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mightymoo's Avatar mightymoo 05:10 PM 02-08-2005
..I'm wondering where the other couponers get their coupons? I subscribe to our Sunday paper and I clip those coupons as well as any that come in the mail (I sign up for the mailing lists of products I use often) - but I find that most of the coupons in the paper are for medication or convenience foods. And very very rarely anything natural or organic (though its getting better)

Where do others get their coupons?

opally's Avatar opally 06:31 PM 02-08-2005
Check out mambosprouts.com - I always find a stack of their coupon booklets at the store I shop at, and the coupons are for organic, all natural products. The whole foods section of where I go has a table of coupons for products in that section. You could also try calling manufacturers directly to see if they'll send you coupons.
CallieA's Avatar CallieA 08:37 PM 02-08-2005
I also rarely see coupons for organic/natural products. I also get the Mambo Sprouts coupons at Whole Foods, but that's about it.

How about finding extra newspaper coupons? Any good tips? I have family members save extra coupons for me and thought about getting an extra Sunday paper delivered, but can't quite handle the extra $$$ it would cost.