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heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 03:44 PM 08-16-2014
Hey mama's, I really need some hugs. My kitty passed away last night for unknown reasons and I'm just so upset. He was only 7yrs old and he acted more human than feline. I miss him so much, I was holding him on the way to the vet er when he passed.

happyhats's Avatar happyhats 09:33 PM 08-16-2014
Im sorry heyxxmcfly, thats always rough. Big hugs.

Having a lazy, rainy saturday. Had a fun night at childrens museum last night and tonight just relaxing with a movie. Used amazon points Id had saved for a huge dvd booklet so I could organize our massive movie collection so geeked out on that. Hubby won a very nice stand up cooler!

In other news Im going to up our grocery budget around sixty dollars. This will give us the ability to buy some convience/fun foods for the weekend plus buy hubbys lunch stuff. In the end this will save us money.
Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 04:06 PM 08-17-2014
I was having problems getting motivated this last week, then on Wednesday I got sick to my stomach and on Thursday I totally gave up on housework, cleaning, cooking, all of it. That is totally unlike me. I had started getting a rash on Wednesday and it kept spreading. I went to work Friday morning and noticed that the rash had spread to my hands, which never happens, so I told hubby he needed to stay home from work so I could get to the doctor. He agreed (yay for him having sick time now).

Doctor says I have West Nile. I've been sleeping and laying about all weekend and just now getting my energy back. I'm at the point where I would like to take off running again but I just don't have the physical energy yet. So, slow and steady. Of course, I didn't work the farmer's market this weekend, which could have been very profitable, but them's the breaks.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 08:12 PM 08-17-2014
Woah, Wolfcat! Thats nothing to mess with, take it easy!
justmama's Avatar justmama 07:13 AM 08-18-2014
West Nile? Holy crap! That's my worst fear. We get chewed up every year because we spend a lot of time at the water and in the woods and I am always in fear of West Nile, eee, and Lyme. Stay safe Wolfcat. We love you.

Had a great weekend. The wedding was a blast. We partied until 2 and picked up the kids at 8 so we didn't bother sleeping. Needless to say I had to keep busy yesterday so I didn't fall asleep. We did some bike riding and visiting with my family who is in town and then hada birthday party for their 4 year old cousin. Today might be low key. Lol. School starts in just over a week and I test for my state boards on Thursday so we'll be busy anyway.
mamabear0314's Avatar mamabear0314 12:45 PM 08-18-2014
McFly I'm so sorry for your loss.

Wolfcat, take care, that's serious business.

I've been away for a while now, plugging along. Finally put in an application at the income based housing apartments. We're number 1 on the wait list for a 3 bedroom.. She said we can possibly move in by the end of the month! One more step toward independence.

I'm having to put my kids in public school. It's a nightmare already with my autistic child and school hasn't even started.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 02:55 PM 08-18-2014
Mamabear - *hugs* Hope you are able to get into the apt soon & that things calm down with the school.

Justmama - good luck on your state boards!

Wolfcat - WOAH. West Nile is serious. I worry about it {and the newer one going around - chickamunga I think} every summer since we have the windows open all the time due to no a/c. Hope you recover quickly.

mcFly {love that name, BTW} - So sorry about your kitty.

Zebra - HUGS. Thinking of you.

Check finally showed up late Saturday, and was able to cash it today. YAY. Not a lot of $$, but it helps. Went to the thrift today & found the handwriting book I needed for DD for next year for .50, along with a bunch of other books. Going to try tomorrow to turn the rest into sweaters to sell.

Going to try a aid place when we're in downtown tomorrow I think - dd's shoes are falling apart. I was hoping they would make the summer {they were a used pair scored at a blessings bash} but they are giving up Going to try to find the hot glue gun tonight & do a temp fix, but she needs new shoes big time.


~ bus drivers have been letting us ride free most of the time.
~ I've been picking up better than free items at the grocery lately. Lots of clearance items with coupons for more than the clearance price - so I get some extra to pay for non-food items, including the earbuds I am using to listen to youtube at the library.
~ Dragonflies {and I think maybe bats too - I think I've seen a few at dusk} have greatly cut down our mosquito population.
~ Saw a program on PBS night before last with wonderful powwow music. Just made me want to get up & dance and my spirit feel wonderfully calm & stress-free. Need to make a bigger effort to get back into the local powwow events.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 04:54 PM 08-18-2014
Tomorrow Im getting up early to grocery shop the mystery sale with my dad. A mom and pop store do it a couple times a year where there are great discounts but you dont know the prices until you go in. And then sometime this weekend we get to go apple picking! They are galas so not quite as hardy as the apples we will pick in a few months but I will still get 1/2 a bushel at least.

"Homeschooling" is trudging along. We just finished puzzles on rhyming and simple addition. We will be watching a nature documentary later. I still need ink so we are just doing fun stuff around the house for the most part but heck school usually didnt even begin until the end of the month. Apple picking will be combined with a trip to the library and I already have a few more field trip ideas in the works.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 07:46 PM 08-20-2014
Quiet around here!

The mystery sale was pretty successful. Dozen eggs for 1.05, bacon just over two dollars, keebler cookies a dollar a pack (I dont usually buy storebought cookies but I figure saves me from baking a while lol) and themed fruit snacks at a dollar a box I put back for birthday/Christmas. Fruit snacks only happen at grandma and grandpas usually and themed ones never happen lol. I alsi picked up russet and red potatoes.

Just made tomato bacob jam. I had a can of whole peeled tomatoes sitting aroynd and a few cherry tomatoes going soft. I will probably use some as a substitute for tomato sauce and make a french bread pizza. I also heard its good on grilled cheese.

Everyones just been out of sorts here this week. Im beating back anxiety and my allergies are going crazy. Kids are at each others throats and generally defiant over everything (no, mom, the sky is NOT blue!!). Major heat wave. Im ready for fall.
justmama's Avatar justmama 08:04 PM 08-20-2014
my middle one has hand foot and mouth. Any helpful hints? Home remedies? We might hit the doctor tomorrow after my test but we were exposed for certain on Sunday when they played with their cousin. And she's had a really bad headache all day and she's got a 101 fever and a few blisters in her mouth. Motrin isn't even bringing down her fever or the pain in her fever. She's crying from pain. all she's done is sleep and cry. We've done Popsicles ans motrin ans ice packs for her head so far.
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 08:54 PM 08-20-2014
Justmama, DS does really well when we alternate Tylenol with motrin. Since Tylenol lasts less time we usually try to just switch back and forth when the "due" time comes. Something about how they affect the body seems to kick a fever pretty well. Maybe try putting her in the cool shower? You could make it a game or a "swimming" adventure
I hope she feels better.
justmama's Avatar justmama 05:16 PM 08-21-2014
Thanks mcfly. Doctor confirmed both my little girls have it today. BUT the good news is. ..... I passed my boards. I'm officially a CNA now. Now I just have to continue looking for a job. But now that the test is done, a huge weight lifted. I'm looking forward to getting a real job.

So I'm struggling right now with finances. Of course it's never EASY, especially without a job, but I just get frustrated from time to time. We are really low on food so I'll have to get fresh stuff whenever the girls are well enough and hopefully get an appt for the pantry next week while they are in school. I hate bringing them. It's just frustrating because I had hoped to be in a better financial spot by now. Just have to keep the faith I guess.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 02:52 PM 08-22-2014
Im rooting for you, justmama. Not much going on here. Plans for the apple orchard tomorrow. Have to sit down with hubby and do the dreadd budget. On the plus side corn stock is simmering in the crockpot and tomato bacon jam awaits dinner!
Mylie's Avatar Mylie 06:44 PM 08-22-2014
I hope your little girls get better fast Justmsma

Hope everyone is doing okay...getting ready to go through some testing on my knee,back and neck...I am hoping they clear me soon so I can get to job hunting..

Next week is Back to School open house and soccer start up for my 6 year old...she is Def ready to go back...

We might be moving soon...I am happy and nervous all at the same time...the bills will be the same but a lot more room...I am just not good with change in the beginning...Never have been but I will get over it and love it after its done

My greatfuls.....

My wonderful 6 year old miracle
My home
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 05:48 PM 08-23-2014
Hi guys. I spoiled myself yesterday. I have been scooting by with some less than matching make up and finally yesterday I went to sephora and sold my soul for a nice tube of foundation that works really really well.
All together, my errands made me spend well over 1000$ yesterday and my savings account is crying.
I found an apartment that I really want and it's $550 a month, so I had hoped I could put some money away from this paycheck but ds's daycare payments said otherwise. Books for school came out of my Pell grant tho. Hopefully I'll be reimbursed when the state fixes his daycare assistance.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 02:59 PM 08-24-2014
Uh yeah, Ive been pretty bad about spending money this past couple weeks. Hubby and I are on a spending freeze from now until end of Sept when we go to the annual arts and crafts fair.

On the plus side I have a nice big batch of apples in the crockpot simmering into sauce. I will probably do another batch and then we are planning in making some caramel apple butter. Num Num!
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 08:21 PM 08-24-2014
I thought I was doing OK this month, until my brakes went out on Friday. No estimate yet, and I will have to rent a car tomorrow, well at least for one day, perhaps more. No choice but to put this on a credit card. Yes, this is exactly what I have the card for, but I just got it paid off from last time. Ugh. My mom has a doctor appointment tomorrow, and I must have a car for work.


I just got home from my monthly "slumber party" with 2 friends. We have a nice supper, watch a couple movies, with a cocktail , sleep in late, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and come home in he mid-afternoon. My friend lives alone in a very nice house, and it feels like a luxurious B & B.
laura163's Avatar laura163 07:00 AM 08-25-2014
Originally Posted by heyxxmcfly View Post
Hi guys. I spoiled myself yesterday. I have been scooting by with some less than matching make up and finally yesterday I went to sephora and sold my soul for a nice tube of foundation that works really really well.
What kind of makeup did you get??? Sephora is a wonderful and dangerous place!!
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 07:37 AM 08-25-2014
I got the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. I'm in love with it because it feels like there's nothing on your skin. It's fabulous and I dont even wear makeup
justmama's Avatar justmama 11:26 AM 08-25-2014
Wow, this new format is throwing me for a loop. The kids' dad flaked on last month's tuition for karate so I'm stuck paying for it. He makes more I do. I don't understand where it goes and why he's always broke. I'm frustrated and now I'm broke too since I have to cover it.

-backpack programs that give away free supplies for school.
-my mil took my kids for 2 hours yardage to give me a break since their dad is on temporary duty in Maryland. AND she bought them each two outfits for school.
-lentils. Cheap, delicious, and high in iron for this anemic gal.
-school starts tomorrow so I'll have a break from the kids and be able to job hunt at the library.
-speaking of, they are no longer contagious. Though my middle one has probably 40-50 blisters in her mouth still ans hasn't eaten a meal in a week.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 11:56 AM 08-25-2014
Awe poor middle girly, justmama!

Need to do more apple sauce today. Im planning around 8 pints total, plus 8 bags of skins and rinds to scent my home. And there is still a huge pile to just plain eat.

Soooo. I um dyed my hair blue. I needed a fun change. Of course my bathtub looks like a smurf massacre happened in there so Im going to try to tackle that later. I havent dyed my hair in yeeeeaaars so rinse out wasnt perfect and Ive been scrubbing some stains off my neck but thats almost gone. Overall super pleased!
crazyms's Avatar crazyms 01:44 PM 08-25-2014
@heyxxmcfly Congrats on the new makeup. It's nice to spoil yourself a little now and then @mamarhu I hate car repairs. We just did some repairs ourselves and need to do more. Ugh. That girls night sounds really nice though!! @justmama Glad your kids are feeling a little better. I hope they recover quickly. @happyhats Wow blue hair sounds cool! I haven't died my hair in 3 years. I've been debating on trying some henna but haven't taken the plunge yet.

We have soccer practice tonight and tomorrow night. I'm so excited the season is finally starting up! The kids are super excited well the older two are. Little bit is very upset that she's too little to play again this year. Poor baby!

I've been really down since we returned from our trip. I haven't even been able to get on here much and this forum is usually my escape. I'm hoping getting out of the house for a while will help me clear my head and get some energy back.
kindofcrunchy82's Avatar kindofcrunchy82 01:47 PM 08-25-2014
I haven't been here much lately still busy adjusting to the new home and family. Our food costs are huge now. I am hoping now that we hit up sam's and have the bulk of the unpacking done I can start making more foods from scratch soon. We probably spent 1100$ for this month on food alone but my DP was spending 700$a month for him and his kids so that actually is about what we expected our first month since the eating out was more frequent during move in week and me adjusting to cooking for 6 vs 3. But.. we are pretty well stocked right now, we hit sams club and got quite a bit of frozen food items to last a long time and also stocked up on tp, trash bags and dishwasher soap. Irt is a bit difficult for me to see that amount go on food as even during my previous marriage we didn't spend more than 400$ a month on all items. I have a lot of work to do for september. Dp is coming home for lunch most days and he used to eat out every day so that is great. Just getting into a groove is hard when there is so much other stuff going on all the time.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 04:00 PM 08-26-2014
Checking in quickly from the library. Broker than broke - trying to get enough to cover basic needs for dd right now.

Will try to reply to everyone when I can but until then HUGS to all.


~ Good 1st day back to school for my dd today
~ A couple items selling on ebay
~ a cool front is coming in tonight
~ fall is almost here!
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 05:14 PM 08-26-2014
I just washed my face with honey. I have applesauce from apples we picked in the crockpot. I have corn cob stock in another crockpot, from local corn. Im chatting with my unschooled children. Do I belong in mothering forums or what? Lol. Of course later I will lose all my points, by using cream of mushroom soup and boxed mac and cheese in dinners menu.
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 11:26 PM 08-26-2014
Originally Posted by happyhats View Post
I just washed my face with honey. I have applesauce from apples we picked in the crockpot. I have corn cob stock in another crockpot, from local corn. Im chatting with my unschooled children. Do I belong in mothering forums or what? Lol. Of course later I will lose all my points, by using cream of mushroom soup and boxed mac and cheese in dinners menu.
Oh, this just makes you a real person!

When I finish the stock I am cooking to freeze, and I water my organic herbs, and knit my hand spun alpaca yarn (been working on these socks a while) I think I will go smoke a cigarette. Gasp! There goes my image! 30 years of cloth diapering, extended breast feeding, unschooling, radical and off the grid in so many ways, all gone in this one admission.
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 11:35 PM 08-26-2014
On a more serious note, I just talked with ElderSon, and he is really hurting. Major financial issues, and probably mixed with PTSD (he just got out of the army after 15 years and 5 tours). I feel pretty helpless - especially in the realm of finances. I wish I could be the type of mama who has a few thousand $ handy for times like these.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 12:10 AM 08-27-2014
Awww. Its rough when you cant help yr babies. That never changes. I hope he can turn it around and Im sure your mama bear love is appreciated.
justmama's Avatar justmama 05:22 AM 08-27-2014
Rhu, he got out after 15? It must be serious then. Wow. I'm really sorry you guys are dealing with that. We've always said, in for 11, in for 20. Why stop when you are more than halfway there? My ex is at 13 years this month.
Happpyhats, you totally belong in these forums. You are crunchier than most people i know.
-cool mornings lately, total sweatshirt weather.
-I have so many organic herbs chopped and frozen for the winter. I may not have been able to have a garden but my potted herbs did phenomenal.
-it'll be a tight squeeze but the bills will get paid as long as i can get in at the food pantry this week.
mumm's Avatar mumm 06:13 AM 08-27-2014
I'm new here. Been reading many of the previous posts- lots of people to keep track of! I'm not in a dire situation but after years of living comfortably on one income, that one income has dropped by over 80%. If all goes as planned (yeah, right!) it should only be for a few years. I'm scared about possibly going into debt and that "just a few years" is going to be stretched out much longer. Just thought I'd subscribe and learn a thing or two about stretching a buck for a family of 6. I hope it is okay for me to linger here.
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