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Six Month til xmas 2014

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New thread... forgot about this....
ideas, plans, thoughts?? panic yet??

I have a list of things to crochet and craft.

Between now and the end of the year I have several birthdays, a new baby(not mine), and of course 12/25. Yarn and me are best friends.....
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I'm planning to make a hat and scarf for everyone. Already started on some.
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This year we've decided to take a vacation for Christmas! Part of my simplify our holiday scheme. I'm still checking prices to work out our itinerary but I've got a lot of good ideas so far. Hoping to make it memorable without breaking the bank.

The kids will only get their stocking and one gift each since we'll put most of our Christmas towards the vacation for spending time together. I want to make them each a new stocking this year since they've never had special ones. I'll crochet a hat & scarf for each of them to go in there and maybe socks. Not sure what else yet. I'm ordering a wool felt starter kit to try making some things out of my "Toymaking with Children" book. I think I may make/buy each child a new doll or lovie like a waldorf doll finally.

For family gifts I'm making each one a felt stocking like my grandmother made us ages ago that got lost in the army moves. Everyone still talks about them so I know they'll love it. I may put something small in each one's stocking as well but we'll see - if I do it'll be something like felted soap, homemade candies or cookies, or something else cheap and consumable. I ordered the first stocking kit so I can get started soon!

I'm also considering making an elf doll for the kids to have something like the elf on the shelf (just not as creepy - that elf on the shelf doll reminds me of Chucky *shudder*). They asked about it last year after seeing it at school I think it'd be a nice tradition and fun thing for them so I'm wanting to make a doll I can live with.
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P.S. Are we going to use this thread to track our gift lists or do that in the arts & crafts forum?
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Originally Posted by crazyms View Post
P.S. Are we going to use this thread to track our gift lists or do that in the arts & crafts forum?

We can use this thread however we want to. If tracking works for you then super great. if tracking makes you panic then nope, you dont have to.

My count is :

new baby- sister's sister in law (clear as mud right??)

approx 6 other gifts to make.

and one jan anniversay.
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Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post
We can use this thread however we want to. If tracking works for you then super great. if tracking makes you panic then nope, you dont have to.

My count is :

new baby- sister's sister in law (clear as mud right??)

approx 6 other gifts to make.

and one jan anniversay.
LOL panic yep. That's gonna happen as we get closer! So you need ideas for a new baby gift? Don't you crochet as well? How about a cocoon and hat set? They have some patterns on ravelry for it and they're precious! Work up really fast too and are so adorable. My go to baby shower/new baby gift is usually a laundry kit - cute wicker (or wood or something cute) laundry basket with a small tote box of homemade laundry detergent, downy ball and squeeze bottle of vinegar (or small bottle of it), homemade oxiclean, and a set of baby hangers or clothespins. I include printed sheets with recipes & instructions on the homemade items too so the new mom can see how to use it and make her own to save money too. It's been a big hit with everyone I've given it to and everyone at the showers that's seen it too. Cheap to put together too since I use all these homemade for my own laundry so for gift time I just buy a downy ball, small totes for the oxiclean and laundry detergent, the laundry basket and hangers and a new small bottle of vinegar or squeeze bottle to put some in. I think it usually runs me about $10.

Do you know if mom will breastfeed, cloth diaper or anything else? It helps to find gifts more in line with her needs. When is the baby due?
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Okay well I'll start tracking here for now then. So my list is:

Mom - stocking
Sis - stocking
Sis's bf - stocking
Brother - stocking
Sis in law - stocking
Nephew - stocking
* Have to decide on stocking stuffers if I do them but not sure about that yet.

Great grandmother - ??? (She's in a nursing home now so can't really have stuff and of course family gets anything she *needs* right away so idk. I thought about small gift cards to her fav food places but I'd have to see if my great-aunt could use them to pick stuff up for her since she obviously can't use them herself)

DD - stocking, waldorf doll
DS - stocking, lovie? (gotta see what he wants for a new lovie since he doesn't want a doll)
Lil DD - stocking, waldorf doll
* Also need to decide on stocking stuffers for the kids and may need to change their one gift each after discussing their wants this year.
* Make elf doll for holiday tradition

Dh - stocking
Me - stocking
* We won't have gifts just a stocking each that I need to make and then I'll have to come up with stocking stuffers also.

Pre-Christmas I have:
Mom's Bday - Gift card (gotta decide on the place debating a few of the things she would enjoy like tanning sessions, spa, yoga classes, etc)
DD's Bday - Little girl spa day with her bff; gift ???
Dh's Bday -
Sis's Bday -
Sis in law's Bday -

Yikes! I didn't realize I had so many birthdays before Christmas until I wrote it all out!!!
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When my grandmother was in a retirement hostel she kept a supply of her own favourite biscuits, tea, sherry etc. Maybe something like that for your grandmother?

Or a picture or picture collage of your family.
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I have to find out from my mom or great-aunt what she's allowed to have and all. I just want her gift to be something consumable so there's no concern over storage space or duplicate items. I could make her some homemade treats though. Thanks!

I did find some events not too far from here that might be nice to go to for dh's bday and not be too expensive. Hmm...
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My order came in so I have my first stocking kit here to officially start on Christmas. Yay! I'll order more stocking kits soon so I can be ready to go. I want to get all the stockings done first then I'll decide for sure as we get closer if I'll be putting anything in them. I'm working on a shopping list for items I need to make things at home and for Christmas for the kids as well like a wool felt starter kit. Hopefully I can get my list together and order soon.

I'm waiting on word back from my sister so we can decide on my mom's birthday gift. We had discussed all three of us (me, her and brother) maybe going in together and getting her something bigger but I need to see how they want to do it now that we're two weeks out. Need to get that gift off my list. Then to decide what to do for DD and DH.
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Christmas again??
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Joining in on the freakout

Not only is it 6 months till x-mas, but for us it's about 2 weeks until EID {Islamic holiday celebrated a lot like x-mas with gifts, etc}. I am super freaking out about an Eid gift for dd.

Eid for dd: I have 2 child size hijabs put back for her that I picked up a while back using ebay bucks. Going to try to fix my sewing machine & follow a pin from Pintrest to turn a button down western style shirt into an abaya for her, since one of the traditions of Eid is to wear new clothing. Picked up a couple of the shirts at a blessing event last week thankfully! I want to give her something fun too - not sure what yet. Might try to make some American Girl size clothing, or maybe get her a book off Amazon since I have a GC coming.

Birthday for dd {September}: No clue yet.

X-mas: Not sure yet. Might try to knit a hat & matching scarf for dd - I picked up a set of circular knitting needles last week at the thrift, but have no clue how to use them - I am a very very beginner knitter.
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Yikes! Two major holidays! We will do Yule and Christmas but they will kind of intermingle and it won't be a huge gift blowout thank goodness! I'm also a very very beginner knitter. I've been crocheting since I was a kid but knitting... no! I want to learn before Christmas though because the stockings I've found to make for the kids so far are all knitted for the beautiful ones. Maybe I can talk my knitting aunt into some lessons.

I got started on my first stocking kit last night. Boy I forgot how tedious beadwork and embroidery is!!!
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I plan for birthdays and Christmas all year. I buy things on clearance, especially when I get those 10 dollars off 10 or more coupons. I yardsale for nip and practically nip gifts for people. I like to do family gifts for people-this year I think Im doing popcorn ball kits. My sister and I do freezer cooking for my parents.

I already have a handful of items for my children. I will probably go to a jbf sale in Oct or finish with black friday (hubby gets an extra check in Oct and Dec). They also arent getting as many gifts this year bc their big joint gift is a family membership to a childrens museum. That will be bought in Dec.
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Alright, think I got my list for family and friends taken care of. Still need to finish with
kids and hubby though.

So list for family friends-
My sisters family and close friends family are getting the popcorn kits. I need to buy popcorn ball makers, sm bag popcorn, bottle corn syrup and bottle of vanilla. I think I will also include some redbox gift codes. So maybe forty dollars for both of these, tops.

My niece just moved out on her own, living with roommates and probably her boyfriend soon. I got a nip set of christmas coffee mugs, four luckily enough. Im going to buy a bunch of single serve cocoas when they come out and add a redbox code or two. Maybe another ten there.

My parents are probably getting a boxed food thing of some sort. My older sister and I might joinly buy them a steak box and then get them a small gc to finish a fancy meal.

My younger sister is getting either an amazon gc or little house on the prairie book set.

I figure Im looking at 100 bucks for all that. And maybe another 100 to finish my kids up and buy for dh. Not too horribly, right? Especially not when spread out rest of this year.
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That sounds like a pretty thrifty Christmas! I'm working on getting through these birthdays right now. I do need to order more stocking kits for Christmas presents though so I can get more work done there.

We're down to 5 months now!!!!!
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5 months and the plan isn't coming together ....
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Oh's getting close isn't it

I have a new baby due November 22nd. I'm having a hard enough time getting ready for that....whew! I really wanted to do a fun trip somewhere for Christmas this year, but with a newborn I don't see it happening.

My list goes something like this:

DH - IDK?? probably tools he needs and the regular socks/underwear practical gifts
DD (8) - art supplies (her love) ....I would like to get her a "tree house" and fairy/leaf people (she is so into these things) anyone know where I could find something like that?
DS (4) - marble racer tract thing... (we had one and he loved it...but it was plastic and pieces starting breaking)
And for new baby (that will be a month old) - I'll get a baby toy and wrap it in some really shiny paper

Then I have

My dad - is the HARDEST person to shop for!! I NEVER know what to get him...I usually do the underwear/socks thing for him too since he is alone. But what else??????
My mom - serious skin care products (she loves but wont buy herself)
My sister and her family....I should make it easy and get a gift card for....they live far away and shipping gets expensive. I'll send the boys a small light gift...
MIL - I'll most likely get a holiday shirt/sweater
FIL - he likes golfing so something for golfers?? HA!
I have three BILs and their wifes/GFs probably gift card to make it easy there too....

We'll see how it all goes....I wish I knew how to crochet!!!
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Subscribing and joining the freakout! I have not even started planning, and this season gifts need to be frugal. Thanks for getting me thinking. If anyone wants to post links to instructions for their projects, that would be awesome - knit and crochet especially? I have a bunch of yarn sitting around that I could make into gifts, but need to hit the Web for some inspiration.
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Total freak out here. Money is tight right now with some large bills we are trying to pay and new tires needed on a vehicle.
I've been taking knitting and crochet custom orders and anything that comes from that setting aside for xmas. We also pay most things with cash and save the change. Once every 6mos the change bin gets dumped and we cash it in at coinstar for an amazon gift card.
This year we are traveling to MILs about 5 hours away. I'll come back to this once I think more on it.
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Oh, crud, freaking out here too! Not doing anything too ambitious, but want to cross-stitch something for each of my two sons' girlfriends. So I need to find a small dinosaur pattern to fit on a bookmark, since DS1 and GF1 live in a very compact 1BR apartment and he begged me not to make something that took up a lot of space . . . Already found the pattern to make for GF2, but that's being framed and I need lead time to have it done. Crud-crud-crud!
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Originally Posted by Paxjourney View Post
Once every 6mos the change bin gets dumped and we cash it in at coinstar for an amazon gift card.
I do that, too! Usually covers most of the cousin gifts on DH's side.

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So this is the infamous freak out thread I have heard tell about. I'm in.

And I'm at 0 for 0 on holiday prep.
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Well got my parents gift decided on and almost ready to order. They are the hardest, and typically its my older sister and I deciding on something together. We are custom ordering some pet gravestones from a local lady that does woodwork/signs etc.My parents still live in the house we grew up in and we have a small pet cemetary in the back yard. My mom likes to. have gravestones hut has to redo them once or twice a year. This should solve that.
Ive just got to sneakily double check dates.

Im helping my mom with a gift for my grandpa. He has dementia and other health problems and lives in residential care. Its gotten to the point where he has more recollection of the past than present so we thought wed put up photos in his room of his life. Im currently going through the many tins of old photos picking out some of the nicer ones. Later we will widdle them down, copy and restore them, and frame them.

Im pretty sure I found my gift for my younger sister (leather edition of sherlock holmes) and a wall hanging for my hubby. Now just to do a couple family gifts and see what sparks my interest on black friday to finish up my kiddos. I know Im not getting them too much more bc we want to buy them passes to the childrens museum.
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No progress yet on making stuff, but I have started to bookmark DIY gift ideas on a secret board on Pinterest. Most of them will probably be made of yarn or fabric, since I have a stash to bust. The trick is finding stuff that I can feasibly make that is stylish and gifty enough.
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Oh, I did crochet a cowl for a friend's bday and liked how it turned out so I may do some of those. Also on the list are fingerless gloves for DD's bday. Too many bdays leading up to and around the holidays!!
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found my hubbys gift. Its on sale at amazon right now so Im deciding on whether I.should pull the trigger or wait. Its a chinese symbol comforther set. Our room is asian themed, all his collectibles. This would really tie the room together.
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Im not doing well on this. I have lots and lots of yarn but I have not been in the crocheting mood. Ugh, its almost october, its still over 100 degrees here. Maybe I wont do presents this year. blah.
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I have over $300 worth of points in a grocery store. I would like to use it towards Xmas purchases but have trouble coming up with ideas. They do sell clothes, toys and household stuff, but there's nothing high end, mostly their store brand stuff. Their books and DVDs are usually not most up to date. Any suggestions?
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Id probably use them for food gifts or I would use it towards groceries to free up money for gift money

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