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jenoline's Avatar jenoline 06:52 PM 03-29-2005
Okay, I think we're really at the point where we need help. Even here, somewhat anonymously, I feel too embarressad and ashamed of the situation we're in to even mention numbers. But I don't think we can get out of this debt without help. How do you find a good credit counseling company? Are some better than others, or does it not matter?

And to complicate matters, we have a trip coming up in a couple months that we've already committed to (brother's wedding, non-refundable plane tix and non-ref hotel room already on our card). The trip is almost certainly going to require a certain amount of more debt, so I don't think we can start the process until after the trip. Or am I wrong? Is there some way we can start the credit counseling without them telling us we're nuts and have to cancel the trip?


my2girlsmama's Avatar my2girlsmama 02:41 AM 04-04-2005
Hi Jennifer

Don't be ashamed. We all get into financial messes. Everyone has at least once in their lives where it gets scary...and if not they're probably lying.

Ok, we filed bankruptcy last year. Things got way bad. And ironically not for spending on lavish stuff, which I have since learned is totally usually the case in most filings...simply getting caught behind one too many times, then trying to overcompensate with your cards to pay bills etc..........eventually we got to owing $40,000 total on 2 cards, a credit line and overdraft. Our income-I should say my husband's as I am a sahm, was not even close to enough to cover the basics let alone pay it all off. We coudn't even consolidate with credit counseling as we were too far gone.

My advice? If you can survive the wait until the wedding, then do so. If it is really bad I suggest just doing it now. It isn't your fault things are non-ref and I am sure they'd suggest ways around it or at least advise you on it.

Good luck! And stop feeling ashamed!