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I am looking for activities DH and I can do on the weekends that are free or very cheap. One thing I was thinking of was games we could play at home. We play chess and occasionally Triva. Are there other board or card games that are fun for two people that anyone can recommend? When I looked at the store it seemed like most of the good games need 4 players. Thanks!
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This dice game is awesome for any number of players. Don't know what it's offically called we just call it "dice"

You need 5 dice. Everyone rolls one & the highest roller starts. You can either pick 1 person to be scorekeeper or pass the pad & pen around. You need 500 points to open. We play to 5000 points.

You have to get a 1, 5 or one of the below combo of dice to score. Scoring goes like this:

1 = 100 points
5 = 50 points
Small Straight (1,2,3,4 or 2,3,4,5 or 3,4,5,6) = 300 points
Large Straight (1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6) = 500 points

3 of a kind:
3 2's = 200 points
3 3's = 300 points
3 4's = 400 points, etc
3 1's = 1000 points

4 of a kind:
4 2's, 4 3's, 4 4's, etc = 1000 points
4 1's = 1100 points (1000 for 3 of a kind + 100 for the extra 1)

Full house (3 of a kind + 2 of a kind):
double the 3 of a kind (ie: 3 4's + 2 of a kind = 800 points)

5 of a kind (yahtzee) = win game

Points for stuff can be combined (ie: 3 5's + a 1 = 600 points). You keep rolling until you either stop & take whatever you currently have for points or you bust (don't roll a 1,5, or combo).

I'll give you an example hand so you can see how the strategy works:

Roll 5 dice. Get a 1,4,4,3,5. Take the 1 cause it's the highest. You could take the 5, but don't cause your chances of rolling a combo are better with 4 dice. Set the 1 aside & roll 4 dice. Get 3 5's and a 2. Take your 3 5's for 500 points. Plus the 100 you already had = 600 points. You can either risk the 600 points (and the chance to open if you havn't already) on rolling the final die or you can take your 600. If you roll the final die & it's a 1 or a 5 you get that many points & the chance to roll all the dice again. If you roll all 5 again & no 1, 5 or combo comes up you bust. If you get something you add it into your total & so on.

The person who gets to 5000 (or whatever you decide to play to) first wins, but everyone gets one final chance to beat the winner. The final round everyone must roll until they either beat the winner's score or bust.

This game is very addictive! If you're feeling rich stop & pick up a couple $1 scratch tickets (or any sort of cheap treat) & play for those.

Have fun!


ETA: Check the toys section of $1 Store or any department store. They usually have cheap decks of card games like Old Maid, etc. I'd also recommend checkers & puzzles. Get a puzzle mat if you don't have somewhere you can leave it set up on while you work on it.
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Rummy and versions of rummy from a good card game book, cribbage, and backgammon are all great 2 player games.

Edited to add: That dice game above is called Yahtzee. You can get a box set of it at stores, but there's not really much reason to do so. The socring is slightly different for store-bought yahtzee, but either way it's a great game. We live in a small apartment and the sound of yahtzee dice was waking up dd, though, so now we roll onto either the backgammon board or a towel to muffle the sound of five dice.

Happy with my DH, 2 kids, dog, fish, and frogs
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Oh, sorry, was that me shouting a bit?

Scrabble is the bestest game ever invented. They recently came out with an expanded version called "Super Scrabble" for those *really* long evenings, but I stick to the classic version. And it's cheap.

Allows for good conversation while playing as well.

Another one that comes to mind, called MasterMind used to be marketed as an adult game, which it is. I was looking for it in TRU a couple months back and it appears to have been redesigned in a bright plastic-y thing, but don't let that put you off.

There's four spaces that are hidden. One player hides a sequence of four colored pegs (choosing from I think six colors). The other player attempts to guess what they are. They get twenty tries. Each try is scored with back and white pegs--black for the right color, white for the right color in the right spot in the sequence. You deduce the pattern from the scores. Very challenging, easy to remember rules, also conducive to good conversation.
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I was gonna say scrabble too! We played it twice today.

Sometimes we take the box of questions out of games like trivial pursuit and just ask those back and forth.
My friends have scene it....if we had it, we would probably do the same withthe cards with just the two of us.

There's another game that is fun ...but since you have kids I know you have played it before ... :

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A different dice game for 2 or more players:
6 Dice - 10,000 points

Forget everything you learned in Yahtzee or Poker
The 1st player to 10,000 points ends the game, all players receive one last turn and the highest score wins.
Each player must roll 1,000 to enter the game.
Something of value must be discarded after each roll.
Continue to roll remaining dice as long as you are scoring.
In the unfortunate event that you roll nothing of value at the beginning of a turn, you lose all of your points and must re-enter the game by rolling 1,000.

1 = 100
5 = 50
Three of a kind = face value x 100
Three ones = 1,000
Full straight (1,2,3,4,5,6) = 1,000
Three pairs, any combo = 1,000
Six ones = 10,000
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1. Cribbage

You can find crib boards at thrift stores all the time (make sure to get a board with pegs unless the holes are big enough to fit your own whittled sticks into them). You can even play without a board if you keep score on paper. You should be able to look up rules online. Other than that, you need a deck of cards.

DH and I played this all the time when we were dating. Now we play it with our oldest DS, as it is a great math and strategy game.

2. Blink

It costs $10 and can be found in specialty toy shops or at those game kiosks at the mall. It is labelled for 8 and up (I think), but we started playing it with oldest DS when in kindergarten. I even modify it and play a slower version with my preschooler. Great math skills for young children (pattern recognition, etc), but lots of adrenaline for adults, too. It is quick (each game lasts less than 2 minutes), all ages love it, and it is my favorite birthday gift.

3. Set

Another strategy game, can also be modified to play by yourself. I think it is also $10 and can be found at the same places as Blink.
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This game is called Farkle.

My DH and I play a really cool city-making puzzle game called Carcassonne - it's something you'd have to buy at a specialty game store or over the web ( has it), but it's really fun. You can play with anywhere from 2-6 players and it's different everytime.

Also, pick up a copy of Richard Frey's "According to Hoyle" book for a wide variety of card games.
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trivial pursuit
risk (actually it makes it easier when there are only 2 people)
ummmmmm... sex!

DS1 2004 ~ DS2 2005 ~ DD1 2008 ~ DS3 2010 ~ DD2 born at 31 weeks Oct. 2014
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Dh and I have been playing Scrabble since our newlywed days.

7yo: "Mom,I know which man is on a quarter and which on is on a nickel. They both have ponytails, but one man has a collar and the other man is naked. The naked man was our first president."
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Hi..I am at work so this has to be quick, but I wanted to thank you all for your suggestions. I am losing my computer today (this is my last day before I get to finally be a SAHM!), but the computer belongs to work so I don't know when I will get on again. Again..thank you..I'm going to need these with the whole "cutting our income in half thing". )
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Wanted to 3rd or 4th Cribbage

We also play Canasta, Scrabble and Mille Bornes

One of the best investments you can make is a used copy of Hoyle's Rules of the Game and a couple of decks of cards.
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skip bo


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Dominoes is a lot of fun!
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Rummy (card game)- Dh and I kept a running log of our scores and played until we reached 10,000, which, very strangely, we both hit in the same hand. Weirdness.

Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
14yo ds   11yo dd  9yo ds and 7yo ds and 2yo ds  
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These have been mentioned already, but I thought I'd recommend them again:

Monopoly -- kinda boring with two people, but still possible
Rummy (cards)
Puzzles -- not a game
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Whats that string game called? Cats in the cradle? Dh and I have done this a couple of times - we dont get very far (cant remember all the moves) but its fun!
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Cluedo, it's for 3 player or more but if you play two characters each it's fun too. Especially if you try to cheat your DH. It's all for the game...
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