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Kleine Hexe's Avatar Kleine Hexe 02:09 PM 11-03-2004
We are trying to pay off debt which seems like it will take us forever. House, cars, student loans, cc, ugh. Anyway, we just paid off one cc last month and we took a cash advance on it yesterday. : We live on a dirt road and after three hurricanes in Sept it was almost impossible to drive on unless you have a four wheel drive. So we had to pay $1400 dollars for dirt and gravel to fix the road. I'm not going to mention the fact that the other neighbors who drive on our road are not offering to help. Technically we "own" the road becasue it is in our property line. So I'm bummed to have a balance on the card we just paid off. Maybe I should set up a toll booth!

Well, our neighbor's dog is destroying our stuff. The dog wanders loose as do all the neighbors' dogs but this dog chews everything. I can't leave anything outside because the dog will eat it. I bought some decorations for my porch two days ago and the dog has managed to ruin everything. I've found pieces of my decorations in my neighbors yard, and a stash of tennis balls which always disappear from our yard. They have started keeping the dog locked in a gate while they are at work but in the evening the dog runs loose. I can't keep running outside every ten minutes to see if the dog has something. I really really don't like that dog! It has taken toys, shoes, a cloth diaper, tools, and now my new decorations. So I want a fence around my entire property. It would cost around 3 or 4 thousand give or take. Should I just put this on a CC or get a loan to get it done? I'm tired of my property getting destroyed. I can' afford to keep replacing my things. If we have a fence it would keep all dogs off my property and I would be able to let my dog outside and not be afraid of him bothering the neighbors. Is this debt worthy? Would you go into more debt to get a fence?

Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 04:15 PM 11-03-2004
Before doing that, all states, county's etc have lease laws. I'd get the dog contained first, or report it or whatever. You should have to pay for another persons dog, if they can't be responsible owners they shouldn't have a dog.

Second do you want a fence if it wasn't for the dog?

Honestly I'd avoid all cc debt unless it was a last resort
Kleine Hexe's Avatar Kleine Hexe 05:32 PM 11-03-2004
We eventually would like a fence so that we can just let our dog loose in our yard...and the kids can play. All the dogs on this road roam free. It's like an unspoken understood among the neighbors. That was before this dog came along. The other dogs do things like dig in my yard, flowers, and garden but they don't chew on my property. A fence would keep out all the dogs and keep mine in.

So I want a fence but I wanted to save up for it to have the cash, but now I don't know if it's worth waiting.
MamaLuna's Avatar MamaLuna 04:45 PM 11-05-2004
Kleine Hexe (I love that name, are you german?)...that is a tough call and I understand your desire to get--and stay!--out of debt. Unfortunately, in my world, using the cc's is a reality with me going to school, my dh soon to be a student and only one income ...

Anyways, yours sounds like a neighborhood problem. Did you really ask your neighbors to contibute to the road expenses? Or were you just hoping they would offer? Maybe if you explained the dog delemma as well, more would offer money to the road maintenance and you can put that toward the fence. Also, I would ask myself, before building if you could possibly save for it, if so, how much longer could you live w/out? Is there some job you or your husband could do on the side to earn the money for some or all of the fence expenses (ie--weekend catering, or some other such thing)? Is there anyone qualified to build the fence for you that would welcome some sort of trade (my midwife was going thru a divorce that she could not afford, so she babysat for the lawyer in exchange for the fees, granted, it was a LOT of babysitting!)? If none of those ideas would work, then, is there anyone that would loan you the money at a low, or interest free rate (ie--relative)?

Don't know if any of those ideas would help or not, just my 2 cents.
cinnamonamon's Avatar cinnamonamon 04:11 AM 11-07-2004
As an alternative to more cc debt -- could you get a small home equity line of credit for the fence? It would probably be a much lower interest rate...