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This is one of my bigger questions, lately. There is so much we can (and do) do without, easily.

Some things, clearly bring enough pleasure, or convenience that their cost is well worth it. Other things, it's not as clear.

We definitely needed more book cases. Found some great bookcases, with a fun history, great beauty and cham, etc. Fabulous purchase, imo. We've made some other recent purchases like that: they fill a need, and they do so while bringing a certain level of pleasure.

But now there are some other things, that I feel slightly hesitant, because they don't actually serve any need, like a bed. We've been married for many years, and we've never had a bed. We have a mattress and boxsprings, on the metal frame. So we've never had a headboard or footboard, etc. We've recently seen some beautiful beds. Great wood, fabulous workmanship, the kind of piece that you know will survive to be a beautiful, valuable antique one day. Good value, even, considering.

But come on, we've never needed a bed. Sure, we always figured we'd eventually have nice looking wood at either end of our mattresses, but now that we're really looking into it, it seems kind of silly. Despite the incredible value of the furniture itself, the frugal person in me says, "but it doesn't serve ANY purpose!" All it is is beautiful. And so I really question how much joy I will really get out of something beautiful in my bedroom, that costs so much. If you ask me, would I spend that much on a painting to hang on the wall...highly unlikely. Would I spend that much on a beautiful knick-knack? I couldn't imagine it.

But there's the little nagging thing that one "ought" to have a bed. I don't know why headboards and footboards are so common, but they are. And a part of me wants one too. It just also seems so silly.
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I think that falls under quality of life. If seeing it every day will make you happy- it's priceless.

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I myself don't have a headboard, and I don't think I'll be buying one for a long time. They're completely unnecessary. They are for decorative purposes only and I really can't justify spending that money. Not that many people see my bedroom anyways. Don't get me wrong, my whole house is decorated, but I just can't spend THAT much on a decorative item. As far as "quality of life" for your dollar goes, I don't think it would make me hundreds of dollars worth of happy IYKWIM.

When trying to make decisions like that I tend to think about it for about a month, and if I still REALLY want it, or feel that I need it then I start hunting.

Sarah knit.gif married to Micah, mama to dd1 (9), dd2 (7) and ds (2). We love to homeschool.gif h20homebirth.gif goorganic.jpgchicken3.gif
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The only resaon we have a headboard (or nightstands for that matter) is b/c we inherited them. Really. We never would have spent that much money for one. In fact we are finally giving in & buying a new matress, which to us is a luxury.


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"do we need it?"

"will we use it?"

"is there something else that we already have that can serve the same purpose?"

I also like the flylady thing of if it doesn't make you smile not worth it/toss it kind of thing

If you do like it/need it/ then comparison shop it
check yard sales that kind of thing...
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i have a reason for wanting a bedframe's on wheels and rolls (even with the wheels locked) on my hardwood floor. So I need a bed to keep my darn pillows on the bed and out of the crack. I also sit up in bed a lot....same problem.

now...your initial question. if you can afford it -- i.e. it doesn't take money away from quality of life and/or meeting your financial goals then I'd buy a bed. We just splurged on a queen size set of boxspring and mattress with our tax return. Next year maybe we'll get the headboard I've been wanting...

Kristin -- mom of Erin (11/5/02) and Leah (9/29/05)
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They're completely unnecessary. They are for decorative purposes only...
Actually, my dh and I do use ours : :

Rhianna momma to ds #1 - 9 & ds #2 - born 10/22/2012

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There's something that feels 'adult' about having a nice bed. When DH and I moved in together (yes, before we were married) I bought a big, heavy sleighbed. It weighs a ton and is nice on the eyes. the main benefit (since our room is such a mess you can hardly see the bed we never bother to make) is that it *doesn't move*, squeak, shift, well, you get the idea!
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I say concentrate on one room at a time. Look at creative but inexpensive bedroom ideas, covered fabric is cool for a headboard - get a piece of wood/mdf cover it in fabric staple and hang.

8 might be enough?
Or maybe 9 will be?
EDD September 18, 2015
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I like the covered with fabric idea. I always think that looks nice.
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I don't know, we do have a nice,old, meaningful bed w/ head and foot board that we put away when the then-baby started moving around (so the mattress would be closer to the floor for co-sleeping)

Now I feel like I don't ever want to put it back up. the bedroom feels more peaceful with fewer things, fewer lines. the bed would be one more thing to clunk up against, you know?
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I think that for those of us who live frugally, it is a priceless feeling to have something just because you have either longed for it and/or it just makes you very happy. I try to make sure that I have the money to do it comfortably and that those types of purchases don't happen often. These are usually things I seriously mull over... for months (or years) at a time. So I know what ALL of those desires are, and then I try to weight the cost vs. "happiness" factor to see if I can get the most bang for my buck. Sometimes, I think something will make me feel better than it does--which stinks! But unfortunately you don't know until you actually do it!
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Well, to me, if it is beautiful, then that is a purpose in and of itself. we have a bed, and I like it, but we're needing to get a bigger one soon, and I"m looking for a nice bed with good craftmanship. I think I've found a good one, too. But I wouldn't think of getting one I didn't absolutely love. If you wanted to do something frugal, you could get a board, and upholster it with a lovely fabric, and use that as a headboard. And, I think you could prolly get away with not having a footboard, because, to me, all those things do is make it harder to make the bed in the morning. :P
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I use this a lot:
"In The Circle of Simplicity, Cecile Andrews recommends that we ask ourselves a series of questions before making a purchase. Here is a Universal Shopping List, drawn in large part from Dr. Andrews’ work, to help you think through your purchasing decisions:
Do I really need this? Is there anything I can use instead?
Will this item bring enjoyment and beauty into my life?
Will it benefit others?
Will this item help me to engage in life more fully?
Is the cost of the item worth the time it takes to earn the money to buy it?
Could I buy it used? Borrow it? Rent it? Share the purchase with someone else?
How will this purchase affect the environment? "
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We don't even have a bed frame - we have been talking debating whether to purchase one... our mattress is just on the floor.

We have been going through what to spend, not to spend on a daily basis and it is soooo hard.... we are saving for our farmstead but then if a child wants to do gymanstics, or we want a bed frame or a gift or a camping vacation? HOw bad, how quickly do we want to save for our farmstead? It is such a balancing act

Warm wishes,

Simple Living, Joyful Homemaking, Homeschooling Mom of 6
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