could cut on cigarettes & booze, that would be good for his health too! But I know whatever I say he won't do it. He cut back a lot on booze since the baby's born, but still smoke a pack of cigs a day, which is way too much!

We don't have a car so I bike to work or take the bus if the weather is bad. We don't have cable, no cellphone fees (using assurance wireless and magic jack as home phone). We have both WIC and foodstamps and still we end up broke a few days before payday... We don't go out, don't buy "stuff" beside necessities... At least we are not in debt and have some savings (which consist in b-day and x-mas gifts from my parents, I try not to use it but had to to get my bike and buy post-maternity clothes) so I don't freak out but it would be nice to be "ahead" for a change! Will try my best!


DF is like that, except not nearly as much with regards to smoking. Maybe 2 packs a week. And he drinks beer sometimes. I kind of wish he wouldn't, but it's not a lot and he doesn't get drunk, so I don't say much.

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So many great ideas for savings!! My husband and I agreed to set up more budgets for our family. We started a college fund for our son. We're working on better grocery budgeting & more cooking at home! It helps to set up a schedule and try recipes that some of the moms posted here smile.gif. I think one of the biggest things for us was also cutting down our costs for health care but we started that a few years ago. My husband's company offers a flexible spending account which is useful to put taxfree money away on health. It's saved us a lot! He signed up for an flex spending account 3 years ago, and we've been able to use it since for doctor's visits and to get products. I initially had no idea where to buy these products (thought it was CVS only), but my friend Anna told me about this site fsastore.com to buy flex spending eligible products (got my breast pump, band aids, contact lens solution and heat wraps online) and also learned a lot more about the FSA. 2whistle.gif thanks for sharing these great tips :D

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Plans to save $ in 2013:  Not quite sure where I can cut more, but I guess that I can.  For the last 4 years I have re-establishing a home because a divorce left me without many household things.  That is pretty much done now so I am only looking at replacing existing things that have broken.  So that is a good thing.  One thing that I will do is let go my family Y membership; eve though we have financial aid for it, now that I work far away, even the $20 a month is a waste.  For fitness, I continue to walk and run and do strength training with equipment purchased here and there at yard sales.  I am currently paying a trainer to learn more ways to use them and I think I will keep that up for another six months or so.


Food:  used to save money by cooking cheap food for a long time (beans, soups, etc.)  Now I work full time and have some commuting time.  Need to relearn how to eat cheaply on the run.  I assume that will mean the crock pot and I may buy a pressure cooker.  And I need to bake more to keep my kids happy.  Plan:  find or create recipes for small batch cookies.  Current grocery budget is $350 a month.  Think I can cut that maybe by $50. 


Cable: I installed basic cable for $20 a month so we could watch network tv, but we never, ever actually use it so it is going to go. 


Clothing:  Again, I am in a place where I only need replace worn things for myself and my kids have a uniforms for school, so these expenses are minimal.


Christmas/birthdays:  Really need to keep an eye out all year at yard sales, etc. for things like stocking stuffers. 


If I buy a house this year I will have a place that I can use to change my own oil and do other car maintenance.  I think that will save money and be empowering.


Last year I learned to can jam and fruit.  I really enjoyed it and have been eating it all on a daily basis every since : ).  This could be the year for a pressure canner.  I would love to can all of my own tomatoes/sauce. 


I would really like to earn some extra money.  Best options:  buying at yard sales and selling on ebay, Negotiating my salary.  I was promised a 3 month review when I started and that did not happen yet (now at 5 months).  I am also continuing to look for a better paying job to jump to.  I need to maintain my updated resume and linked in profile.

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Just went down to a one-income house, and NOT the bigger income. So, we are cutting, big time.

I am using my new-found spare time to work in the garden. We have 8 potato plants and 10 random plants in hills (we don't know what the seedlings are but they are things like cukes, melons and squashes. I'll be putting in 3 tomato plants and a pepper plant tomorrow.

DH is string me a clothes line on the patio tomorrow, so no more dryer use (until winter) and I'm only running the dishwasher in the evenings. We are looking for cheap screen doors so we can open the doors to the air. We should be able to cut about $100 off our monthly electric bill that way. Our gas, water, etc are all set costs, so we cant change those without doing something hugely drastic.

I'm planning on trying out some homemade ricotta and maybe add some mix ins and sell it as a dip or spread at the farmer's market this summer. Just need to figure out the packaging.

Oh, and my first book should be out within the year, so I'm going to work on other writing projects and marketing.

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