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heldt123's Avatar heldt123 11:27 PM 02-07-2005
In the last two years our taxes have been figured wrong. The first year I hand filed and I guess that we qualified for some other credit and they sent us more than what I figured on the tax form. The next year we e-filed through H & R Block and it was more than we were supposed to get. They just sent us a letter in the mail saying that we were going to be getting less and it was no big deal. Not sure if it always works that way, but we have never had any problems.

This year we are filing through where both Federal and State returns can be filed for free if you qualify. Haven't finnished the form yet, but it seems fairly easy.

goodcents's Avatar goodcents 02:46 PM 02-09-2005
Originally Posted by Chaka Falls
The IRS has 3 years or so to decide to audit a person, don't they?

Not trying to freak anyone out...just saying. Not getting audited (yet) wouldn't mean much to me.

This is not true. The IRS recommends keeping your finanical paperwork on file for three years (bank statements, bills, receipts if you are self employed or itemize, tax forms like W2's, 1099 Divs, 1099 Misc, 1099 INT).

However! If they feel like going back to 1922 to audit your great-great-great-grandparents return they are legally allowed to do so. There is no "statute of limitations" per se, they can go back as far as they like if they suspect something suspicious.
loving-my-babies's Avatar loving-my-babies 02:51 PM 02-09-2005
ok, I have another question.. about taxes and such..

how does this work? when we entered our info on turbo tax and e-filed, is all of that info emailed to someone in the IRS, then they check it, make sure it's correct and give us the money? is that how it works?
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 02:53 PM 02-09-2005
Also to the original poster....

I suggest looking for transposition errors. That is when you mistakingly flip two numbers around.

Maybe you meant to enter 32,000 and you ended up entering 23,000.00, inverting the 2 and the 3. Very common mistake in accounting.....
AnnMarie's Avatar AnnMarie 03:10 PM 02-09-2005
Originally Posted by annettemarie
Do you think Turbo Tax would work for us?
Dh is a pastor so there are weird tax laws that apply.
Yes, just make sure you use it from this link so you will likely be able to file for free!
AnnMarie's Avatar AnnMarie 03:15 PM 02-09-2005
Originally Posted by loving-my-babies
ok what I don't get is... after you send it in through turbo tax... do you not hear anything until you get deposited money? will someone call me and let me know my return is correct? will I get the money anyway?

You will get an email telling you if the IRS accepted or rejected your return. If they rejected it that means there was a mistake that needs to be corrected and then you can resubmit it by efiling it again. Once it's accepted you usually get your refund within 8-15 days. There is usually a chart on these sites that tells you exactly what date the IRS will send the funds that goes by the date the IRS accepts your return. The chart is also in a PDF file found here. You can also get your refund status here.
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