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Mylie's Avatar Mylie 08:03 PM 06-05-2014
Plugging along here...How's everyone? LOTS of hugs and prayers and thoughts for everyone...Well my job ended Monday...I do get unemployment so I am not in full panic mode yet...They cut my snap benifits again..I was approved for medical BUT I have a 400$ deductible every month That is just crazy...If I could afford that I could buy private insurance...And last but surely not least the front end of my car got hit...the bolts broke where it holds it to the body of the car...so for now it is bungie strapped to hold it together..With Michigan's No fault insurance I am screwed...the other driver(who's fault it was)won't have to pay to fix it

Thankfuls...yes there is def some of those...

My 6 year old princess..she is worth it..


happyhats's Avatar happyhats 12:33 AM 06-06-2014
Im so sorry ladies. Hugs for everyone.

Things are okay around here. Trying super hard to stay ontop of groceries. Doing pretty good so far! May have a lead on a free bike for dd. Think I will look and see if the grocery game is worth it for me but Im in an area without a lot of national stores. Hubby is working ot tomorrow! He hasnt had ot in months! Taking a trip to the zoo on sunday. Packing snacks and drinks of course and my mom has a pass for attractions. We were going to ride with my mom but now that my niece is going I dont think we can fit. But the gas is worth it bc we can stop at costco for cheaper dinner and pick up milk, which is like two dollars cheape a gallon.
laura163's Avatar laura163 06:20 AM 06-06-2014
Originally Posted by frugalmama View Post

Still need to try to find someplace where I can get some clothes for dd. I went through the too big totes & I don't have much really. And 90% of it is tops - we need bottoms. But dd is hard to fit right now - she wears a 7/8, but she is big hipped so stuff tends to not go over her hips a lot of the time. If it fits in the hips, it either is too long in the legs or too big in the waist

Does your DD wear shorts or just pants? What sized shoes? I am going through all my closets and might have something for your DD.
sillysapling's Avatar sillysapling 07:19 AM 06-06-2014
Nope, it's just whole foods. Conventional eggs are $2/dozen here, the milk may actually be cheaper, pretty much par for the course. I'm going to be looking around for another health food store and butcher and pray I manage to find another one that takes food stamps. *sighs* I really had no idea how good we had it where we used to live- too bad the cost of living & job market weren't as good as the food availability.

Originally Posted by Satori View Post
WF is also known as WholePaycheck, its not a place you regularly shop when your on SNAP (food stamps), you may pick up a couple specialty items like gluten free pasta or GF flours if your local grocery stores dont carry it but over all its one of the most expensive grocery stores in the USA. In the US you will not find organic/free range anything for less then twice the price of conventional, usually its 4-6x the price.
Okay, you know what, if you're not going to actually read my post- why bother giving me a snotty lecture?

I wasn't comparing conventional to free-range, I was comparing pasture-raised to pasture-raised. I specifically said so. Actually, their pasteurized, homogenized milk is the cost of raw milk at my old health food store. Whole Foods is incredibly expensive when comparing the same products.

Oh, also, our old butcher had free-range meat for roughly the same cost as the conventional meat at the supermarket. As I said in my post.

Did you actually read my post? That was really condescending and uncalled for. I already acknowledged that health food stores are too rich for our blood and the items we got there were very occasional ones, I don't need a lecture about that. And I'm perfectly allowed to be incredibly disturbed that the same items I used to get at our old health food store are twice the cost at Whole Foods.
mommaof3boz's Avatar mommaof3boz 10:47 AM 06-06-2014
Sillysaplings- I don't think satori was lecturing or trying to be mean at all. Whole foods really is known as whole paycheck as a joke. I think she was simply trying to say don't waste your time there because they are just to high and will eat up to much of your benefits.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 12:06 PM 06-06-2014
I get exactly 2 things at WF, coconut icecream and (something else that must not be important because i can not remember what it is). The icecream is a treat for myself because of GF/DF. IF I could find the brand elsewhere I wouldnt even bother with WF.

Today is a slow sad day. NOthing much going on, DS has an appt this afternoon- thankful for state insurance and I need to try to pickup rx, again thankful for insurance but thats it.

I made pear sauce overnight in the crock pot and yummmm. So we have that for a few days.

Feeling good about our clothing for the summer. Hopefully it never cools off here and we can make do with shorts and summer clothes forever! Also praying that DS doesn't have another growth spurt. Over the winter he got taller but skinnier. So nothing from last year fits, he lost like 4 inches off his waist, but i shopped early and with sales, coupons etc and got him some new shorts and shirts. I hadda do the same for me.

No plans for the weekend. Hoping things stay uneventful.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 02:24 PM 06-06-2014
Things are slowly but steadily looking up. Yardsaling tomorrow- I have money left over from last time plus change. Found dd some flip flops on freecycle. Hubby is off to work ot.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 10:27 PM 06-06-2014
Need hugs...
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 09:45 AM 06-07-2014
Hugs, zebra. Well, had a successful yardsaling trip and still have a few dollars left over. Got a couple gifts for dc, a dvd for dh, some fall shoes for dd, spring/summer next yr for dd, and a couple dvds for around the house. Also getting a pair of shoes foe ds and a second pair of shoes for dd from lady on freecycle.

In bad news its raining. I hope it doesnt ruin tonights bbq my friend is holding, and gpes away before tomorrows zoo trip.
justmama's Avatar justmama 11:21 AM 06-07-2014
I hate not having a computer. Hate it. I feel so alone. I miss you guys.
-yard sales got us a north face jacket for$1 today. Kids are excited. Plus a backpack for my soon to be high school girl. She'll be cool with it and that's important to a 14 year old. So I'm glad I could do that for her for $2.
-paperwork finally arrived and my rent will be adjusted for the next 2-3 months in accordance with lack of job.
-my dad washed my car while I was out with my mom. Very sweet of him.
-my class is going great. Learning a lot. Teacher promised to get us all at least one pair of scrubs for free plus the white pair for graduation. Free work clothes is good.
-I don't want to jinx it but my kids are getting along ans playing right now with their yard sale finds. When a six year old asks you how much a teddy bear is, it's a safe bet its free. That was awesome.
-waiting on a call back for an appt at the food pantry down the street. I hear its awesome. They provide bread ans meat and pasta and some canned fruit ans veggies. I'll go get some cheap fresh stuff at Aldi and we'll be set for two weeks.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 06:18 PM 06-07-2014
Groceries are done for the week. Thankful for foodstamps.
Going to work on crochet projects tonight.
rainbowasylum's Avatar rainbowasylum 08:50 AM 06-08-2014
My husband needs to book his flight home for Thursday- if they hadn't messed up his paycheck, we could have booked it sooner and it would have been cheaper. *grumble*

Otherwise, we are doing ok. I need to stretch the groceries for the week and deduct $75 from my expected budget, but I will magically pull it off somehow. My husband wants me to take the money for the shortfall from savings, but my savings has taken a huge hit in the past two months as it is. I need to get him out of the mindset that that money is even there because he always wants me to access it. (Luckily I have the only access to it, it's in my name only.)

He needs to make better decisions about meals where he is and stop eating premade frozen meals or take out, but he claims he doesn't have time. He could eat so well and so inexpensively (just one person) if he would just make a tiny effort. But no, he gets frozen meals and then complains he is hungry all the time, and hits up fast food. Oh and the candy bars and soda are apparently must haves to help when he is tired. Drives. Me. Crazy. I will have yet another discussion with him while he is home this time.

I offered to precook and freeze some stuff for when he is working, but he feels like it takes too much time to defrost and heat. Really, you are turning down homemade fajitas for some plastic frozen meal? Unfortunately, I can't force him to make good choices and he uses our agreed on budget as an excuse. Mind you, if he spent that budget on real food he wouldn't be dipping into the household money for his 'hungry need fast food' moments. Hm, and I need to look at what he can or can not take on a plane anyway...

Generally though, things are good, I am going to hit up some yard sales next weekend hoping to find a few things for the house, and a bunch of stuff for baby due in September. We know now that it's a girl (unless she was really good at tricking us on ultrasound) so it makes planning easier, but eliminates hand me downs to some extent. My other girl is almost a teenager, and there are three boys in between. Eep! Shopping is clearly necessary.
sdelgadillo389's Avatar sdelgadillo389 05:28 PM 06-08-2014
Hugs to everyone. Yesterday I got a collections notice for an amount over 12k, for an old car loan that was under my name and stbxh too. So I'm not too happy about that cuz they want me to pay everything, so I have to call them tomorrow and explain that I'm in the process of a divorce and that they will have to wait for the judgement which states I only owe 4k for that loan. Hopefully things will work out. I also have to pay $70 this week to take my national EMT exam, not looking forward to that, but at least I get paid on Friday.

~Credit Card debt free
~My part time job turning into full time just for the summer
~My amazing little boy
~Just have $51 and some change left to pay off the service fee for stbxh phone that was under my name. [still have about $500 left(term & EIP fee), but that hasn't hit the account yet]
~ Food stamps
~ Roof over our heads
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 11:46 AM 06-09-2014
How did I miss you were pregnant, Rainbow? Congrats! Justmama, we miss you too!

We managed to have a fun, and mostly free, weekend. Sat we had a picnic with some friends and my kiddos got to play tag and visit the park with friends. Then we went to wm and used a gift card for some fresh produce, allergy meds, ice and the sunday paper. Kiddos got to ride the new ride on outside but even then we spent under five dollars. And we used checkout 51 so we got a dollar back!

Yesterday we went to the zoo. My mom bought a pass last summer thats just ahout to expire. Our zoo already has free admittance but thanks to the pass we got to pet stingrays, ride the trains, wach the sea lion show and go in the childrens zoo for free. On our way home we hit up an inexpensive pizza buffet because costco was closed (we were going to grab hot dogs and pick up extra milk) and piggied out for twenty bucks.

We came home and crashed out and have been pretty lazy thus far today. We were planning the zoo but its cloudy, cool and threatening rain.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 01:07 PM 06-09-2014
Went to yarn club on sunday. $3 for soda at the coffee shop. Forgot to get paper this week. oh well.
Have some appointments this week and not really looking forward to any of them, but very thankful the state insurance covers all but ONE of them. (that one is $100- every week ugh).

We are stocked with food, DS has class tonight and weds night so those are quickie nights and he packs snacks to take with him.

Lazy day until about 4pm here.
sdelgadillo389's Avatar sdelgadillo389 06:58 PM 06-09-2014
Today I had a bad morning. I called the collections agency, needless to say I still am responsible for the 12k balance, so I will have to go to small claims court and sue for the amount he owes, so that way I can get my money back. Ugh.... I am so not happy about that, one more thing I have to stress about. The collections agency is willing to do monthly payments of $100, but at that rate it will take me years to pay it off.

I got a letter today from the welfare office, my cash aid is getting lowered to $196 (was $515), also my food stamps are getting lowered to $214 (was $347). I'm not to happy about that, hopefully my hours go up at work. I'm thinking about stopping cash aid all together, that way if I become unemployed again I can get the $515.

~Paid off the last $51 on the closed phone account.
~Got my book voucher today
~Day off tomorrow
~Roof over our heads
~Bills paid
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 09:39 PM 06-09-2014
Hugs to everyone - sounds like we are all having a hard time.

Did so-so at the used book sale - made around $100. All going towards bills / taxes. Need to re-list part of the leftovers on ebay tomorrow if I can.

Have a phone interview for renewing FS & Medicaid Thursday afternoon - I am worried on account of I just got a big item payment from ebay. I never get that much normally, but had a larger item sell at the worst timing. Praying it doesn't screw up my benefits.

Been sick all day - super tired, sore & cranky. Really bad today, but just haven't been feeling good for a while now. Not sure what is up - my endo said it probably is from my super low Vit. D. Not sure what I am supposed to do about it - Dr. said to take high dose sublingual Vit. D daily but I can't afford it - when I priced the OTC stuff it was going to be like $30 a month, and I just don't have it. I found out there is an RX high dose she can write a scrip for, but I can't get her to do that until I see her again in November.


~Found a new thrift shop near us that does a free giveway a couple of times a month, and I'll be watching for their next one that should be in about 2 weeks.
~We have plenty of food, a roof over our heads, and most of the bills paid. I can coast on everything but the internet for a while.
~Somewhat cooler weather the last 2 days thanks to rain
~DD found an American Girl paper dolls set at the book sale for .50, and has been happily playing with it for the last several days.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 10:46 PM 06-09-2014
s- how old is this car issue? Is it worth letting it just ride out on your credit? Or can you tell them there is just no way they will see more than x amount from you? Creditors can be evil and sneaky.

frugalmama, can you call your dr and discuss getting that rx?

Splurged on eating out but otherwise had a thrifty day. Stocked up on body care since target was doing a great sale, then used gc for milk. Another store was doing a ten items for ten dollars sale so we went over there and stocked up on staples plus found spaghetti sauce, granola bars, and coffee clearanced for fifty percent off.
sdelgadillo389's Avatar sdelgadillo389 11:03 PM 06-09-2014
Originally Posted by happyhats View Post
s- how old is this car issue? Is it worth letting it just ride out on your credit? Or can you tell them there is just no way they will see more than x amount from you? Creditors can be evil and sneaky.
The car loan is from last year July. I'm just going to talk to my attorney and she what she says. The whole ordeal with stbxh has been nothing but a huge headache.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 08:14 AM 06-10-2014
Originally Posted by happyhats View Post
frugalmama, can you call your dr and discuss getting that rx?
Already tried No Luck - she wants me to try the OTC version 1st. The new Endo I have just does not understand poverty at all, and that I can't just squeeze the money from somewhere else. You would think she would get it, since she works out of a clinic system where 95% of patients are on some type of public aid. She's also chewed me out twice now for not having been to a dentist {my teeth are in horrible shape - I haven't been to a dentist in about 15 years}, even though I've told her I'm on the waiting list for the free dentist but it's a long wait. I miss my old endo - she understood.
laura163's Avatar laura163 08:50 AM 06-10-2014
Doctor's seem to be weird about the prescription vit D. I took it for 2 months when my levels were at 7. After 2 months I called for a refill and she said to switch to OTC. I asked her how she knew I was back to normal without blood work. She said the protocol is to switch to OTC after 2 months. But if I felt strongly about it, I could come in for a blood test. I figured I would wait until the next time I am at the doctor but the whole thing ticked me off.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 11:22 AM 06-10-2014
Originally Posted by laura163 View Post
Doctor's seem to be weird about the prescription vit D. I took it for 2 months when my levels were at 7. After 2 months I called for a refill and she said to switch to OTC. I asked her how she knew I was back to normal without blood work. She said the protocol is to switch to OTC after 2 months. But if I felt strongly about it, I could come in for a blood test. I figured I would wait until the next time I am at the doctor but the whole thing ticked me off.
The whole thing is ticking me off, honestly. Plus other stuff about this Dr. The last 2 times I have felt that my concerns were mostly brushed off, and she doesn't do anywhere near as complete of an exam as my old endo. I am about ready to switch to one of the other endo's in the system, even if it means I have to go way across town into a less-safe neighborhood.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 04:17 PM 06-10-2014
I would switch frugalmama. Your dr isnt helping you if shes not listening and you dont feel comfortable with her.

Not much here. Catching up on housework. Hubby cooked up a bunch of rice for dinners this week. I dont know why Im so awful with cooking rice but I am lol. Havent used the dryer in a week! Im hoping that there will be a difference on the electric bill bc of it!
justmama's Avatar justmama 11:07 AM 06-11-2014

-a food pantry appt tonight

-my class got out early today due to a staff meeting the teacher needed to attend so I got to come home and go for a nice long run in the woods and I'm going to clean and catch up on housework before my kids get home.

-the weather is GORGEOUS! 75 and sunny!

-my ipod. It's old. It's glitchy. But man, there is nothing like spending an hour or two with some quality tunes and no one complaining and asking you to change the station.

-I got a 100 on my first test in class and today I got a 96 on my second one. Really happy with that.

-I'm going to take my shower and make an iced coffee and do some homework on the deck in the sun in a minute and I cannot WAIT!
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 02:33 PM 06-11-2014
Im glad things are looking up for you. About to put dinner in the crockpot here. Printed out a few coupons-yay for free toothpaste! Im soooo not great at this couponing thing but hey saving a few bucks is saving a few bucks, right? I think Im more a follow the sales and find the clearances and if I can occasionally use a coupon too great!
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 04:19 PM 06-11-2014
Dr appt this afternoon - thankful for state medical insurance
stopped at grocery - thankful for ecoupons i loaded as shopping and foodstamps
had to get a fathersday present (gift card) which gives 4x fuel points - partial grateful

DS has class tonight and im going to try to make it to yarn club. i really need to go, i need to get out but its ALOT of driving and i just do not know.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 04:23 PM 06-12-2014
Were doing some fathers day crafts today. The kids will make cards and Im thinking of making a poster for the front door. We are also making chocolate syrup since he has a weakness for chocolate milk. I had plans to make brownies but we are out of butter until tomorrow. Hoping for a weekend of bbq and swimming if the rain lets up!
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 06:07 PM 06-12-2014
cooked lunch and dinner at home. success... snacks are at home... didnt leave the condo today.
been working on finishing up some crochet projects (or trying to anyway).
in a bit of a rut today...

not sure what tomorrow holds, have an appt and really want to cancel but need to go- hate that.
justmama's Avatar justmama 06:41 PM 06-12-2014
Okay, so I visited the food pantry for the first time ever. It was mortifying. I mean, don't get me wrong, they were great. It's fully staffed by volunteers and it was a mom and dad and their two daughters in there stocking shelves and helping me(it's like a grocery store set-up). They were wonderful and the dad gave me extras of everything which was beyond sweet. But it was so embarrassing. But my gosh, my pantry and free*er are STOCKED now. It's SO.MUCH.FOOD. I had to call my friend and ask her to send her kids over to help me carry it to the 3rd floor since the bags were so heavy and my kids weren't home. Of course I sent them home with some stuff that I knew we wouldn't use(I'm vegetarian and my kids hate tuna and I got so much bread etc). So I'm SO SO SO SO grateful but.....wow that was hard. But now I don't have to panic about food for a little bit while I'm taking this class. And they even gave me some toothpaste and princess bandaids. The kids were excited about that. Being poor sucks sometimes.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 08:00 PM 06-12-2014
Justmama - glad you were able to get food. Nothing to be mortified about though. I've been on both sides of the food pantry line & sometimes when I volunteered we were told to give extra due to overstock, expiration dates, etc. Sometimes the folks who did the certification would put a post-it on a family's clipboard to give double - it was some federal rule about if the family had previously qualified for help but hadn't come in, they got double for the 1st visit I think. I know stuff like bread & produce had to be given out within so many days / hours of when it came into the food pantry, so a lot of times we had bins / tables of those at the end of the line with signs saying to "take all you can reasonably use". FWIW on the tuna / stuff you can't use - most of the time in the set-up you described it's quite alright to ask if you can swap the tuna / XYZ item you can't use for something of the same type that you can {like swapping tuna for spam or jerky, for instance}. They may say no, but often they will say yes.

Zebra - *hugs*

Had my SNAP & medicaid phone interview today - thankfully I got a nice caseworker. Less than 5 minutes & I was off the phone, and she said I don't need to fax in anything since really nothing has changed since last time. Hopefully I won't have a gap in benefits this time.

It's getting hot here - got up to 98 today. We stayed home, but I don't see us being able to stay home in the afternoons for much longer. It's just too hot. We made it today by taking a cool shower, but doing that means I can't do dishes without risking the plumbing backing up. I may try to rig something into an outdoor shower off the back of the house. Not sure what I should do though - I can spend $35 a month for a bus pass for me, or buy a window a/c for $100 so we can stay home. Don't really have the funds for either one honestly. I'm going to try this weekend to work on swagbucks & earn as much as I can with offers & surveys - I'll put them towards a GC to buy an a/c probably.
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