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I need some water saving ideas. I get billed per 100 units and I'm sure I must use 504 sometimes and get billed at that level instead of 400. I'm convinced that little things here and there will keep it at the lower tier. So please share your ideas on saving water. I live in an apt if that matters.
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If you don't already have a low-flow toilet you can place a half-gallon jug of water tightly capped into the tank to reduce the amount of water used per flush. We pay per unit if we go over the base amount so we watch water use too.

You can also put a watersaver head on the shower, we have one with a shutoff valve so you can stop the water or reduce it to a trickle while you wash, then turn it back up to rinse. Just make sure to save the old one and put it back on if you move out.

Scrape dishes into the trash with a spatula instead of rinsing off food particles.

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If I have really dirty dishes, I use dishpans in my sink and fill it with just three inches of hot soapy water. I pre-rinse my dirty dishes in this water, then use the light cycle on the dishwasher.

Or, if the dishes are really not that dirty, I wash in the three inches of soapy water, stack the soapy dishes in the sink, then use a quick spray of water to rinse all the dishes clean.

You could keep a bucket in the shower to collect overspray to water plants. This same principle works if you keep a bowl near your sinks to collect water while you're waiting for the hot water.

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I've heard of people sticking a 5 gallons bucket underneath the shower as the water heats up, and then using that water in the washer...
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hop on over to country living/ off the grid. Some good info on a thread there

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I don't prerinse the dishes that go in the dishwasher either and I do save the water from the bath vanity and the kitchen sink to water plants. I only do it the day that I actually water the plants but I think once spring comes and I plant my garden I'm going to do this more to water the garden

I think the best way we save water in my home is that we don't shower every day. there's 2 adults and 2 kids so probably 4 showers and 3 baths a week

Also, "when it's yellow, let it mellow; when it's brown, flush it down" :LOL
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I also save the water while waiting for the water to warm up. And I have my watering cans under the sink and any little bits of water that are left in cups get put in there for plants instead of going down the drain.

We live in Florida now and have warmer weather longer, so I find that I can turn off the water while showering after I've washed my hair and have the conditioner in. Then I soap up while the water is off and then do an overall rinse, then I'm out. I've also had a watering can or bucket in the shower too for collecting water.
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velcromom, what is the name of that showerhead you have? And where did you get it?
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We went thru a drought here about 2 years ago, here's what we did:

*Water saving showerheads-water dept. gave these out free!
*Aerators for all the faucets-free again!
*Switch to low flow toilets or put a filled up milk jug in 'em (we just got a 1.6 G & it works fine!) - they had a $100 rebate.
*Only flushed poopies - only gets a little smelly.
*Turn off the water when brushing your teeth
*Stop the drain in the shower - use tub water for plants (soap is good for 'em) & only take short showers and save the shower water to wash a little one that needs a bath.
*Only wash full loads in the washer
*If you must water outside plants, do so at night.
*Double check all your faucets & toilets to be sure they don't leak or run - look at the outside ones too!
*Got a covered 55 gal. barrel to put under the downspout(s) - use saved rainwater to water outside plants. (Our water dept. gives out these barrels for free!)

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We went to vist my hippie SIL one time and they were on water restriction. DH and I loved her suggestion that we help save water by showering "with a friend"
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If you can afford it, buy a front-loading washing machine. They use a lot LESS water!

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All the things we do have already been mentioned:
-low flow toilets
-low flow shower heads
-aerators on faucets
-"if it's yellow....(though I should add I only do this during the day when DH is NOT here- he can't handle it.)
-use "while waiting" water to water plants
-displacement in non-low flow toilets (we have an odd corner toilet- otherwise I would have replaced it when I replaced the upstairs one.)
-(actually, this one wasn't mentioned) we use a cover on our pool. Yes, I know, the pool itself is not very water-efficient, but the cover can reduce water usage for a pool by up to 30%

Here is a really good, comprehensive website for more ideas:
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