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member's Avatar member 09:24 AM 07-29-2006
A bit early...

I want 15 no spend days this August (not counting bills). I will update daily.

p.s's Avatar p.s 10:18 AM 07-29-2006
Oh boy, I am so tempted to join. But I have a fabric hobby, ahem, problem. Well no... if I had the time, then they would all be works in progress.
Okay, so not yet signing up, but will periodically check in.
Ruthiegirl's Avatar Ruthiegirl 10:29 AM 07-29-2006
I'm in! We are in a tight, no spend mode while we finish paying off a credit card. As planned, this card will be payed off by the end of August and then I need to put money aside for a trip to California to see my little brother get married. No spend is my m.o. right now.

Dh sweetly refers to me as the frugal gazelle.
member's Avatar member 12:01 PM 07-29-2006
Originally Posted by Ruthiegirl
Dh sweetly refers to me as the frugal gazelle.
Are you doing Dave Ramsey's program? If so check out, Living Like No One Else.
Ruthiegirl's Avatar Ruthiegirl 02:25 PM 07-29-2006
Originally Posted by Selu
Are you doing Dave Ramsey's program? If so check out, Living Like No One Else.
Yes! Dh and I just read it. What a motivating book. I'll check out the link you posted. Looks like a good one from the sneak peak I had.
ChioMamaPT's Avatar ChioMamaPT 02:35 PM 07-29-2006
I'm in....I've been lurking in this forum for a long time and just read Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace.
I told myself I was hopping on the No Spend August Bandwagon no matter what...I am happy to see it started early so I can mentally prepare.

Selu, I've been reading your blog---you are so inspiring.

Can we review the rules and guidelines for the game?
volcaniclava's Avatar volcaniclava 02:59 PM 07-29-2006
I want in, I HAVE to have a no spend august, summer is the time for me to make bank and Ive splurged it all on eating out - DUMB! What are the rules?
member's Avatar member 04:36 PM 07-29-2006
Originally Posted by ChioMamaPT
Selu, I've been reading your blog---you are so inspiring.
Aww thank you! :

I don't think there are any "rules" necessarily. I do "no spend days" because the best way for me to save money, lol, is just not to spend it, even on the little things.

Some folks mean to keep to their budgets or spend as little as possible all the way around. Whatever works for you!
sweetfeet's Avatar sweetfeet 04:42 PM 07-29-2006
I'll play We had to spend $278 on the Acura yesterday, but it's a 99 with lots of life left and it was a gift so no payment. It's the only money we've had to spend in the year we've had it besides oil changes. So I'm not complaining but it was unexpected. I'd like to buckle down and get my emergency fund going again. So another month of no spending here. We did really well in July with the no spending challenge.
ollineeba's Avatar ollineeba 03:17 PM 07-30-2006
I'm in. No eating out will be the tough part But we need to do this. We have real estate taxes due.. UGH.
What are the rules? What about fall clothes?
Pam_and_Abigail's Avatar Pam_and_Abigail 03:41 PM 07-30-2006
so any 15 days out of the month? seems too easy...
member's Avatar member 04:36 PM 07-30-2006
Originally Posted by Pam_and_Abigail
so any 15 days out of the month? seems too easy...
That's my goal. It's not easy for me, lol, as I am used to buying a coffee, gum, etc. almost every day. Getting better though...
ChioMamaPT's Avatar ChioMamaPT 06:36 PM 07-30-2006
I think my original goal was NO extra spending as the "No Spend August" title suggests but I am worried I will set myself up for failure.

I think since this is my first month trying it I will allow one expense per week. So if I buy a latte on Monday, then I'm done for the rest of the week.

I think that will be reasonable...what have you veterans done before? Are you always successful with your goals?
velochic's Avatar velochic 07:26 PM 07-30-2006
This will be tough with school starting, but I'm in. 15 days. No spend. (Does that also mean no driving... spending gas... 'cause then I ought to bow out. )
Ruthiegirl's Avatar Ruthiegirl 08:46 PM 07-30-2006
I normally call my no spend months "stick to the budget months." We are paying off debt at lightening speed right now, so there is no money for extras. We live on the bascis -- food, bills, mortgage.

I have $50 per paycheck set aside for the occasional trip to the hardware store or oil change for the car. Other than the unforseen incidentals, no other money gets spent -- and this is the hard part -- no movies, no eating out, no babysitters, no clothes, no books, no toys. Ouch.

It can hurt some days, but we are so close to being debt free that the discomfort is well worth it. And we do spend loads of time having fun. Free can be a blast. We swim, we bike, we find free stuff -- we are headed to a magic show at the library tomorrow.

So, my definition of no spend is a tight one. Yah, really tight.

Edited to add -- I have money budgeted for gas, so I do drive when I need to. But my gas budget is tight (again with that word!) so my driving is limited.
*andiflipping*'s Avatar *andiflipping* 10:54 PM 07-30-2006
I need in this..i will have to figure out some reasonable rules for myself..LIKE NO NEW DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
member's Avatar member 12:00 AM 07-31-2006
What ever works!

We use a zero-based budget so I know where all the money goes (and when it goes it is GONE) but I want to find other things to do on days where spending money is not an option. I need to get creative!
volcaniclava's Avatar volcaniclava 12:00 PM 07-31-2006
oh ladies, Im a failure after only one day! Worked sucked really bad yesterdy, so me and the other waitress went out to eat after! I hadnt made all that much money so between gas ofr the week and eating Im broke again!

ok deep breath, its still july, so really I can count this as my last slurge before the purge!
PeacefulSeams's Avatar PeacefulSeams 02:26 PM 07-31-2006
I am in. I am trying to save up some extra money for my vacation in September.
amj'smommy's Avatar amj'smommy 02:42 PM 07-31-2006
I'm in!! I've been lurking here the past few months so everyone!! We're moving 9/1 and need to buy a new stove for the new place plus save up for the moving van and other extra expenses that always pop up with a move so I've decided this will be the month. I think the hardest part for me will be not getting my morning iced coffee, but I can make it at home Other than groceries (includes house necessities), bills, gas $$ and dh's weekly allowance for his coffee in the morning (he leaves before the crack of dawn and works construction so I've decided to let this one slide : ) but other than that it's directly to savings!
kathirynne's Avatar kathirynne 03:44 PM 07-31-2006
Originally Posted by ChioMamaPT
Can we review the rules and guidelines for the game?
Okay, here are the groundrules as I see them. (These are the same groundrules as we had for the June and July challenges.):

1. During a "No-Spend" challenge, we pay recurring monthly bills (rent/mortgage, power, water, phone, child care, credit card bills, et cetera.)

2. We also pay transportation costs (petrol, bus pass, train ticket, et cetera), and buy groceries (although if you can feed your family with what you already have on hand, more's the better). Emergency expenditures (car repair, medical bill, et cetera) are also paid.

3. What we don't do is buy anything that 1) we don't really need, 2) we can borrow, barter, or find for free, 3) comes from a fast food shop or a take away.

Basically, the idea is that we use what we have on hand, and get creative in using our resources. (Checking out a book from the library, for instance, rather than buying the book.)

Each person should do what works for them...

ETA: I am in for the August challenge.
Bex80's Avatar Bex80 04:30 PM 07-31-2006
I'm IN!! We have to have a no-spend August. Dh is working on business things and he had to plunk down some cash to do it, so there is no room for me to do any spending other than groceries, gas, and medical neccesities. I posted my embarassing story back here.
isaiahsmom's Avatar isaiahsmom 06:38 PM 07-31-2006
I want to join. I failed miserably last month. It was ds birthday and I went over board.
amj'smommy's Avatar amj'smommy 06:49 PM 07-31-2006
Weellllll I did just buy something off the TP : but in my defense it's not August until midnight and I did pay with my pp acct which is just $ I made from selling a few things on the TP. I did transfer the remaining balance over to my bank acct though so I won't be tempted
ChelseaG's Avatar ChelseaG 08:40 PM 07-31-2006
I want to join - I am doing so bad on our budget right now - and we are VERY in debt - I don't think we are spending that much - but then we get the credit card bill and YIKES! A "No Spending" challenge sounds like just what I need to get my butt in gear!
ChioMamaPT's Avatar ChioMamaPT 08:51 PM 07-31-2006
I spent 21 cents today.

I know it sounds dramatic to be upset about 21 cents but I do really feel guilty...I have to mention it because you guys help me feel accountable!
phathui5's Avatar phathui5 02:28 AM 08-01-2006
I spent $40 to put gas in the van for the week. My goal is to make the tank last as long as possible. The last fill up I managed to stretch to ten days. Then I spent $33 at Safeway for produce and soymilk for the hoardes of kids we have here lately. That will be my shopping for the week.
FamilyFriendlyLife's Avatar FamilyFriendlyLife 10:22 AM 08-01-2006
This is my very first post (which is why I do not even have a signature established yet), though I have been "lurking" around F&F for quite awhile, garnering fantastic ideas and vicarious support. I am hoping signing on to "No Spend August" will help make me more accountable. Biggest challenge the last couple of weeks has been insanely busy schedule, leading to costly takeout food purchases. Need to get this under control, particularly as our 2nd little one is due to appear quite soon (leading to even busier times). So, for August, I hope to stay within budget for all expenses, eliminate takeout (except for one or two ice cream visits), and reduce gas spending drastically. Best of luck to everyone in meeting your personal "No Spend" goals - I look forward to hearing how everyone does!
chrfath's Avatar chrfath 10:24 AM 08-01-2006
I'm in. We only have $100 until the 15th so we really need to be serious about this. We have the bills covered but that is extra groceries and the like.

I could definately do 15 days. Do you count in your partner?
Mom2Joseph's Avatar Mom2Joseph 11:55 AM 08-01-2006
I've been lurking too but determined to really do it this month. My goal is to stick to our budget. It works on paper so I just have to STICK to it! OUr budget includes a cash "allowance" for my DH and myself to spend on ourselves, the kids and/or unexpected little expenses as well as cash for groceries/food and when it is gone, it's GONE! All I want to see on my bank statement are checks and gas purchases - everything else should come out of cash.

This is really hard for me but my DH and I are determined to put hardwood floors in our house before Christmas as well as have $$ in savings for property taxes and insurance. I really need to do this as we also have medical bills starting to come in from the birth of our daughter in June.

I'll keep you posted!
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