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root*children's Avatar root*children 02:56 PM 01-16-2005
Organization/Decluttering would very nicely fit in a 'Simplified Living' forum!

Mizelenius's Avatar Mizelenius 11:00 PM 01-16-2005
I like "home management" best, too. While I do subscribe to the concept of simple living, I like the idea of a more open-ended forum. Some people are NOT into simple living but still need help . . .I wouldn't want anyone left out.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 03:46 AM 01-17-2005
Originally Posted by Mizelenius
I like "home management" best, too. While I do subscribe to the concept of simple living, I like the idea of a more open-ended forum. Some people are NOT into simple living but still need help . . .I wouldn't want anyone left out.
Actually, "Simple Living" sounds inspiring to me. "Home Management" sounds boring. If I was new to MDC, and didn't know what the forum was about, I don't know if I'd even look at "Home Management" while "Simple Living" would spark my interest.
MaggiesMom's Avatar MaggiesMom 01:28 PM 01-17-2005
Cynthia, thanks for considering this!
dharmamama's Avatar dharmamama 03:45 PM 01-17-2005
I think Home Management would be perfect. When I am trying to live frugally, cook well, live by a budget, etc., I am managing my home.

AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 02:41 PM 01-18-2005
I also wanted to thank Cynthia, Peggy and mods for taking this into consideration. And for your time.

Illuviel's Avatar Illuviel 06:04 PM 01-18-2005
I'd like to put in a vote for thr Home Management forum, with Frugal Living, G.O.O.D., Organization &c as subsections.
root*children's Avatar root*children 01:17 PM 01-20-2005
Any word on how this is coming? Is it a possibility? Keep us updated!

I asked for a Frugal Living Forum, because there IS a frugal living thread that is out-of-control huge! There are such a wide range of topics being discussed, that's it's near impossible for anyone to get indepth on one subject, before a different one gets brought up. This would definatly include threads on GOOD, but is not limited to things of the home. Can also include being frugal while traveling, ideas for cheap outings, foraging (finding foods in the wilderness), and much more!! And I've yet to see a 'home management' thread be so popular for so long!
wildmonkeys's Avatar wildmonkeys 01:44 PM 01-20-2005
I would love to see forums organized around frugality, simplicity, etc.

Barney & Ben
Tracy's Avatar Tracy 02:10 PM 01-20-2005

sincitymama's Avatar sincitymama 02:15 PM 01-20-2005
Thinking out loud..........
I like the idea of 'Home Management', as it would cover more bases. But I agree, it could use a sexier name. I'm thinking it would also cover a lot of the stuff from Natural Home and Body Care....maybe those things could be worked into subforums somehow? If there were a subforum for natural body care, that would make it easier to find all the stuff on mama cloth, no poo, etc..
it could have also sections for money management/frugal living/GOOD, organizing/decluttering/simple living, natural cleaners/bug repellents.....not sure what else exactly, but that's generally what I'm envisioning. So there's my 2 cents, spend them how you will.
Nu_Mommy_2003's Avatar Nu_Mommy_2003 02:59 PM 01-20-2005
I'd love to see a frugal living board.
onthemove's Avatar onthemove 03:03 PM 01-20-2005

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 04:20 PM 01-20-2005
Yes, we will be placing the forum.
We're just talking over the details and organization.

Karen/PuppyFluffer suggested Mindful Home Management with subforums. I like the sound of that. What do you all think?
charmarty's Avatar charmarty 04:22 PM 01-20-2005
for the froum
for the name

aisling's Avatar aisling 04:27 PM 01-20-2005
Originally Posted by charmarty
for the froum
for the name
Been watching this thread very carefully...and I'm excited!

I agree with charmarty, 100%
djs_girl517's Avatar djs_girl517 04:27 PM 01-20-2005

Sounds wonderful! Thank you Cynthia & Peggy!!
root*children's Avatar root*children 08:33 PM 01-20-2005
YAYAYAY!!!!! That's awesome!! Thanks!!!

I still don't like the home management name because I guess it just doesn't say "forum about saving money" to me, and it's so broad. I mean, everything in MDC is about managing your things in your home isn't it?
But I'm still on board and totally grateful!! Any openings for mods? LMK
jaam's Avatar jaam 09:17 PM 01-20-2005
I'm excited about the new forum! I haven't followed the whole thread.... I liked the original idea of having a place to discuss frugal living specifically, and I do like the "Mindful Home Management" because that leaves it more open to other important topics as well I think. But then would there be a subforum that IS specifically for money-saving discussion?

This is great!
PapayaVagina's Avatar PapayaVagina 09:20 PM 01-20-2005
TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 09:23 PM 01-20-2005
Yes, we will be placing the forum.

That was FAST
EFmom's Avatar EFmom 11:20 PM 01-20-2005

Arwyn's Avatar Arwyn 01:57 AM 01-21-2005
Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher
Karen/PuppyFluffer suggested Mindful Home Management with subforums. I like the sound of that. What do you all think?
I like!

And although, yes, in a way EVERYTHING on MDC could be considered to be about managing life in and around the home, the same could be said of everything being related to parenting, or (with very few exceptions) mothering, or... But the point of forums and their organization is, well, organization. I think things like Frugal Living and GOOD and FlyBaby discussions will all fit very nicely there where they only sort of fit elsewhere.

And I think making it Mindful Home Management helps keep the emphasis on the Natural Family Living ideas behind MDC. (So thanks for that idea, Karen! )
Quaniliaz's Avatar Quaniliaz 02:15 AM 01-21-2005
Awesome - it sounds great! You guys are fast...
Jennisee's Avatar Jennisee 02:16 AM 01-21-2005
What Arwyn said!
heket's Avatar heket 04:36 AM 01-21-2005
chanibell's Avatar chanibell 08:11 AM 01-21-2005
Happy happy joy joy!
dharmamama's Avatar dharmamama 11:01 AM 01-21-2005
Thanks so much! I think Mindful Home Management is fine, although I think just Home Management is fine too. I don't really care what it's called, because it is what it is regardless of its name.

member's Avatar member 11:13 AM 01-21-2005

I agree with Arwyn and Dharmamama. I think the emphasis on "mindful" is key and I like the idea of GOOD, frugality, and even Fly Baby stuff being easily accessible in one forum. Tres cool!
carrots's Avatar carrots 01:40 PM 01-21-2005
Right on!!! Thanks alot
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