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happyhats's Avatar happyhats 01:37 PM 08-27-2014
Welcome, mumm!
Im losing more crunchy points for sitting here drinking a mt dew but hey, my headache is almost gone. We are having a cars day today. Daddy is going to pop the trunk to show them how a car runs before he goes to work. We are watching cars movies and reading some cars books.

Mylie's Avatar Mylie 06:25 PM 08-27-2014
Happyhats....What do you do with corn cob broth? I am intriqed...lol
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 06:40 PM 08-27-2014
Just use it in place of veggie or chicken broth/stock. Im using some tonight in place of chicken stock for potato soup. I also made chicken veggie soup for the freezer. It tastes a touch different of course but I like it.
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 07:45 PM 08-27-2014
Welcome mumm!
I'm still scooting along. Work today was awful but it really really makes it worth it when I remember I am going to make about 300$ this week after tax ( give or take).
There's been some drama with ds's dad. I'm really hoping it gets fixed tho. I'd love to be able to just rent an apartment and solve all our problems. But I need to make about $400 more a month D:

Completely un related, does anyone have advice for cutting a little boy's hair? Ds's hair is getting in his eyes and the dc wont let us put pins in it.
Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 10:55 PM 08-27-2014
Originally Posted by Mylie View Post
Happyhats....What do you do with corn cob broth? I am intriqed...lol
Corn cob jelly - yum!

Originally Posted by heyxxmcfly View Post
Completely un related, does anyone have advice for cutting a little boy's hair? Ds's hair is getting in his eyes and the dc wont let us put pins in it.
I invested in an electric hair clippers (buzz cutter) about 5 years ago. It makes getting everyone's hair done so easy. DS does a mohawk; DD usually gets a trim, but she's rocking a long mohawk right now; DH gets a high'n'tight, though the kids nominated him for the purple mohawk challenge, so that could be changing soon. I cut everyone's hair once every couple months (I don't cut my hair since I bind and cover it 90% of the time).

Despite all my planning, we went overdrafted on our account this week. We should be caught back up by this time next week, but we'd been doing so well it is a real bummer.

Both the kids have had surgeries in the last month, and next week we are driving all over the state for follow-up visits. It's going to be exhausting (not taking off work, just working around the schedules), but I'm mostly worried about gas expenses. We should be able to do it. I will be happier if I do well at the farmer's market again (been doing $40-60 the last couple of weeks), so as to have the cash.

We got 25 lbs of tomatos and I've already used half in a super-yummy pasta sauce recipe. I'm using another 5 lbs for salsa this weekend, and canning the rest as chunks and seedless. I'm still trying to decide if I want to make another batch of tomato preserves...
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:15 AM 08-28-2014
So this has been a crazy week for me. Dyed my hair blue on Sunday on a whim (bought dye the night before). And now a trip out of town on a whim. Hubby has four days off and we have talked and talked about visiting kansas city for its aquarium and lego zone. So hubby called me tonight and said he had looked up prices and we could swing it. Ive never taken a last minute trip. Crazy! Tomorrow Im packing, making a few snacks for the road, etc.
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 09:37 AM 08-28-2014
Interesting news on the financial front here is that DD, 19, got a job! She is not the fast food or retail type, so I was unsure how she would ever get any work experience. Plus, until last year, she had major social anxiety, so much that we homeschooled since 3rd grade or so. So this is a big deal in many respects. She is working about 30 hours a week as a proctor for adults - real estate, insurance, cosmetology state tests, things like that. I am so proud of her! But the bad news is that the hours are truly rotten, She either starts at 7:30 AM, or gets off at 10:30 PM (not both the same day of course). Our city is known for good public transportation, but the connections are difficult between home and this job, so the trip of 5 miles is an hour and a half. If I don't take her in the AM, she would have to leave at 6 AM. She takes night classes at the community college, so there would be times she would get home after 10, and have to leave at 6. Ugh! Alternately, when she works the night shift, she would be waiting for a bus in a truly rotten neighborhood. And transferring in another just as bad. So, as it stands, I am driving one way about 4 days a week. She can use the bus for the mid-day trip either way, but I am not pleased with either 7 AM or 10:30 PM taxi service.

But the real dilemma is whether or not to charge her rent. I really don't want to, but money is pretty tight around here. She is saving for college (after the relatively cheap community college) and that is important. YoungSon in high school doesn't pay rent, and on one level, neither should she. Also, she is a major help around the house, doing far more than her share of housework, and even helping with grocery money at the end of the month. Also, I think it would be hard on our relationship to charge her rent. He brother was very high needs as a little one, and I had foster kids for years, as well as my grandchildren for a while. She always did more than a sister would be expected to help the house run smoothly, and I would like to "repay" her.

I am writing this out as a way to think about it, and I would welcome any input. I don't need to make any firm decision today or anything, but I think I need to talk with her soon if I am going to ask her for rent.
dueinsept14's Avatar dueinsept14 10:09 AM 08-28-2014
I would wait it out and see if she brings it to the table. If not in a few checks time bring up her plans long term/go over budgeting just in general of how it is to live life. Show her what comes in and what needs to be paid/how it is different in the winter and summer! If you have shut off notices that is different but if not I would leave it be. Does she go grocery shopping with you to see the costs of items-I know to many who did not take their teens shopping like that and they seem to have a lot more issues when they had to buy own stuff. I feel I was lucky to have gone over the years.
justmama's Avatar justmama 02:21 PM 08-28-2014
Rhu, how would you feel about sitting down with her and figuring out an affordable amt based off her income for rent? Factor in travel expenses and such. She's an adult now and should be able to do adult things like pay bills and do a budget. If the standard 30% seems too high based off her other expenses and needs or what she does in the home, lower it. But I think she should at least contribute a small amt since she's an adult who is working. All home chores can be negotiable between the 3 of you.
justmama's Avatar justmama 02:24 PM 08-28-2014
Wolfcat, you are seriously my preserving hero. I love you. I to share my heartbreak with you since i know you'll get it. My best reliable source for wild concord grapes that always yielded like 50lbs or more is gone. The vines were ripped out this year. mature beautiful vines. I'm devastated.
justmama's Avatar justmama 02:25 PM 08-28-2014
Oh and happpyhats, enjoy your trip. It sounds awesome. You are going to have a blast.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:38 PM 08-28-2014
mamarhu, does your daughter know the extent of your financial issues? Is there a chance shes unaware? Id probably start off by sitting down and having a frank heart to heart. Tell her how you dont want to take but these are your needs and issues. It sounds like she is mature and compassionate. She may feel helpless or be unaware, or both. I know at nineteen I still thought my parents wouldnt ever need MY help lol.

Ive been having some anxiety issues and mini attacks this week. Valerian and I are friends. I hope this trip away can really recharge everyone. Im almost done packing. I just need a few things that have to wait til bedtime or tomorrow morning (toothbrushes etc). Im making pumpkin breakfast cookies for the road. Im also bringing some sea life books to read before and after the aquarium trip and workbooks to stave off boredom (my dd likes those little woribooks from the dollar tree and we wont have our chalkboard table or anything).
justmama's Avatar justmama 04:09 PM 08-30-2014
Anyone have a bean pole of a kid? How do you fatten them up without breaking the bank? In a healthy way i mean. My middle girl is very healthy and active but she's 9 1/2 and wears a size 6 in children's. She's 57.4lbs, which is under the growth charts for her slightly above average height. My oldest is tiny too but at least she's currently gaining weight. Middle girl is losing weight. She certainly has a healthy appetite most of the time but she just seems to have a higher calorie requirement than most of us. She really is very active. I want to avoid interventions at the next pedi appt in 3 months when we do weight checks on both of them.
justmama's Avatar justmama 04:19 PM 08-30-2014
Oh And I Understand that There have to be people in 1% and 99% to make "average" but I'm concerned about the slow weight loss in an otherwise healthy 9 year old. If she was just little, I'd be fine with it. But a tiny kid who's losing weight isn't good in my thoughts.
elliha 03:10 AM 08-31-2014
I have read this thread off and on for some time. I don't know if I qualify, we are not extremely low income but definitely in the lower end. I work as a teacher and my husband is unemployed. I live in Sweden so my financial challenges are different but they are still there. We do not have to worry about medical bills as much as most treatments are free or you pay a fraction of the cost and daycare is very cheap. Still, we have rent, food, utilities, student loans and all the other stuff just like you.

Teachers are not well-paid here either but we are not starving and we can pay our bills. I am worried though if the car would break down really badly, then we would probably run out of savings or have to use them to buy a new car and then we would be at zero and have to fight our way back again. If my husband would get a job we would be an average family or perhaps slightly below average but it is hard for him. He is not completely unqualified but he has studied at the university and failed to get a diploma and we live in a university town so there are tons of people with full diplomas so the chance of him working in anything relating to his studies is probably completely out. He doesn't have the energy to finish school, he has tried and failed at least three times so now he is trying to get a more manual job. He is a handy person but here his age is the problem. Normally he would be quite skilled and have had full training at his age within most manual jobs and they are not as prepared to take on an "older" person who needs training. Oh well, we hope for a solution in the end.

I tend to shop a lot of things second hand either from stores, yard sales or online via different forums and auction sites. It does save money but takes time and effort. I try to save as much as I can on food by researching prizes and using offers. Sadly we do not have things like double couponing and things like that though.
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 09:06 AM 08-31-2014
Welcome, Elliha

Yes, I understand living right at the edge. I also have a pretty good job (good in that I love it, but not terribly well-paid), and get by most months, but worry what will happen if there is a major car repair or something. I keep applying for better jobs, but always feel a bit relieved when I am turned down - I really do love my job!

What is your husband's field? Is there something he could do online that relates? Even if it takes time to work up to full-time, better paying, it might bring in some cash, and perhaps have fewer expenses than a regular job. I am sure you folks have thought about these things, but maybe if you give us some idea of his skills, we could suggest something you haven't thought of yet.

Anyway, welcome. There certainly are no entrance requirements around here!
peaceful_mama's Avatar peaceful_mama 12:16 PM 08-31-2014
mamarhu maybe what your daughter should do is help contribute to the cost of you transporting her since it sounds like you are the safer alternative to paid transportation. Reality is she would be paying to use public or paying to have a car...
I get not wanting to charge rent, especially to someone who willingly contributes time, effort, and finances. I would wait to see what she offers on her own and talk to her if that doesn't happen. Good luck!
elliha 01:49 PM 08-31-2014

I don't think my husband's studies would fit any online job, he has studied things mostly in the field of social science and not very much in that field works for online work. At the moment he is in a government work experience program and he gets paid a small amount for that which helps but it is far from what we need. He might go to training for 6 months to become a janitor but it depends on what the training will be more exactly. He has been to an interview for this program but he doesn't want to enter unless they really offer what he needs and wants which I totally understand. If he goes he can apply for a small grant or get more student loans but we hope to not need to take out more loans for him. We do not have a lot of depth, only his student loan so it would not be a catastrophe, but not what we want.
Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 06:48 PM 08-31-2014
Originally Posted by justmama View Post
Wolfcat, you are seriously my preserving hero. I love you. I to share my heartbreak with you since i know you'll get it. My best reliable source for wild concord grapes that always yielded like 50lbs or more is gone. The vines were ripped out this year. mature beautiful vines. I'm devastated.

happyhats's Avatar happyhats 10:03 PM 08-31-2014
justmama, im devestated for you! I cant believe someone would do that! As far as fatting up middle dd could you try to add in more good fats slowly? pb, avacado, salmon, coconut oil, etc. And wasnt she recently sick? She could have lost weight then which is especially normal with high metabolism folks.

So we drive home tomorrow. Its been lovely. Jam packed but lovely. We are going into austerity mode for a couple weeks and then just being more scrimpy until holiday mad rush. So I will def be here lol!
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 10:17 PM 08-31-2014
Drive safe happyhats!

Im just lurking along lately. Really trying to build up my knowledge and prepare for super savings mode so that ds and i can get an apartment so that his dad can come stay. Im not even sure what to call his dad. Baby daddy? We're not together, so I feel funny saying DP. I don't know. Maybe I'm just the silly one?
mumm's Avatar mumm 05:56 AM 09-01-2014
Originally Posted by justmama View Post
Anyone have a bean pole of a kid? How do you fatten them up without breaking the bank?
I do, to the point the school requires a note from an md saying one of my kids can attend public school. If you see she is eating well and is healthy and active, then continue on. If you think her diet stinks, she isn't eating enough or is lethargic, then intervention is necessary. Are you lean? Her father lean? Genes play a role here!

My son is 5'9" now and just tops 90lbs. But he was much thinner in the past. If her diet is fine and you just want empty calories- whole milk, good ice cream (or just cream), protein powder and a little coconut oil (melt first) are easy to suck down and can add 1000 calories very quickly. Our MD suggested ensure, which seemed to be full of hfcs and crap, so I made the milk shakes above as a pre bedtime snack.
elliha 06:16 AM 09-01-2014
Regarding the "bean pole"- child I would not suggest a lot of fat added as that can make a thin kid eat even less as fat is much more filling than most carbs. I would suggest good carbs like fruit, vegetables, potatoes and rice together with a little extra fat from butter or coconut oil but instead.

I also want to share the tip my brother got for his youngest daughter who was so thin that school sent home a paper asking them to take her to the doctor to make sure she did not have an eating disorder (she doesn't she eats like a horse and is just naturally lean). They suggested she should eat a little of something sweet (fruit is fine) about 20 mins before dinner as that can sometimes stimulate the appetite. It is worth trying at least as it is such an easy thing to do.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 04:21 PM 09-01-2014
hoping september is a better month.
sdelgadillo389's Avatar sdelgadillo389 06:10 PM 09-01-2014
I've just been lurking for the past month. August has been a hard month for me financially and emotionally. I am hoping this month will be better. Hugs to everyone.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 04:39 PM 09-02-2014
Lurking here right now. Just don't have the energy to post. It's been a hard month and not getting any easier it seems.

Hugs to all.
Mylie's Avatar Mylie 04:57 PM 09-02-2014
Originally Posted by frugalmama View Post
Lurking here right now. Just don't have the energy to post. It's been a hard month and not getting any easier it seems.

Hugs to all.
Hugs to you frugalmama...
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 08:12 PM 09-02-2014
Hugs frugalmama! This month has been rough. Ive been hiding this week because all inhave left is some food stamps and $1 in the bank -.-
averysmomma05's Avatar averysmomma05 09:03 PM 09-02-2014
I am right there with you guys. We finally heard back from fs and need to send one paper back so hoping I get it ASAP. In the meantime I had to go back to my 2nd job. Did find out the baby is a girl so I have to start yard saling and good willing for some clothes for her. Hugs everyone
elliha 09:12 AM 09-03-2014
Scored big on mushrooms today! Plenty of free food for now and for the winter. Last weekend I got free apples from people's gardens I also have plenty of almost free apple sauce now.
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