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happyhats's Avatar happyhats 11:04 AM 11-27-2014
Happy Thanksgiving mamas! I have a pie in the oven now while Im sipping my coffee. Then on to stuffings and sweet potatoes. Be kind to yourselves.

Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 01:14 PM 11-27-2014
Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a turkey in the oven, mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes almost done, corn & zucchini au gratin and homemade stuffing ready to bake (when the turkey is done and resting), and the kids are waiting to make drop biscuits. There's two pumpkin pies ready to go in once everything else is done. For just the four of us, it's a heck of a feast.

I had an issue with a group about emergency fund savings vs paying down bills. I keep getting told that an EF is more important. The thing is, I can borrow money from my parents for any emergencies, and they are more than happy to do this. They add it to my "debt" for buying the house, and they are planning on forgiving a huge amount of money eventually cuz my brother gets $400/mo + and will likely never be able to pay it off. Since my parents are really particular about keeping it even, they will just write off the amount he owes them on my debt.

It really bothered me though, cuz I'm just asking questions to find out why one particular method is preferred over another. I think paying off our bills and being able to count on my parents is an asset. I keep getting told that it makes me less of a responsible adult because I'm "dependent" on my parents unlike other generations, and teaching my kids to do the same. On the other hand, my parents borrowed from both sets of grandparents, and I expect to be able to aid my kids when they are adults. So why is being a financial island so important to people?

I can work my money, we just don't have a lot of it to work with. I'm paying off things and improving my credit score, but I am able to get through rough times without spending half a decade saving rather then getting the bills paid off. I feel like I'm working the system (rather than the other way around for once), but I'm being told I'm less of a person for it. So, now I'm a bit frustrated.
Mylie's Avatar Mylie 03:06 PM 11-27-2014
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!! I pray your day is filled with warth, love, peace and a yummy meal....

My little one is sick so we stayed home, cooked a yummy meal and am watching The Sound Of Music....


Warm home
Plenty to eat
Being safe
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 06:19 AM 12-02-2014
Happy late Thanksgiving mamas! Thanksgiving was good here - we stayed home & I cooked.

Wolfcat - I totally agree with you. My only holdback is that you should have some in your own savings, even if a small amount, just in case something were to unexpectedly happen to your folks. It can take a long time to settle an estate, and I wouldn't want to have everything put on hold.

Same old same old here - chasing funds for bills.


~DD's friends got back a week early!
~I won a $25 egift card a few days back in an online sweepstakes
~We've managed to not turn on the heat at all, even though at night it's been dipping into the low 30's.
~I found a strand of multi-color lights while cleaning, so we can put them up on the outside of our house tomorrow ALL our neighbors have lights up, and I really wanted to this year.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 01:04 PM 12-02-2014
Its been an expensive weekend here BC it was my birthday and dh spoiled me some, and we bought a tree. Oh, and a police officer pulled us over BC we had a headlight out so that needed fixed. Luckily he didn't ticket us though. Dh has been off six days so its back to the grinding board for all of us today. I'm going to make some stock from the turkey, pull out a few things to thaw and go through my freezer. I'd like to do a cheaper than usual grocery shop this month BC kiddos birthdays are coming up and we want to buy them a membership to a children's museum. Plus Christmas dinner, which is at my house again but everyone pitches in on.

Maintence man came to the apt today because the lines to my washing machine continue to run after the load is finished. He was here for five minutes and said its our washer. I have a hard time believing him because he never really fixes anything. I have to keep the water turned off BTW uses.

We are going to make paper snowflakes today. I'm trying to think of something low key but fun for my sons birthday. His birthday is two days away from his sisters, and her birthday is when we go to the children's museum BC hubby is off. I'm thinking his will be cake and ice cream with relatives who can give their gifts then.
sillysapling's Avatar sillysapling 03:07 PM 12-02-2014
Thanksgiving's finally over and we were hoping to totally clamp down. But my shoes have gotten so old they're hurting my feet and I'm running low on vitamins. :| I got a new set of insoles, so hopefully that'll be okay for the shoes for awhile (although I really need new ones- they're literally falling apart at the seams. Yes, I only have one pair of shoes right now. :/)

Does anyone know a cheap place to get good vitamins?
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:18 PM 12-02-2014
Walgreen's has a varied selection and if you do rewards can be cheap or free. Children can often get free vitamins through select pharmacies. Google your state. And hit up thrift stores for shoes. I know some people are squicky about used shoes but foot support is so important and comfortable used ones will improve your life.
Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 03:30 PM 12-02-2014
Frugalmama - I agree. We do try to put some aside, and if they did pass, we'd stop paying them for the house (they own it, so it's not like the bank has any say). We are actually pretty well off, considering.

Getting ready for the holiday season, prepping for gift buying (already in the budget), but I'm a little hung up on what to make for the holiday feast. We usually have prime rib, but if my parents aren't coming down, we can't ask them to buy it (they buy the meat and I cook the dinner for them, usually), and we can't afford a case of prime rib from hubby's work. I'm not really feeling turkey or ham for it. Definitely a pondering...
sillysapling's Avatar sillysapling 04:31 PM 12-02-2014
Originally Posted by happyhats View Post
Walgreen's has a varied selection and if you do rewards can be cheap or free. Children can often get free vitamins through select pharmacies. Google your state. And hit up thrift stores for shoes. I know some people are squicky about used shoes but foot support is so important and comfortable used ones will improve your life.
My biggest concern is about the quality of used shoes. There are plenty of shoes that really don't offer support and that can decrease over time.

Adult shoes are something I think are worse spending money on to get new, although we don't get the hugely expensive ones. The boots that are now dying I've had for about 4 years- $30 on something that'll last 4 years is worth it.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 10:15 PM 12-02-2014
I understand wheat you're saying and I was only thinking as a temporary measure. Having pain from bad shoes affects your whole life. Hugs.
sillysapling's Avatar sillysapling 05:12 AM 12-03-2014
Thank you for the thought. My shoes should be manageable until I can get new ones since I got new insoles. One thing that's frustrating me is that, where we used to live we knew where a good shoe store was, one of those places that gets overstock from the bigger stores and marks it down, so you could get pretty good quality shoes for cheap. Now we have to figure out a decent place to get shoes again. :/
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 01:30 PM 12-03-2014
I think I shave a hundred bucks from grocery shopping this week thanks to sales and needing less. Yay! Now if I could just muster up some energy. All I want to do is sleep.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 04:46 PM 12-04-2014
Today was expensive. I went and got gift cards for people 'back east'. I swore I was goign to make things or just not send stuff but ugh... the guilt. $25 x5 adds up fast, plus then the card to put the stupid thing in... omg..

I am no wheres near done with the things I need to make for DS and the poeple I trully love in my life... And i might need one more gift card yet... ugh...

i do not liek the holidays...

stress and i have to pay kiddos tuition today... frack..
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 11:08 AM 12-06-2014
Got a few gift cards yesterday too, zebra. In laws finished!

Today I'm headed to a free cycle swapmeet. After hubby, kids and I are getting new lights and garland for the tree. I'm also going to let them get some wrapping paper for Santa. We put our tree up last weekend but our stand was stripped and the poor thing has been leaning and falling over. So it now needs redecorated lol and since it does were going to go ahead and fix the half burnt out lights and add garland. Was given a holiday outfit for dd and D's has one from yardsaling so we are going to do pretty pics by the tree as well. Sunday is gingerbread house day and Christmas movies after.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 02:43 PM 12-08-2014
Even though we get FS im going to try to avoid the grocery this week. We have plenty in the pantry and plenty of 'stuff' to make it to the weekend. Doing my own semi- pantry challenge, in a way , cleaning out for the end of the year etc. Things have been sitting in there awhile and all.

NO real big plans for this week. Lots of yarn projects to complete... hoping for calm and peace around here. No interest in entering a store!
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:11 PM 12-08-2014
Things are moving along here. Ive got a cold that's moved from my head to my chest. Yucky. But I managed some much needed deep cleaning. My daughter went with her niece and nephew to McDonalds for a lil field trip-they get to see how the food is prepared and served. Going to start a roast in the crockpot soon. We might do salt dough ornaments or bake cookies tonight.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 08:00 AM 12-09-2014
Zebra - I am going a pantry challenge too. Trying to stretch my FS as I know we will have a gap for January {it was either take a gap of a couple of weeks, or get docked $50 a month for 6 months as I had a larger than normal last check from my sweater gig}

Happyhats - how do you make salt dough ornaments? We are doing the applesauce ones sometime this weekend I think.

*Hugs* to everyone else

This week is just swamped for me. Gotta go today over to DPS over an hour away to renew my ID. On the way home I need to stop by the homeschool bookstore & try to find something in their used book room. And then I need to grocery shop, if it's not too late. Then tomorrow I have to go to the city agency for help with my water bill. If we get out of there in time I will run back over to my side of town & go to another place for help with the last part of the electric bill. If not then I will go there on Friday {place is only open from 10am to 2pm 3 days a week}. I hate to be asking places for help, but I don't know when my next paycheck will be & I'm trying to conserve the cash I have for stuff I can't get paid like credit card bills & bus passes.


~I am going to be able to bless another local homeschool mom who needs warm clothes for her dd & is the size dd just grew out of.
~We have plenty of food to do a pantry challenge with. Meals may get a little inventive in January, but I think we will be okay.
~My new laptop that came via an Angel. My 12yo laptop died this week, so when this came I was so happy. It's lovely to not spend 2/3 of my time on the computer waiting for it to unfreeze
~We've been able to not turn on the heat. It was chilly this morning {34 degrees} but under blankets we're okay, and it is warming to upper 60's in the afternoons so it warms the house. Trying as hard as possible to not turn on the heat to keep the bill low.
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 12:35 PM 12-09-2014
Keep on fighting the good fight, frugalmama. I need to regoogle the salt dough ornaments but its basically just flour, salt and water. We did applesauce ornaments too. They smell so good!
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 01:46 PM 12-11-2014
Well, kids asked to make play dough so we did that instead of ornaments. Think we will do a bit of "Santa" baking tonight. Maybe cc cookie bars that can be easily frozen.
sillysapling's Avatar sillysapling 02:27 PM 12-11-2014
Too poor for obamacare, but above the listed medicaid state limit. What is wrong with this country? I think this state's income gap is $11k/year. Obscene.
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 02:34 PM 12-11-2014
Grateful:for my DD who has insomnia and is a great cook! I woke this morning at 6 AM to the smell of cookies baking, and for breakfast was served lemon sugar cookies to DIE for. Started the whole day off right. Thanks, DD!
happyhats's Avatar happyhats 03:08 PM 12-11-2014
Long time no see, mamarhu! My dryers wheezing lol. I hope it holds out til spring.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 06:29 PM 12-11-2014
lease was renewed at same price- thank goodness cuz cant afford a rent hike or a move.
ds put upt he tree and lights, still not feeling 'merry' but not as cranky as before.
just simply feel 'sad'.

been crocheting to calm myself the past few days... idk if its helping but my mood has been stable.
heyxxmcfly's Avatar heyxxmcfly 09:08 PM 12-11-2014
Hugs to everyone. Been hiding out a bit over here. Made a major decision to take a new job. Literally right before xmas. I will start working at the new place two days before. So stressful but it should be for the best. Better pay and better benefits, and even a better set of co-workers. Wish me luck, because I'm not feeling very "merry" either. :/
Polliwog's Avatar Polliwog 09:06 AM 12-12-2014
Originally Posted by sillysapling View Post
Too poor for obamacare, but above the listed medicaid state limit. What is wrong with this country? I think this state's income gap is $11k/year. Obscene.
Yep. Kids only here.
crazyms's Avatar crazyms 11:40 AM 12-12-2014
I hope things are getting better for everyone as Christmas approaches. It's been a roller coaster over here. We closed on the property and will be moving out of state over the next few weeks in dh's limited time home. I have been under so much stress dealing with everything alone with three kids while he's gone that I basically came to a meltdown. It was not pretty. Having no one that will keep my kids ever finally caused me to snap when my mother calls and is keeping my nephew just for them to see a movie. With everything I have going on I could use the help and can't PAY anyone to keep them but yet my brother whose kid has a million grandparents is at my mother's yet again just for them to see a movie. Yeah I lost it. Basically explained to her that she didn't have to worry about every seeing or hearing of my kids again since she obviously hated them. Yep yep not a pretty week here. Finally reconciled yesterday as much as we're ever going to and get a call from the realtor that there's ANOTHER mix up with this land deal - the land deal that was suppose to be a done deal. Let's just say I'm completely on edge. If I survive to the New Year without returning to smoking or a complete nervous breakdown it'll be a Christmas miracle.

I hope everything is calming down though. There are still many thankfuls that I need to remember:
- We did have the money to get the property and we do have the money to remedy the issues going on if needed. It'd be tight but we do have it.
- Christmas for the kids. Even without having help to be able to buy it at least I do have the money to get it.
- The bills are paid and there's food in the house.
- We are all healthy!
- My kids are AMAZING! Through all this struggle and stress that I've been under they have been the sweetest and most helpful wanting to know how they can help mom because they love her and she's alone. Makes me want to cry to know they can be so empathetic and wonderful. It's a nice reminder that even when things are the nuttiest maybe *just maybe* I'm doing something right over here.
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 06:01 PM 12-12-2014
Crazyms - hope you are able to get the land situation sorted out soon & things calm down for you. I'm in the same boat - no body to leave dd with at all. I haven't been apart from her for over a year. I hate to say it, but when I get to that stressed point I tend to have a "mama coke" - coke with alcohol added - not enough to make me tipsy, just enough to relax & calm down before I explode. DD is old enough to not need super close supervision most of the time though - not sure the ages of your kiddos.

Mcfly - hope the new job works out well.

Zebra - YAY on the lease being the same cost.

Made it to do most of my things on Wednesday - got the water bill paid, made it to the homeschool used book room, got my ID and paid the last of the property taxes for 2013. Didn't get the electric bill paid, but it let me put it on a payment plan so it is at least deferred for a while. The first month of the payment plan I can make as it will be the last payment of this years county program - after that then it will be time I can go for electric bill help & get into the county program again through the back door so I don't have to wait until September. The city office caseworker was also nice enough to let me know that I could come back in February for the electric bill, and that the water bill is once per calendar year so I can come back anytime in 2015, but they recommended waiting until I had a big bill of a couple of months worth.

This weekend is all about cleaning, grocery shopping, catching up on dishes & laundry, and getting things ready for the holidays. I'm going to google the salt dough & cinnamon applesauce ornaments recipes & get those ready to do on Monday or Tuesday when dd's friends are here. Tomorrow I have a lady coming for dd's outgrown clothes, and she is bringing dd some hoodies in the next size up {10/12} as I think dd will be in that size before winter is over. I also need to rake the yard pretty badly - I was waiting as the grass is finally growing & I didn't want to disturb it, but now it's tall enough it needs mowed.


~That we were adopted for the holidays on another message board. I always sign dd up for Toys for Tots just in case things don't work out, and when we got the pickup email today I discovered that while it is only 10 minutes away, it's in an area not serviced by the bus {the donated space moves yearly}. The closest bus stop is over a mile away and requires walking on the edge of a very busy accident prone heavily semi-truck trafficked currently under construction frontage road for nearly all of the distance. So glad that we were adopted so I am not relying on it this year, as I am not comfortable making that trip on foot.
~The bills are paid {or at least dealt with} for a while. Next week I can stay home & get ready for Christmas! No more running around town on the bus
sillysapling's Avatar sillysapling 07:16 PM 12-12-2014
Originally Posted by Polliwog View Post
Yep. Kids only here.
I think the most shocking thing about it for us is because we came from CT which has the best medicaid (will never stop gushing about Husky).

This is just the worst thought out part of Obamacare, though. "We think you should be covered by Medicaid, so even though we gave your state the right to opt-out of Medicaid expansion, you aren't eligible for ACA even though you also aren't eligible for Medicaid! We're just giving lip service to the idea that poor people deserve healthcare!" W. T. F?
crazyms's Avatar crazyms 01:14 AM 12-13-2014
sillysapling I completely agree. It's ridiculous!

frugalmama It's good you got all your errands done and everything settled so you can relax and focus on the holidays. Those ornaments will be a blast for your dd.

We got the land thing straightened out - mostly at least. The realtor called today and said the everything was okay. Still have to talk to the owners myself hopefully tomorrow but at least it should be fine. And I don't have to make an extra payment this week. Whew! Mom is still *I think* planning to take the kids tomorrow for the first time ever so I can shop. That will be such a relief to get it over! I also got the order made for the items we need for the camper. Pay a few bills, talk to those owners, and get my shopping done and things might get calmer here. I'm okay it's just so much at one time ya know?

Here's to hoping the weekend brings some relaxation for all of us!
elliha 12:31 PM 12-13-2014
I haven't written here for a while. As my husband is studying and on student loans we have had a temporary period of a more normal level of finances. I have cut some of my hours to give myself and my daughter some more time at home and it has been great. Alas, he will only study until the end of January and then he must get a job or we are yet again back bad finances. Most of his training is done at a company and they do seem to like him so we have a tiny little sparkle of hope that he will get a job there but we do not dare to hope too much. The best thing with this period is that my husband has been so much better emotionally compared when he was unemployed and I have enjoyed having the man I married back so much.

Christmas is soon here and we hope to have some friends over. Not the best for finances but for our spirits it will be great. I have bought too many presents for the little one too but we hardly ever give her toys outside Christmas and her birthday so it is easy to go overboard. She will get a doll stroller, some play food and a tool box (wooden). Her grandma will get her a special doll from a favorite children's show/books too. It is not tons of gifts but plenty for us and her. My husband will get a thing he has been wanting for a while (I am not writing it here if he would somehow stumble across this post and understand it is me). I really really hope he will be happy.

I have bought some of the Christmas food and made some Christmas candy but I will need to make some cookies too. Cleaning is part of Christmas too but I think I will manage that too. I have saved some vacation days so I will be free from two days before Christmas until January 5 which is great.
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