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SNAP benefits a question

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I was wondering if anyone knows if Rural King accepts them I qualify this year and know they pay for plants and I perfer their plants to WalMart for the garden.  I live in a rural area around here there is only local grocery stores and Walmart and Rural King.  A lot Rural King has better deals and our local walmat is hit or miss on matching their prices on groceries.


Any suggestions this is my 1st time getting Snap just new to it all.





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We don't have a RK here, but I Googled it for you, and it looks like they don't accept food stamps :(. Also with plants, they only cover the seeds if they will produce food products, at least here that's how it works.

This was just a quick Google search though, not much came up but two things saying they don't accept them, so I'd call and ask just in case! SNAP can be a tricky bugger to get the hang of.

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Ok thanks thats what I'm looking for vegetable plants.


Any info is great!!



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