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crazyms's Avatar crazyms 11:45 AM 08-06-2014
heyxxmcfly - Great thing you're getting extra hours! I would consider finding a way to live with your bf as well if it'll make things easier for you both and baby.

happyhats - Thanks for that list. We need to be more careful about keeping to GF/DF. Now if only I had an Aldi's near by... I think I can recreate though.

justmama - Congrats on passing the class! Lots of good job thoughts coming your way. First shift jobs can be hard to come by. Have you considered a nursing agency? It wouldn't a regular full time position but depending on your area they can usually keep you pretty busy filling in at all the local centers. It's a lot easier to get a preferred shift when one comes up too and you've been working with them. Those places usually pay more as well.

The soda was a TERRIBLE idea! I guess my body has detoxed enough that stuff was like drinking poison. I ended up with a massive migraine and badly nauseous. No more soda for this girl! I changed the parts on the van myself so that's done. I still need to finish the list for our camping trip and get the shopping for that done. I'm hoping to do some more decluttering/cleaning today though.

frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 01:41 PM 08-06-2014
Justmama - thanks. I really needed to hear that. And congrats on the CNA license! I agree - look into temp agencies. VA hospitals are good too if you have one nearby.

Zebra - HUGS.

Checking in from the library again - still haven't been able to pay the net bill.

Praying my yard sale tomorrow & Friday does good & we are able to deal with the heat. Got lots of couponed HBA goodies to sell - normally they do great, but I am iffy on having enough customers. My house just is not in a good yard sale location - it's tucked back into a quiet neighborhood. I do so-so during the school year since we get quite a bit of school traffic, but school doesn't start back here until August 25th. I need to make at least $100 to pay the taxes & my credit card, but more would be better.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:15 PM 08-06-2014
Its lovely to hear from you justmama! And hugs to everyone. Its a thrifty day in the happyhats household. Im catching up on laundry-ran out of the free stuff my parents supply for a couple days. My kids are playing with some balloons and temp tattoos my sister got as samples in the mail. I extended the life of my couch that much mire by stuffing the cushions with extra towels. Im planning on making another loaf of zuchinni bread tonight from the zuchinni from the family garden, and whip up some knockoff arizona green tea with honey. And this weekend should be fairly thrifty too, we have two coupons for ten off ten dollars or more to use-one kohls, one jcpenney. So we will use those, maybe hit goodwill or another thrift store, and eat out wherever I can find coupons. Hubby has more overtime this weekend and this weeks check is pretty much bill free so we are tackling debts with it.

I was bad and spent a bit this week though. I found a ring on tanga for dh, at 12.99. In seven years he has never had a ring, lol. I also bought a movie Im probably holding back for dd birthday or Christmas and took advantage of a bath and bodyworks sale(b3g3)- I know they are pricey and def not crunchy but I love their scents and got three for me and three for dh for his bday.
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 08:36 PM 08-06-2014
I've thought about moving in with him, but we're not together right now so it would be very strange. He doesn't have a very reliable boss so it's hard to pay anything out of his income, and right now he has a really really horrible gf. She has basically told him it's her or me in his life. One day she also said something along the lines of "you've seen your son enough this week." It's very safe to say that I can no longer stand to be in the same house as her. I told him that if he ever stays away from ds because it would cause fights with her or he just doesnt want to hear her complain about him being gone, that I would change my number and he wouldnt get chances to see him at all. We've been through alot of problems with him either not making much of an effort, or him& I fighting and him not getting to see ds. We've finally gotten to a semi-comfortable position in life and she's ruining it all.

Ds is sick from someone at dc. So instead of going to the city to track down his birth certificate I have to go to the doctor. Ohhhh joy.
maranthaen unai 12:48 AM 08-07-2014
Where did you find THAT?! Please tell!
Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 12:58 PM 08-07-2014
I've been busy with breads, jams and jellies this last week: 4 loaves of bread, 16 half-pints of corn cob jelly, 5 half-pints of mango jelly, 12 pints of corn... I still need to make a double batch each of baguettes and hamburger buns. We are getting some figs, strawberries and peaches this Saturday from Bountiful Baskets, so I'm going to make strawberry jam, fig jam and strawberry-fig, plus whatever canning/preserving of the rest of the produce. Where's the exhaustion smilie...?
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:55 PM 08-07-2014
I had to look up corn cob jelly. Interesting! I saw it compared to corn syrup. Do u agree? I may have to make a batch for pecan pies and popcorn balls. Im def making corn stock- why hadnt I thought of that? We eat loads of soup in the fall and winter.
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 06:05 PM 08-07-2014
Corn cob jelly sounds great, but what would I do with it once I had it?
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 07:56 PM 08-07-2014
Let me just say...
Yay payday!!! Im now $343 richer for the time being.

I've never heard of corn cob jelly. *runs off to google it*

I hope everyone had an okay week. Im still struggling with a sick ds and the patience I seem to be lacking.
kindofcrunchy82's Avatar kindofcrunchy82 08:12 AM 08-08-2014
hi all,

checking in since the move. We got it all done, but unpacking omg! there is so much stuff! My dp and I have already brought bags and bags of stuff to the thrift store but we will need to have a yard sale soon. Combining 2 homes is a lot more work as far as 'stuff' as I thought it would be. We both are shocked at how much we have as we both have been really good about donating items we don't need. I have brought a trash bag a month at least to donate for almost a year. I don't buy things in excess either. My kids just get a lot of gifts for their bdays and hand me downs.

I have been dealing with a crappy property managment company though. I am super annoyed and feel as though it is my fault because I was so set on getting a house in my ds's school boundaries and this home was the only one available for rent. We got the keys a week ago and the home hadn't even been cleaned, there was a crap patch job we had requested and the washer/dryer were still in the garage and not the laundry room. My dp and I are documenting everything to cover our butts and on wednesday I had a stern conversation with the property manager and he sent someone out to do some work I demanded. We are dealing with blending two families and 4 young kids so I was beyond livid that I have had to go to so much trouble to make our new home livable this past week. There are loads of other issues but I will not delve into that now.

I am desperately trying to get on a food routine. We had to spend a ton on fast food the first few days and now with babysitting dp's kids I have very little time to chase deals as well as unpack and care for 4 kids. School starts next wednesday so I am hoping to be able to begin couponing/sale shopping again next week when I will only have 2 of the 4 kids all day.

And, my straight talk service is horrible in my new house. I am definitely going to have to switch to something else =/ not too happy about that.

Gratefuls: Dp and I combined car insurance which will save us 40$ per month
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 02:23 PM 08-08-2014
I hope the craziness dies down and you start to enjoy the new blended family and living arrangement.

Im waiting for coffee to kick in so I can get productive. Ive been a bit down this week but Im starting to get over the hump. And Im so very excited to have a few hours of childfree time tomorrow! Hubby and I are using two free dept store coupons and picking up a pie for my fathers upcoming bday. Oof, mamas been a bit burnt out.
Satori's Avatar Satori 06:26 PM 08-08-2014
Just poking my head in, still dont have internet at home and its a pain on my phone. Hope everyone is doing ok, ive been a bit overwhelmed lately. Looks like we might get to move into our place in the city next week which means no more hour and 15 min commute to work and therapy appts. I finally got to see a therapist for myself last week and once again got dx'd with depression I thought I was doing well but I guess not. I just need a dang break all around to relieve the stress. Im praying once we move and get everything into place things will get better. Both kids will get in home behavorial intervention which I hope will be a big help. Were already seeing some changes with my dd14 with ASD with the therapy shes getting now. With living in the city there will be lots of fun free stuff to do so we can get out more. Kids are already demanding to hit the awesome library there which has a free park and splash pad next door. I hear there are free knitting classes I want to take. It also means we get our stuff out of storage! I am soooo looking forward to a real bed. Sharing a twin blow up with dd8 the past few months has sucked. I get my well equiped kitchen back too! And dressers! Having a place to put clothes! I know I sound nuts but ive been without for a couple of months and I miss it. We have no furniture here and only very basic cooking stuff which makes special diets even more expensive when you dont have proper equipment to cook from scratch. Plus I only have a tiny fridge and no stand alone freezer so no freezing meals. Cooking from scratch 3x a day sucks! Lol. Who knows, maybe I will even get a social life or maybe even *gasp* go on a date! Lol. A girl can dream I need to go cook dinner, hope everyone has a good week!
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 06:41 PM 08-08-2014
I understand satori and I hope it happens quick. Where are you staying now?

Aggravated. My one working toilet is now clogged. So now we have to use the other toilet, turn water on to flush and then turn water back off or it flushes constantly. Im hoping dh can unclog the other one. Supposedly maintence is coming monday a.m. and fixing the dishwasher, the toilet, our faucet and doing some kind of maintence on our windows. If they dont Im raising hell.
Satori's Avatar Satori 08:07 PM 08-08-2014
Originally Posted by happyhats View Post
I understand satori and I hope it happens quick. Where are you staying now?

Aggravated. My one working toilet is now clogged. So now we have to use the other toilet, turn water on to flush and then turn water back off or it flushes constantly. Im hoping dh can unclog the other one. Supposedly maintence is coming monday a.m. and fixing the dishwasher, the toilet, our faucet and doing some kind of maintence on our windows. If they dont Im raising hell.
Right now its an income based apt, and so is the one were going into. I just wished we could have gone straight into the city but waiting lists and all.. at least im not having to pay all that mileage/gas with a uhaul. I wasnt thrilled when all we could get was a storage unit in the city when we lost our house and I couldnt really afford the extra but its working out in the end.

*sitting here enjoying my first decent meal in at least a week. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravey and green beans all from scratch The world always seems better when your full with a good meal I just wish I had rolls too but that was another hour I didnt want to spend, maybe tomorrow with leftovers!

Eta: that sucks about the toilets, at least you have a 2nd bathroom. Something positive at least
crazyms's Avatar crazyms 10:32 PM 08-08-2014
kindofcrunchy - Have you looked at Net 10? They have a selection of plans to choose from including a newer one that's $40 for unlimited talk and text with 500mb of 4g internet. I've used them for years as we traveled for work and have always had good service no matter where we were.

Lots of moving and house repairs going on here this week! No news here just cleaning and packing.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 02:50 PM 08-09-2014
Checking in from the library. Hugs to everyone - just don't have time to reply to each one of you thanks to library time limits

Yard sale went so-so. Did okay on the 1st day, but the 2nd day was a flop. Apparently someone pulled up my sign on the main road & tossed it about 10 ft away in the grass. No sign equals no customers. So still scrambling for bill money. Not sure what I'm going to do. Might try to have another yard sale, but that is way iffy.

Got super sunburned having the yard sale - I ended up paying $10 for stuff to treat it. My arms still feel like they have severe road rash
Mylie's Avatar Mylie 08:06 PM 08-09-2014
Arrggg....I wrote and thought I posted a big old update the other Night It has disapeared...That seems to happen infrequently...

I hope everyone is doing Well...I dont have time tonight to Type the whole update again so I will be back tommorow...
Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 05:24 PM 08-10-2014
Originally Posted by happyhats View Post
I had to look up corn cob jelly. Interesting! I saw it compared to corn syrup. Do u agree? I may have to make a batch for pecan pies and popcorn balls. Im def making corn stock- why hadnt I thought of that? We eat loads of soup in the fall and winter.
If you don't add pectin, I bet it would do very well for corn syrup. Just use about 1 cup of sugar for each cup of corn cob juice.

Originally Posted by mamarhu View Post
Corn cob jelly sounds great, but what would I do with it once I had it?
It is actually quite delicious. It has a very light taste, rather then the almost too-sweet that many fruit jellies/jams can have.

We use jellies/jams for lots of stuff: on bread, PB&J, mix into a plain quick bread or cake batter for a jelly bread/cake dessert, use as a meat glaze...

This weekend, we've been busy processing the bountiful baskets order: chopped and roasted fennel, chopped & canned celery, blanched & canned tomatoes, shredded & froze cabbage, sliced & canned potatoes, made kale chips, made strawberry jam and strawberry-vanilla jam, blanched and froze snap peas, sliced cukes, shredded carrots, made salad from cukes & carrots & butterleaf, and washed and cut (if needed) grapes, plums, pineapple, apples, oranges, limes, ginger and melon for a fruit salad.

Still to do: make fig jam, make peach jam, make strawberry-peach jam, make apple jelly and apple butter, slice and can oranges, slice and can plums.

Seriously, where is the exhausted smilie...
justmama's Avatar justmama 11:42 AM 08-11-2014
Frugalmama, in the future, try brewing up some black tea and using it for a compress when it's cool. The tannins are supposed to cool and heal it. I also hear good things about milk. We've had luck with cold tea though.

Wolfcat, you impress me and inspire me. ♡

We went to a cookout yesterday on the island since family is in town for a wedding next weekend. The girls had a blast catching crabs on the rocks with their cousins and finding shells. Today I'm just being lazy catching up on laundry and cooking and avoiding life. The job hunt is depressing. Finances are fine. Actually in doing better NOT working than I was working. Such crap.

Pantry full of raspberry jam and freezer full of raspberries. All wild and free and organic.

A friend gave my girls two goldfish and a 5 gallon tank with filter. "Shiny Charlie" and "bane" lol.

My basil plant loves is new home in the bathroom windowsill. Maybe it's the sun or the humidity bit its very happy. I shall name her Bertha.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 04:07 PM 08-11-2014
Justmama - Argh! I can't believe I forgot about using Tea! I will try it tonight since even though it's been a couple of days, it's still pretty bad - a large portion of my upper arms are pretty much solid blisters . I was iffy on going to the walk-in clinic this morning, but it is improving, just very slowly, so I stayed home.

Mylie - I think you posted it on another thread. I remember reading it and thinking it was posted on the wrong thread

Wolfcat - all that yummy goodness sounds delicious!

I am hoping I can make finances work. Found a bunch of sweaters today at the thrift - going to go back on Thursday when I can get them 30% off. If I can get a good sweater box sent & get paid I can start to catch up on stuff, I think. I have half a box already - just need to get it filled up. Going to be tight for a while though.

Been working on catching up on Laundry the last couple of days. Going to start working on cleaning but it's just been too hot to do anything - it's 101 most days, and it takes most of the night to cool the house down even with fans. Hoping it cools down soon.


~ A free day at the Childrens Museum on Saturday. My daughter had a blast. And they are doing another free day this Saturday!
~ A great thrift day today - got a bunch of stuff I needed super cheap.
~ My sweet girl who has been a huge help these past few days
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 04:34 PM 08-11-2014
Maintence finally came today and everything is fixed except our back porch light. Wooh. Its been a long day bc of it but its been worth it. Ive been doing a touch of deep cleaning since I got up so early. Chicken in the crockpot and in a minute I will throw potatoes in the small one.

On Sat I had a day without kids. Just me and hubby on the town. Ahhhhh. Had some coupons at kohls and jcpenneys, convinced hubby to pop into goodwill for some great deals, including a dollar for a one of my favorite pre kids cds. Had a quiet dinner and then sat in a hooksh bar for two hours chatting with the server about movies, books and urban legends. It wasnt a pricey day but man my soul needed it.

Hubby bought some sandwich stuff so hes FINALLY carrying his lunch to work. Yay for saving money on gas station and fast food crap!

Justmama, jealous of your free raspberries. Apples will be coming ripe end of month so we might go picking.
justmama's Avatar justmama 12:27 PM 08-13-2014
Got my butt out there for a run this morning even though it's pouring.

Soup for dinner tonight. Lentil for me, chicken noodle for the kids.

My kids were good at the library today so I could put in a few more job applications while they played games next to me.

These two goldfish are still an endless source of entertainment.

I stole mini candy bars from my mom's house today ans free candy is awesome. Lol.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:09 PM 08-13-2014
Soup here too but its cheesy hamburger. Leftover stock from mondays chicken and using two lonely carrots that are going soft anyhow. Yesterday was chicken and rice from mondays casserole as well. Yay for stretching a chicken.
Mylie's Avatar Mylie 06:59 AM 08-14-2014
Frugalmama....You were right!!! Somehow it got posted in the coupon Forum...lol...I havent a clue how...lol

My unemployment finally came through...They kept a week and the amount is considerably lower...But they say that is that...I picked up a babysitting job for a few weeks that will help a little...I got my med card so I can get the Tests done on my knee and back to see what is going on...That is holding me up looking for a job but Hopefully not for Long...hoping hud calls before winter hits...it would help so much!!

School starts in a few weeks...!!!
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 09:31 AM 08-14-2014
*ebra - would you check in please? I have been thinking of you, and hoping all is well. Hugs!

Sounds like things are smoothing out for most of us - good reports of unemployment checks, home repairs, jobs, homes, all that basic stuff that makes life work.

I did not get the job I interviewed for, but in a way I am sort of relieved. I truly love the people I work with/for, and would truly miss the relaxed atmosphere. No way could a more structured government job be as fun! Besides, the state capital is 50 miles away - I would have had to either move or get a more dependable car - and there would go any pay increase. I am pretty happy where I am. Feel free to remind me of this next time I get all excited about some complicated new scheme!

The exchange student thing is working out great - exceeding all expectations. I will continue doing this, and maybe even have 2 students after next year. YoungSon will be graduating from high school mid-year and has signed Delayed Entry papers to go into the Marines. When he leaves, I will have another bedroom open... Great maternal ambivalence about YoungSon's plan. I am proud that he is realizing his dream against all odds (autism diagnosis years ago) but there is no stronger way to rebel against this hippie-pacifist mama. Sigh...

Anyway, some gratefuls:

Leftover chicken soup to take to work today
Long work day scheduled (2 hours overtime!)
Great audio-book to listen to as I drive between clients
Payday is tomorrow and I still have $5 in my pocket (this is quite unusual).Only 2 or 3 bills due, and the rest will be for food and gas.
My sister is coming up next week, and we are planning a great day with my Mom - scenic (touristy) train ride along the river, that includes a gourmet dinner, or maybe riverboat ride (big sternwheeler with fine restaurant) . Either way, this is not something that locals usually get to do!
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 02:24 PM 08-14-2014
Zebra - hoping you are okay

Mamarhu - sounds like everything is working out for you with the job & family

Mylie - WTG on getting the unemployment

Justmama - libraries are great aren't they I get a whole hour of peace & quiet when I go since dd is happily reading or playing on the kids PC

Still here, but really struggling. Waiting on a check to show up - it's a tiny one, but hoping I can turn it into enough to get by with. Bus fare is really eating away at what I have - not sure we are going to be able to go to the Children's Museum on Saturday when it's free because I might not have enough bus fare to get there & back


~ We have a free day planned out tomorrow in downtown. I have to go down & pay the property taxes for this month, so we will make a day of it I think.
~ Almost have all the laundry caught up! And 1 more load of dishes & I will have that done!
~ We've had super cool mornings the last 2 days - it's been LOVELY.
~ We got signed up for the new county library that is all e-books & the like. And I found out they check out e-readers! Thinking that before my next Dr's appt I will make the trip over there to checkout a e-reader for dd - the kids ones come pre-loaded with apps & e-books. That should hopefully keep her happy & busy.
~ My sunburned arms are healing, even if it's slowly. It's down to just the worst spots though, and I think they may take a while as it looks like a much worse burn {maybe 2nd degree? IDK}
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:28 PM 08-14-2014
Well dd is officially an unschooler. Today was the first day of public school and she would have been a kindergartener.

Hubby is actually off tomorrow and its the free day at the childrens museum in the city so were going up there. And he still gets a bit of ot because hes been staying over so win win.

Foods still going good and bills are paid. What more can one ask for?
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 03:43 PM 08-14-2014
Im here. not in the mood to talk. sorry. but i am here.
justmama's Avatar justmama 05:58 AM 08-15-2014
Congrats on officially becoming a homeschooling teacher happpyhats.

Frugalmama, hope that check shows up soon. Hopefully that will give you some bus fare.

Rhu, sorry about the job. Sounds like an unexpected blessing though.

Mylie, I'm so glad things are going well for you. Sounds like all of a sudden life is more stable for you.


-locked myself out last night which would have cost me $25 to get back in but the director of housing was in late and she gave me a key for free. so nice.

-have a wedding to attend tomorrow night with my ex. It will be interesting for sure. but it's nice to get dressed up and look pretty and enjoy a night out.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 01:11 PM 08-15-2014
My my justmama!

Taking kiddos to the children museum in the city for its free evening. Our first fieldtrip I guess, lol. We will grab a quick meal at costco first and come home to leftover baked spaghetti with corn and homemade garlic bread. Maybe rent a few movies via redbox.
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